Macrame In The Nursery

Decorating the nursery for your baby allows you to look for all sorts of ideas – from what colours to choose to thinking about what style you will go with.

A trend that seems to be in full force is placing macrame into the nursery.

Macrame has a vintage vibe, and can fit in well if you are creating a vintage style nursery, with rattan furniture and big leaf plants.

Think about which pieces you would like to have in the nursery and plan around that.

Also think about your own personal style and the style within your home, do you go with bright colours? Bold prints? or prefer neutral tones with natural materials?

The trend of mixing vintage pieces with modern ideas is becoming more and more popular, with contemporary touches in nursery decor.

With painted cribs, printed wallpapers, wall decals, artwork and textiles including macrame making a feature.

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macrame in the nursery

For those of you who need some ideas, take a look at the images below and see if any of the decor ideas appeal to you.

In the nursery, you can add elements to personalise the space, including: wallpapers, painted furniture, statement pieces and textiles – you can go subtle or bold depending on your preferences.

Here are a few macrame in the nursery ideas >

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Would you use macrame in your little one’s nursery?

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