How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

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*This post was updated in March 2018*

A great way to promote your business on social media is to create a Facebook business page.

In this post, I will give you my top five tips on how to use your Facebook page like a boss!

It can take a bit of time to get used to, but once you have created your page, you can reach out to many potential customers.

To begin with, you can create a Facebook page that is linked to your personal Facebook account.

Fill out some of the information in the ‘About’ section and include a description, links to your website or Etsy shop and your company mission.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

If you are also using Twitter or Pinterest to promote your biz you will see in my other posts that there are very different ways to utilise each to gain traffic and buyers.

Facebook is just one way to drive traffic to your site – and is probably best for engaging followers (next to Instagram).

Now that Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same people – they work together with cross-posting, so this makes it easier for you to share posts and images with all of your followers.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to use your Facebook page to promote your business like a boss >

1. Add A Cover Photo and Profile Pic

Have a great cover photo and profile picture.

It’s important to have the same cover photo and profile picture across all of your social media accounts.

It is also important to make your page very visual, as the people who ‘like’ it will also be creative and want to see many pretty images.

You can show off your makes by adding photograph albums and posts that link to your Etsy shop or website.

There is great information out there that can help you with the required image sizes for Facebook (and other social accounts).

For example, using Canva can help you to create your social media images quickly and with the correct sizes.

The handylittleme cover photo and profile picture from the Facebook page.

handylittleme facebook cover

2. Like and Share Interesting Content

Your followers will be interested in the same topics as you, so they will enjoy the content you share.

Relate content that you share with whatever your business is about, whether it is jewellery, knitting or art.

Also like posts from other brands, Etsy sellers and creatives, liking their pages also and commenting on posts that interest you.

Try to build a creative community through your Facebook business page.

For an example of the content I share on handylittleme, please visit my Facebook page.

2018-09-12 12.53.51 pm

3. Make Links To People or Brands

If you share or write posts about other Etsy sellers/brands/websites, etc, make sure to put the @ before their name and link to their page.

Their name should become highlighted, which means they will get a notification that you have posted something and mentioned them.

This is important for building a network and a community of followers.

You can also share content that you think your audience will love, for instance, I often share posts from Yarn brands and magazines like Vogue Knitting.

Below is a share of a post from Lion Brand Yarns that they created using an image of my puppy Jason with a link to a puppy sweater pattern on my site.

So they shared my content, which I then re-shared on my own Facebook page.

2018-09-12 12.55.59 pm

4.  Schedule Posts

This is a great time saver and you can plan out your weekly posts.

If your customers/followers are mainly in the USA you can schedule for different time zones, making sure that your posts will be seen.

Scheduling is also a great way to see what your posts will look like before they go ‘live’.

If you are not happy with an image choice or text you will be able to edit and change things around a bit.

I like to schedule posts at the weekend for the following week, as I don’t have time to do it every day.

When you write a post, instead of clicking publish, click the arrow next to it and in the drop down box select ‘schedule’ and take it from there.

It’s really easy to do and can save you a lot of time while keeping your audience engaged regularly.

2018-09-12 12.58.07 pm

5. Promote Your Posts

It is hard for your posts to be seen by your followers, without paying for advertising.

The ‘Boost Post’ option is a quick way to get your post out there and allows you to choose your audience interests and location.

A much better (and more advanced) way to advertise is to use the Power Editor or to set up in the Business Manager.

I use Business manager because I am managing more than one Facebook business page and this allows me to have more insight into all of the advertising and reach.

This is a much more in-depth look at how to target your audience and customer base, complete with analytics.

Below is a screenshot of a post that I boosted recently, as you can see they give you some insight into how many people were reached, who like it, how many shares it got and how many clicks.

In my opinion, the money is better spent using the ads manager, where you can spend more time targeting your audience and creating better quality ads.

There is Facebook help on how to use the advertising features, which will help you to do all of this.

The post below is also a ‘Pinned Post’ that I have pinned to the top of my page. You can do this by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner and selecting – Pin Post.

2018-09-12 12.59.21 pm

How To Set Up Your Business Page On Facebook

Hopefully, this information has been helpful to you in some way and you can make some changes or create a Facebook business page for your business/website/Etsy shop.

Do you have any other good tips on how to use Facebook to promote your business/Etsy shop?

Let me know and don’t forget to follow handylittleme on Facebook! xox

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