12 Nursery Trends for 2017


We’re almost halfway through 2017 and it’s going by pretty fast!

I have been looking at the nursery trends for this year and put together a few of my favourites for you to look at.

There are so many great ideas, from Pinterest, design mags and interior design blogs.

white nursery

12 Nursery Trends for 2017

For example, adding greenery to your baby’s nursery can give it a clean fresh look, hugely inspired by Pantone’s colour of the year 2017.

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Take a look at this post greenery in the nursery to find out more about that trend.

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Take a look at the top 12 trends >

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greenery in the nursery

1. Florals

Florals are always in fashion, a trend that never goes away, but this year has been all about large oversized florals on wallpapers and printed fabrics.

These stunning watercolours are just so pretty!

florals in the nursery

2. The Mountains

Climb that mountain! The outdoors and adventure time are great themes for kids rooms.

What better way to inspire children than to have a mountain mural?!

Great for gender-neutral spaces.

mountain wall decal in the nursery

3. Woven Wall Hangings

Woven masterpieces on the walls.

These woven art pieces add a boho vibe to the nursery and provide some texture to the walls.

This is a beautiful trend that can inspire you to get creative, making your own art.

woven wall hangings in the nursery

4. Cactus

An odd choice for a kids room you might be thinking? yeah, I thought so too at first, but looking at this delightful wallpaper makes me change my mind!

It adds a softness to the nursery when matched with the wooden crib, plus the black and white accessories.

cactus print wall decal

5. Sweets & Treats

Add an element of fun into the nursery space, with some sweeter than sweet wallpaper or accessories.

Donuts, ice creams and coloured sprinkles are a delicious design choice.

ice cream wallpaper in the nursery

6. Greenery

Greenery in the nursery can give it a fresh modern look.

When paired with simple decor, including a wooden crib and accessories.

plants in the baby nursery

7. Rose Gold

Rose gold is a pretty addition to any nursery, in the form of cribs, changing tables and accessories.

Many fabrics and prints have also seen this hue.

rose gold nursery ideas

8. Bunny

Bunnies are a big thing this year, large or small, on the wallpaper and soft toys they are cuter than cute.

bunny wallpaper in the nursery

9. Glam

Nurseries that are so glam that they don’t even look like a nursery are bang on trend this year.

Sophistication is the theme, with chic artwork, no fuss and definitely no pastel shades here.

glam nursery decor

10. DIY Floral Mobiles

A DIY floral mobile is a pretty alternative to having art on the walls.

floral mobiles in the nursery

11. The Green Nursery

Green is in – not only in the form of plants and watercolour wallpapers but bold shades too.

Great for gender-neutral nurseries, this shade will be right at home in a modern space.

green crib

12. Watercolours

Watercolours on the walls have been around for a while, not only in nursery decor but also the living room and hallway.

Softer washes are just lovely for the nursery, adding statement artwork to the walls.

watercolours in the nursery

Well, that’s the round-up of nursery trends for 2017 so far…. are you using any in your decor?

How are you decorating the nursery this year?

Tell me about it in the comments below!

**All images are from Pinterest**

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