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How To Knit A Pumpkin - Easy + Quick Project For Beginners

Designed By Louise Bollanos

So, I hear you want to knit pumpkins! You’ve come to the right place. Making pumpkin decor is very easy, especially if you grab these 6 materials for making pumpkins.

Let’s get started!

6 Materials For Making Pumpkins

01 Use super bulky yarn.

02 Grab 10mm (US 15) needles

03 Use toy stuffing to fill.

04 You need a darning needle.

05 Grab a glue gun too.

06 And Cinnamon sticks.

Use super bulky yarn


To ensure a good chunky farmhouse style pumpkin you will want to use super bulky/super chunky/14 ply yarn.

Needles: Straight


Use 10mm (US 15) straight needles. You can use circulars if you want to, but knit flat - back and forth, not in the round.

Use toy stuffing


Use toy stuffing or old yarn to stuff the pumpkin making it nice and full and round. 

Darning needle


Make sure you have a darning needle, you will need this to seam the pumpkin and to make that pumpkin shape.

Glue gun


A glue gun is handy to have if you want to secure the stalk to the center of the pumpkin and keep it in place.

The stalks


To create the stalk of your pumpkin you can use a cinnamon stick or twig and tie some twine around it in a bow.

Beginner Pumpkin Patterns

Chunky Knit Pumpkin Pattern.

Cable Knit Pumpkin Pattern.

Louise Bollanos