How To Make Mini Pillows



Cotton Fabric (Fat quarters)

Sewing Machine

Sewing needles




Paper / pencil / ruler




On a piece of paper draw out a 10cm x 10cm (4” x 4”) square. Add a 1 cm (0.5”) seam allowance around that square and cut out.

Pin to your chosen fabric and cut out. Continue to do this so that you have 4 pieces for the front and 4 pieces for the back.

Iron if necessary and place to one side. 

Print out or draw ‘HOME’ large enough to fit onto your squares and cut out the letters. 

Pin each letter to your chosen fabric and cut out.

Pin the first letter to your chosen fabric square piece and machine stitch (or hand stitch).

Continue with each letter.

When all letters have been stitched – place the right sides together and stitch around leaving a gap.

Turn the right side out and make sure the corners are pointy (place your embroidery scissors inside to push them).

Stuff with toy stuffing. 

Either stitch the gap closed with your sewing machine or by hand with small stitches. 

When you have completed all four mini pillows, decorate your home or give away as a gift.