Baby Nursery Ideas


There are so many baby nursery ideas out there for you to get ideas from, for either a boy or a girl.

If you want something that is a bit more gender-neutral, then creams, yellows, greens, blues and even greys are all great wall colours to have as a starting point.

You could even add accent walls with wall decals, murals or art featuring animals, the alphabet or numbers themes.

It is a good idea to leave some empty wall space in the room so that you can add photographs after the baby is born.

nursery decor ideas

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Baby Nursery Ideas

For more nursery decor ideas, take a look at this post – how to create a monochrome nursery.

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You might also be interested in this post – how to create a new baby capsule wardrobe – with a breakdown of everything baby will need and more!

For those of you who really want to get ideas for your baby room take a look at the info below and see how you can get started.

From half wall decals, painted furniture, statement pieces and prints – you can go subtle or bold with colours and textures depending on your preferences.

Here are some baby nursery ideas >

Nursery decor ideas

1. Personal Touches In The Nursery

Add something personal to the space, like colourful pictures or family photographs.

This could really stimulate baby if arranged near to the changing table.

This will give them something to look at when they are being changed and family photographs are a great way for them to become familiar with who is who in the clan.

Nursery decor ideas

2. Choose a Nursery Colour Scheme

For colour palette inspiration, choose an item you love, for example, a blanket, a piece of art or a pillow.

Take the colours from there and embed them into your nursery.

Mix it up! Look for mix and match items that you love and show your style.

Allow your personality to shine through in the nursery decor and have fun with it!

It doesn’t have to be a room painted in cream with cream furniture and accessories.

When thinking about your colour palette, think of something that has longevity.

Neutral colours that can see your baby through to a toddler and possibly beyond will be best and cost-effective.

Unless you love redecorating often this is a good call!

3. Unique Nursery Decor

Don’t buy anything for the nursery that is dry clean or spot clean only.

Everything should be machine washable for obvious reasons!

Don’t just shop in baby megastores like Mothercare or department stores for your finds.

For unique nursery decor take a look at Etsy or in local boutique stores where they sell handmade pieces.

You can find many pretty yet practical items on Etsy, from pillows to super-soft baby blankets!

Nursery decor ideas

4. Nursery Furniture

Make sure you buy a comfortable rocking chair, making your life easier during those sleepless nights.

Place the crib in a place away from the window or heater – not only for safety but in case they are too hot or too cold.

Invest in blackout blinds too – they will help your baby to sleep a little longer.

5. Nursery Lighting

Buy a night light or other type of low light lamp, this will allow you to leave it on if necessary for checking on the baby or when baby wakes up and needs to be soothed.

The main light in the room may be too harsh.

Nursery decor ideas

6. Planning Your Nursery

Start planning early, make a list of what you need to do in the room – for example, paint, change the lighting etc and then list what you need to buy.

Think about delivery times (if you are having bespoke pieces) or if you are having items shipped from other countries.

Plan your storage – you will need so many boxes, shelves and bins to store all of baby’s things.

It will feel so good to be totally organised and have a place for everything you need.

When you feel tired after hours of not sleeping, it will make life a bit easier to know where everything is in the room.

In the beginning – keep it simple and as clutter-free as possible.

Soon enough it will be filled with clothes, toys and books.

Nursery Decor Ideas

Take a look at the gorgeous rooms below for baby nursery decor inspiration……….

Have you decorated your nursery yet?

What style have you gone for?

Leave a comment below and share >

**All images found on Pinterest**

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