Bunny Baby Blankie – Knitting Pattern

Bunny baby blankie

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Make a baby blankie with this easy knitting pattern. This blankie pattern is made in super soft cashmerino baby yarn by Sublime, that comes in an array of colours.

Knitting for babies is fun no matter what your skill level and this baby blankie pattern is easy for any beginners.

Knit flat, this blankie uses basic knit stitches and requires some shaping for the bunny head, with increasing and decreasing.

The baby blankie DIY is perfect for beginners and the finished item would make a great gift for a new baby.

Bunny baby blankie

Bunny Blankie

The bunny blankie pattern is easy to follow, knitting flat with straight needles. This means that there is some seaming needed, for the bunny head and ears.

You also have to stitch the bunny head to a corner of the blankie.

The knitting pattern is great for any beginners who are learning how to knit, as it is a quick project and great for stash busting – any yarns you have leftover from other projects can be used up for small projects like this.

If you would like to make more knitted items for baby, please take a look at the other patterns in the baby knitting pattern library.

Bunny Blankie Pattern


1 x Sublime Baby Cashmerino 50g – Brown (Pebble 006)

Small amount of Sublime Baby Cashmerino – Cream (Little linen 344)

Small amount of Sublime Baby Cashmerino – Yellow (Gooseberry 004)

Small amount of dark brown and pink yarn for the eyes and nose.

4mm (US 6) Knitting Needles / Darning Needles / Scissors / Measure Tape

Toy Stuffing

Bunny Baby Blankie Pattern


Cast on 7 sts in brown yarn,  P1 row

K1, M1 to end

Rep last 2 rows once more

Work 3 rows in st, st

K1, M1, K3 to end

Work 13 rows

K1, (K2tog) to end

Work 5 rows (change yarn to cream yarn after 1 row)

K1, K2tog to end

P1 row

Thread the needle and pull together remaining stitches. Stitch together and down seam till 1 inch has been sewn. Tie off. With dark brown yarn sew eyes and a nose/mouth. Then using pink yarn stitch into the nose a few times and tie off.


Cast on 14 sts in brown yarn

Knit 30 rows

SKPO, K to last 2sts – K2tog


Repeat last 2 rows until 2 sts remain

K2tog and fasten off.

Blanket Body:

Cast on 65 sts in brown yarn

Knit in brown yarn until piece measures 5.5 inches

Change yarn to cream and knit till 1 inch

Change yarn to yellow and knit for 1 inch

Change yarn to brow and knit for 0.5 inch

Cast off.

Making Up

Stuff bunny head with toy stuffing and stitch up the seam. Sew ears onto the head, then attach the head to a corner of the knitted blanket. Make sure the head is securely fastened.


M1 – Make 1 stitch

K2tog – Knit two stitches together

SKPO – Slip 1 stitch, knit 1 stitch, pass slipped st over knit st

St St – Stockinette stitch (alternate between knit and purl rows)

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