Summer Baby Outfits

summer baby outfits

What should you dress your baby in during the warm (or hotter) weather?

The answer to this is simple, if you are hot then so are they.

If you are comfy wearing a tee shirt and shorts, then your baby can wear something similar.

For hot days, soft breathable cotton clothing is best, something like a short-sleeved bodysuit will be just the thing!

You can add layers later if it gets cooler. try to avoid any synthetic fabrics, like nylon or viscose.

If it begins to get super hot, dressing your baby in a nappy only is appropriate, so that they don’t overheat.

Most babies still like to be wrapped for sleep, even when it’s hot.

So if it’s a really hot day, just strip baby down to a nappy and wrap in a light muslin or cotton wrap.

Leave your baby’s head uncovered and his hands poking out of the wrap to allow some ability for self-cooling.

**All images sourced from Pinterest**

How do you keep your baby cool in the heat?

Let me know in the comments below! xoxo

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