Chunky Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern

chunky baby cardigan pattern

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Make your little one a chunky baby cardigan for the warmer weather with this free and easy pattern.

The pattern uses one of the most basic knitting stitches for beginners, garter stitch.

baby cardigan

It will also introduce you to shaping, through increases and decreases, for the neckline and the sleeves.

I used a lovely cotton from Rico design for the pattern in the colours clay and nature, but any baby cotton will knit up well.

The buttons I used, I bought from John Lewis in the UK the last time I was there.

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You can scroll down to see the free pattern below or you may choose to purchase the printable ad-free pdf version from my shop.

This written pattern for beginners includes one size – 0-3 months, if you would like to knit for 3-6 months or 6-9 months, those sizes are available on the pattern for sale in my shop.

There is also a pattern bundle for sale featuring 31 of the baby and kids knitting patterns which is great value.

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Easy baby knitting patterns

Baby Cardigan Pattern

This chunky knit baby cardigan is a wonderful pattern for beginners or more experienced knitters.

It’s a no-brainer pattern, meaning you can sit and watch your shows or a movie and get through the pattern.

Made with Rico Cotton Aran in clay and nature, this baby cardigan is a great neutral piece that will go with any of baby’s outfits.

The knit stitches are basic – garter stitch, the pattern will introduce you to shaping through increases and decreases.

I really enjoyed making this chunky baby cardigan, mainly because I used 5.5mm (US 9) needles and it seemed to knit up really fast.

The needles I used are quite old – I bought them from Loop in London and they are short and made from casein.

I had a set but they all broke apart from these ones – so I am hoping they will last because I love knitting with them!

Baby cardigan pattern free

Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Materials >

3 x balls of yarn suitable for 4mm (US 6)/ (US 9) knitting needles. I used Rico Creative Cotton Aran in the colours Nature (60) (white) x 1 ball (not a full ball it is needed for the edge trim) and Clay (51) (brown) x 2 balls.

1 Pair of 4mm (US 6) straight knitting needles

1 x Pair of 5.5mm (US 9) straight knitting needles

Stitch holder

Scissors/Tape measure / Darning needles

2 Buttons

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Gauge >

6 sts in 1”

Size >

This pattern is to fit baby size 0-3 months

For sizes 3-6 months and 6-9 months, please see the pattern available in my shop, that has all 3 sizes.

Baby knitting

Chunky Baby Cardigan Pattern


With 4mm (US 6) needles cast on 50 sts. Work 5 rows in garter stitch.

Change to 5.5mm (US 9) needles and work in garter stitch until the piece measures 4.75″ from the cast on edge.

Shape the sleeves> Cast on 17 sts of the beg of the next 2 rows.

Continue until the work measures 8.25″.

Baby cardigan free knitting pattern

Right Front + Sleeve >

With 5.5mm (US 9) needles knit 30 sts, turn and leave rem 54 sts on a stitch holder.

* Working on 30 sts, knit 4 rows straight, inc at neck edge on next and every alt row until there are 41 sts on the needle.

Cont straight until sleeve measures 7″ in depth, ending at the sleeve edge.

Cast off 17 sts and continue on the rem 24 sts until work measures 16″.

Change to 4mm (US 6) needles and work in garter stitch for 5 rows.

Cast off.

Easy cotton baby sweater pattern

Left Front + Sleeve >

Place 24 sts onto a stitch holder for the back of the neck. Rejoin the yarn to the rem 30 sts at neck edge, and knit to the end of the row.

Work from * to match the right front. (See above)

Sleeve Bands >

With the right side of the work facing, using 4mm (US 6) needles, pick up 37 sts along the sleeve edge.

Knit 4 rows.

Cast off.

Front Band >

Using 4mm (US 6) needles and with the right side of the work facing you, pick up and knit stitches all up to the front, neck and down the left side.

Knit 2 rows.

Buttonholes > Knit to last 33 sts *yarn forward, K2tog, K5 sts * Rep from * to * once more. (you can do this again if you want to add more buttons) Knit to the end.

Knit 1 row

Cast off.

Making Up >

Sew in all of the ends. Lay the pieces out flat and with the right side of the work facing, sew the sleeve and side seams together.

Then sew on the 2 buttons that will fit into the buttonholes opposite.

Abbreviations >

Approx = Approximately

Beg = Begin(ning)

Cont = Continue(ing)

Dec = Decrease

Inc = Increase

K = Knit

K2tog = Knit 2 sts together

P = Purl

Rem = Remaining

Rep = Repeat

RIB = K1, P1

St(s) = Stitch(es)

St St = stocking stitch – knit 1 row, purl 1 row

YF = Yarn Forward

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