Mobiles For Kids Rooms

mobiles for kids rooms

Baby mobiles in the nursery are ideal for keeping the baby entertained and calming babies in the early stages when they need a distraction but are unable to do anything themselves.

They may even give parents a few peaceful moments, helping them to drift off to sleep.

There are two main forms of mobile: cot-mounted and ceiling hanging.

Equally as good, but the cot versions are much better for specifically entertaining small babies, they last a limited period of time (usually around six months) whereas ceiling or wall-mounted versions are longer-lasting.

Any mobiles that feature poms or paper birds, knitted animals etc, can be used as home decor later when baby grows into a toddler and older.

Take a look at the featured mobiles below for some ideas, my favourite has to be the felted woodland animals.

*All images found on Pinterest*

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