How To Set Up A Twitter Page For Your Blog

how to use twitter

*This post was updated in March 2018*

A great way to promote your business on social media is to create a Twitter page for your blog.

In this post, I will give you my top tips on how to use your Twitter account to promote your business.

It can take a bit of time to get used to, but once you have created your account, you can reach out to many potential customers.

I started using Twitter to promote my free knitting patterns, blog posts and my Etsy shop, tweeting and retweeting fellow Etsy sellers.

I now consistently use Twitter to promote my website and Etsy shop and try to retweet as much as possible.

It is worth adding a stellar image to make your tweet stand out in the crowd!

How to use twitter for your blog

If you are also using Facebook or Pinterest to promote your biz you will see in my other posts that there are very different ways to utilise each to gain traffic and buyers.

Twitter is just one way to drive traffic to your site – and is probably best for keeping a conversation going with your followers.

It also allows big brands to read what you have to say easily and who knows what kind of collaborations that could lead to.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to use Twitter to promote your business >

1. Write Your Bio and Upload A Cover Photo

First things first! For your profile page, write a 160 character description what your business is about.

My description tells you a tiny bit about me, what I do and has a link to my website and to my Etsy shop.

You should also add a cover photo to let your audience know what your business is about.

To make a cover photo you can get help from Canva, they have the correct size to use and offer free templates to help to get you started.

You can also add your profile photo, which could be an image of you or your logo.

I use my logo in all of my social accounts and I have an image of myself in the cover photo wearing one of my most popular free knitting patterns – the Aphrodite hat.

twitter profile

2. Follow People With Similar Interests

Most of the people I follow and that follow me are fellow Etsy shop owners and Etsy team members.

By joining a team (or 10) on Etsy you can use their dedicated hashtags to get your tweets retweeted. You can check out their images and writing style for inspiration.

I also follow other knitters, knitting magazines and brands.

I like to see what they are tweeting about and re-tweet as much of their content as possible.

2018-09-12 01.54.59 pm

3. Share Content and Update Your Status Regularly

Use a scheduler like Tweetdeck (or Hootsuite) to schedule tweets so that is taken care of during the week or in different time zones.

Many of my customers are based in the USA so scheduling tweets for when America is awake is important. It is also helpful to add links to your blog, website or your Etsy shop.

You can use an URL shortener like bitly or Google URL shortener to do this.

This allows more characters in your tweet and enables you to track how many views your link is getting.

Also (very important!) use hashtags – check to check the popular hashtags that relate to your subject.

2018-09-12 01.55.50 pm

4. How To Use Twitter For Your Blog

Integrate Twitter To Your Blog And Etsy Shop

The social buttons can be added to your Etsy shop account so that visitors can easily follow you.

This is a great feature meaning that visitors to your website or Etsy shop can tweet one of your makes or follow you on Twitter.

As you can see in the image below, the accounts I have added are Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

2018-09-12 01.56.43 pm

Add the Twitter button to your Etsy shop and people can easily follow you.

On your website, you should be able to add all of your social accounts, through social icons so that visitors can easily check out your social media.

You can also integrate a Twitter feed into your blog or add share buttons to blog posts.

5. Add A Pinned Tweet

You can also add a pinned tweet to the top of your page so that when people view your profile, they will see this first.

I like to add my latest blog post or knitting pattern here, then I change it when I have something new.

Choose a popular tweet with a great image that represents your content or Etsy shop to pin to the top of your profile page.

This makes it easy for your followers to retweet you without having to scroll through your page or photographs.

Click on the three dots underneath your tweet and choose ‘Pin To Profile Page’.

pinned tweet

I hope that you have success with Twitter and share with me your success stories in the comments below. xoxo

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      Hi! You are very welcome. I love and use it all the time at work, as it is a great resource. Thank you!

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