Greenery In The Nursery Ideas


Adding greenery to your baby’s nursery can give it a clean fresh look, hugely inspired by Pantone’s colour of the year 2017.

It has been seen as the colour of new beginnings, it can add subtle tones or can offer a more lively vibe.

The trend of mixing neutral colours, with rattan furniture and tropical plants has continued to grow popular in nursery decor.

baby nursery

More and more images are around of people loving this trend! With full tropical leaf printed wallpaper, artwork, carpets and textiles making a feature.

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If you love it but aren’t sure where to begin, you could start off by increasing the number of greens you want to use.

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greenery in the nursery

For those of you who really want to get into this trend, take a look at the images below and see how you can incorporate it into your nursery.

From half wall decals, painted furniture, statement pieces and plants – you can go subtle or bold depending on your preferences.

Here are some ideas of how to use greenery in the nursery >>

1. A Bright Half-Wall Feature

Make a half wall feature, by only painting part of the wall, you can break the brightness up so your baby’s nursery can be a colourful but still peaceful place to rest and play.

nursery decor wall decal

2. A Cheery Crib

If you like the idea of adding some green into the nursery space but don’t want a full effect, make your baby’s crib pop with a green hue.

Neutral walls and accessories will make the crib the focal point of the room.

green crib

3. Place It High and Place It Low

Place green colours or accents in both high and low spaces.

For example, you may choose a light fixture in a bright shade and a rug to complement it.

greenery in the nursery

4. It’s All In The Details

You don’t have to go crazy with full bright green walls or decals, you can add the colour in the details.

Choose artwork, plants or mobile with vibrant pops of greenery.

tropical leaf wall decal

5. Bring In The Jungle

If you are okay with the idea of having plants in the nursery, you could add one or two with live greens!

Hanging plants, wreaths and potted plants could add details that are chic and natural.

plants in the baby nursery

6. A Dressed-Up Accent

If your nursery is neutral, with mainly black, white and grey you could add something bright, to liven up the space.

For instance, a bright green crib, dresser or changing table.

green furniture in the nursery

7. Rock Out in Color

Need a rocking chair in the nursery?

What could be better than adding one in a rich green colour?!

Greenery can be added in many ways, including the furniture.

green rocking chair

8. Go All Out

If you can’t get enough of this shade, go all out and immerse your nursery in it.

Add wall decals, artwork, accessories and personalize it to create an inviting cool kid space for your little one.

cactus print wall decal

Do you love this trend?

Would you add greenery into your little one’s nursery?

Let me know in the comments below.

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