Craft Shows – How To Have Success!

craft show

Craft Shows

If like me you make and sell things on your own website or Etsy, it is always a great idea to get involved in craft shows so that you can sell to a more local market and get feedback on your work at the same time.

I have attended quite a few art and craft shows in the past, in the UK and they were all a great insight into what people like and don’t like about your work.

The craft shows I am attending this year are in Corfu, Greece, local to where I live and attended by a mix of artists and craftspeople from all over the world.

This will allow me to see a different audience to what I have seen before.

I am always happy to receive feedback on my work and people do tell you if they have any criticisms.

Take a look at my top 5 tips on what to do to ensure that you have a craft show success!

craft show

1. Stand out from the crowd

If you sell items worth £25 or £35 and other sellers have a stall full of items at £1 or £3 then you should add some lower priced items to your collection.

For example, most of my items are hand knit so they are more costly. I add smaller items such as handmade earrings, cards and Christmas decorations.

Don’t lower your prices though on your higher priced items as there is a right price for everyone and if they love something will know it’s worth.

Stand out from the crowd and offer a range of prices for every person.

My biggest selling items are the hand knitted bunnies and I never lower the price. That is because stand out from the crowd!

This about your branding also, do you have a uniform look to your work that could be translated into your displays?

I have a bookcase with mini bunting that I display the knitted animals on so that it looks a bit like a toy shop.

The business cards, stickers etc all have a handylittleme branding style, that comes from my website and also my Etsy shop.

craft shows

2. What you need to take with you

Find out before you go what you will be getting from the venue before you go, for example, tables and chairs.

Have a list of items that you will need to take with you.

I always take a white tablecloth, props to display my items (a bookcase for the knitted toys), branches and a vase to display Christmas decorations, teapots to display the tea cosies and a box for the smaller items like earrings and cards.

The other things you will need are – a pen, notebook, money tin, cash float, calculator, spare price tags, collate, double-sided tape, drawing pins, string, scissors.

Take food/drinks or money for food/drinks as you will need a coffee break/lunch break also!

craft shows

3. Wrap it up

Take special wrappings for your items, so that others can see your fancy bags and tissue papers.

I take brown kraft bags in medium and large with ribbons tied to the handles and a business card taped to the front with colourful washi tape.

I wrap everything in coloured tissue paper. For smaller items, I have brown paper bags with a card taped to the front.

Everything should fall in line with your ‘brand’. From your display to the wrapping of items, this should have some conformity.

gift wrap

4. Internet Access

Connect to the venue’s wifi if you can and when you sell items you can de-activate in your Etsy shop.

I also keep a list in my notebook of what I am selling. Unfortunately, the Etsy card reader is not yet available for people outside of the USA so I connect to Etsy and update as I’m selling.

In quiet times you can tweet/share on insta stories photos of your display/stall and let your followers see what you are doing.

Be careful not to be on your phone a lot though as this could put potential customers off.

Talking to people and looking available is important.


5. Promote your online shop

Be sure to take plenty of business cards and postcards with you to hand out during the day. If people are not sure about something they may take a card and contact you later.

I have a box of postcards and business cards and people do take them. I gained Facebook likes from this and comments on the knitted animals.

If you make your own postcards or business cards remember to include the following information:

Website / Etsy Shop / Email / Socials

You should also have a logo that is in line with your website/Etsy shop.

business card

Good Luck at your craft shows and I wish you all many sales!

Do you have any tips to share?

Let me know in the comments below >

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