Knitted Pumpkin Free Pattern

Make a mini pumpkin with this easy free knitting pattern.

12 Sweaters You Need Right Now For A …

It’s that cosy time during fall when it is getting colder and the need for oversized chunky sweaters is greater.

Wearing sweaters is trendy, not only are they comfy but they are highly fashionable.

Take a look at my top picks for stylish sweaters, including the oversized, chunky knits and long knitted cardigans.

Free Crochet Patterns For Fall

What could be better than decorating your home with crochet pumpkins or acorns this fall?!

They are after all the most iconic symbols of the autumn season. 

Take a look at this roundup of the best crochet patterns for fall and make something to adorn your home from the beginning to the end of the season.

Spooky Knits For Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, there is still time to make something spooky to wear or to decorate your home with.

Find something to make in this Halloween pattern collection, with quick last minute costume knits (cat ears) to more complicated projects like the wonderful cat shawl.

Fall Knits For Kids

Wrap your children in cuddly knits this fall, or your grandchildren, godchildren, neighbours children…the list goes on!

These knitting patterns for children are so yummy you’ll find yourself coming up with all sorts of excuses to start another new knitting project!

10 Stunning Examples Of Beautiful Fall Dog Sweaters

Some dogs are naturally built for the cold weather but others like smaller breeds are not and would welcome a warm knitted sweater.

Spend some time this fall making your dog a cosy sweater to wear during those crisp autumn walks.

8 Stylish Ideas For Your Fall Oversized Knits

One trend that seems to keep coming back year after year is the oversized sweater.

You don’t need to save up for designer knits, after all, you have the skills, now all you need is the right knitting pattern!