How To Purl

how to purlHow to purl – The purl stitch, stockinette stitch.

This basic guide for beginners is hopefully going to help you conquer your next steps if you have just started learning how to knit.

Learning how to purl stitches is really simple to do – once you have practised the basic knit stitch, then you will be ready to purl.

The knit and purl stitches work together in most patterns, so you will need to know both.

Once you learn how to master these basic stitches, you can make practically anything!

Learn how to purl

How To Purl

Think of purl stitching as the opposite to the knit stitch.

  • You still hold your knitting needles the same way however you will hold the yarn in front of your knitting needle as you purl the stitches.
  • Even though knitting purl stitches is easy to do it will feel a little awkward to work at first but you’ll get used to it as you practice.
  • Purl stitches tend to get looser so just give them a little tug when you are finished working the stitch or hold your yarn a little tighter.

Check out this video tutorial here to get started >

The purl stitch is used in many patterns and can be knit in the English way or the Continental method.

Once you can recognise a knit stitch from purl stitch, you can keep track of where you are in your work.

Whether you are working a pattern that includes, stockinette, ribbing or seed stitch – if you know what came last, then you will know what comes next.

stocking stitch

Stocking Stitch

Moving on to stockinette stitch – The knit stitch looks like a ‘V’.

This is the right side of the work. The purl stitch looks like a bun and is on the wrong side of the work.

To learn how to start stockinette stitch check out this video tutorial here >

Stockinette stitch is used in a whole load of patterns and is a common stitch to learn.


Top Tips For Beginner Knitters

So I have covered a few things here in this post and I hope that you are enjoying your new found skills as a knitter.

My top tips for knitters are as follows:

  1. Join a knitting club – in your area, to meet other knitters. This is a great way of sharing skills and making new friends at the same time. I used to go to a great knitting club and loved to see what everyone was making.
  2. Experiment with your materials – yarns and needles until you find something you love. You can really tell the difference between cheap and expensive yarn. So try out various colours and textures in your projects as much as your budget will allow. The same is for knitting needles, sometimes I like bamboo but most of the time I use my trusty 4mm acrylic needles and yes they are shiny and purple!
  3. Knit something you will enjoy making – this goes without saying really, making something your heart isn’t in will probably lie unfinished and forgotten. Find a pattern that you can get excited about.
  4. Don’t be shy! – When people ask you about what you are making to tell them and show them. Most of the time they will be fellow knitters too and will tell you about their own work. Proudly show off any of your creations, because it is amazing that you can make something with your hands!
  5. Take it with you – if you are travelling, waiting around or even getting the bus to work, take your knitting with you (smaller projects are better for on the go for obvious reasons) and enjoy your KIP (knitting in public).

The Knitting Basics

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I hope you are all enjoying learning how to knit – tell me everything in the comments below!

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