10 Stunning Examples Of Beautiful Fall Dog Sweaters

fall dog sweater

Beautiful Fall Dog Sweaters

If you have a dog or many dogs, you already know that they really need their exercise every day, even if it is raining or cold.

Some dogs are naturally built for the cold weather but others like smaller breeds are not and would welcome a warm knitted sweater.

Some dogs will not be impressed with your knitted efforts and reject the idea of wearing a sweater (like my own dog, who can pose for photographs but does not like to wear anything now that he is a big dog).

dog sweater pattern

Larger dogs and dogs with longer coats do not really need any extra warmth as they have their own insulation from the cold.

However, smaller dogs like terriers and chihuahuas get cold really easily, so need an extra layer.

For free dog sweater knitting patterns please check out my pet knitting pattern library.

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dog sweater

Some other breeds like greyhounds, whippets and other really skinny dogs also need to have a sweater or jacket to protect them from the cold.

Plus any old dogs or those who have been rescued and perhaps have ill health would also benefit from wearing dog coats and sweaters.

Spend some time this fall making your dog a cosy sweater to wear during those crisp autumn walks.

Dog Sweater Patterns

Take a look at the stunning fall dog sweaters below and choose one to knit for your furry kid and don’t forget to share with any of your furry lovin’ friends!

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Small Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

Make your furry kid a cosy sweater this fall, like this one here designed by Alice Neal, who blogs as Alice in Knittingland.

The blog has step by step instructions, making this pattern really easy to follow for beginners.


Hooded Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

This basic dog sweater pattern is available in sizes small to extra-large, making it perfect for a dog of any size.

Take a look at the free knitting pattern for the hooded dog sweater designed by the Bernat Design Team.


Cable Dog Sweater Pattern

If you are interested in learning how to do cables or already love them, this dog sweater is perfect for you!

Make your furry kid a turtleneck cabled sweater in a lovely thick yarn. Get the free knitting pattern from Lion Brand.

dog sweater

Easy Dog Coat Knitting Pattern

Try this knitting pattern for a charming little-knitted dog jacket that can be adjusted to fit almost any breed.

Mix and match your colours to suit your dog. Get the free dog coat knitting pattern from Saga.


Button Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

This easy knit dog sweater is a cosy fall layer, fastened with a single button on the front to give your dog some style.

From extra-small to extra-large, this is an easy knitting pattern to follow. Take a look at the free knitting pattern designed by the Red Heart Yarn Design Team.


Large Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

If you have a large dog, it can be hard to find or adapt patterns to fit. Take a look at this lovely textured sweater design by Lion Brand.

Make your pal something cosy for the colder months with this free sweater knitting pattern.

dog sweater

Puppy Sweater Knitting Pattern

This is my own little furry kid Jason, back when he was just a puppy. He was a rescue, literally rescued by my neighbour from the side of the road, where someone had left him.

He’s wearing his first little sweater in these photos, which he liked to wear to bed. Knit a small puppy sweater for your pup with this free knitting pattern.


Striped Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

This cute striped sweater looks really warm and cosy.

The pattern is designed by Laura Polley and fits dog sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large.

dog sweater

Striped Dog Sweater Pattern

This is Billy, he was my parent’s dog who unfortunately passed away about 7 years ago. He was a total character and really loved wearing his sweaters when he went out for walks in the cold weather.

Just getting it out of the cupboard made him super excited to go for his walk.

Take a look at the free striped dog sweater pattern and make your furry kid something warm that he/she will love to wear.


Cabled Dog Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Make a lovely cabled dog cardigan with a free pattern from Love Knitting.

“Designed to fit dogs with a chest circumference of 22 inches (56 cm), this dog sweater can’t be missed.  

The pattern is worked in three pieces (body and 2 legs) and seamed together, using simple techniques like rib stitch, seed stitch, and beginner cable techniques.”

dog sweater

Which one are you going to make?

Let me know in the comments below.

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