7 Crafts For Kids

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Crafts Ideas For Kids

Do your kids love crafts? There is nothing that beats getting creative with inexpensive craft supplies and stuff that you probably already have around the house.

As many of you know one of the best ways to keep your kids entertained is to get a bit messy and start painting, glueing, sticking and experimenting!

Develop your kid’s crafty skills with these fun ideas for making, spark their imagination and let the creative vibes flow.

I have started to look after my cousin’s children recently and have found that they love to craft – from painting animals, to making jewellery and of course slime!

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easy kids crafts

The crafts in this post are just a small taste of what you can create with your crafting skills.

If you want more ideas that include cardboard crafts please take a look at this post – Easy Crafts For Kids.

There is also a post that has many Easter crafts for kids that features easter baskets, bunnies and decorating eggs.

This roundup features lots of easy and fun crafts for kids that will keep them entertained during the summer holidays or on a rainy day.

I have been looking for ideas on Pinterest and have found a list of awesome easy crafts for kids for you to try!

They look like loads of fun and will keep them entertained for a while before they notice the iPad has mysteriously vanished!

Take a look at the roundup of crafts here >>

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1. DIY Story Stones

I just LOVE this idea! I am definitely going to try this out in one of my lessons.

The story stones look like a lot of fun and for any kids who love writing stories, this will make their day!

Make your own DIY story stones with a wonderful tutorial from Think Crafts.

story stones

2. DIY Homemade Silly Putty or Slime

This pink glittery silly putty looks so good!

I bet kids will love making this and have a sneaky sciencey lesson while they are at it!

Get the free tutorial from Jamie Sanders mommy blog.

silly putty

3. DIY Pom Bunnies

For any kids who love to get in there with yarn and felt this will be the perfect craft for them!

How cute are those bunnies?

Get the free DIY pom bunnies tutorial on how to make these from One Little Project At A Time blog.

DIY pom bunnies

4. DIY Paper Plate Butterflies

These paper plate butterflies are a brilliant way of getting messy, with paints and sticky bits!

They will look great as a mobile or stuck to the wall or fridge!

Get the DIY tutorial from Artful Parent.

DIY butterflies

5. Glue Resist Drawings

This is a cool art technique that you can use PVA glue with or crayons.

The medium creates a resist, so when painted over, you can still clearly see the lines.

Budding artists will love this! Get the free tutorial from Mama Pear blog.

glue resist drawings

6. DIY Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are fun to make and hang around the house!

I remember making them when I was a kid and they were fun to do.

By using brightly coloured papers your kids will make something pretty that could even be hung outside! (watch out for that rain you guys!)

Get the free tutorial from Handmade Charlotte.

DIY paper lanterns

7. DIY Toilet Roll Octopus

Probably my favourite craft on this list, the toilet roll octopus!

What a great idea! These could also be used for children to write stories about.

Get the free tutorial from Kids Activities.

toilet roll octopus

What do you think of these crafts?

Would you try them out with your kids?

Do you have any ideas or tips to share?

Let me know in the comments below. Happy Making! xoxo

*All of these crafts and more were found on Pinterest*

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