20 Patterns To Use Up Your Yarn Stash


In this post, you will see 20 patterns to use up your yarn stash.

We makers have a never-ending love for yarn and definitely buy a lot of it.

Special yarn for upcoming projects, the yarn we think is going to make a cute sweater, a cool hat, or a pretty pair of gloves.

Yarn Stash

Use Up Those Leftover Yarns

We all have balls, skeins, and scraps of yarn left over from previous projects that we don’t know what to do with, but never want to throw away. 

If your yarn collection is bursting and you can’t justify buying new yarn right now, then it’s time to bust your stash!

Starting from your yarn leftovers, those one skein wonders, and any other yarn you have going spare.

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20 patterns to use up your yarn stash

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The scraps of yarn and oddballs you are keeping in your stash can become beautiful knits or crocheted items.

You can combine all your leftover yarn together or a part of it depending on the pattern and make one big project like a striped crochet afghan, a temperature blanket, or a colorful baby blanket.

All of us knitters and crocheters have a yarn stash just waiting to be used.

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yarn swift and skeins

What Can You Do With Leftover Yarn?

You can use it to create large-scale projects like scarves, throws, or rugs as well as create a lot of small knitting projects. 

There are a lot of scrap yarn projects you can choose from for both knitting and crochet including;

You can make pretty much everything with the leftover scraps of yarn that you have in your stash.

woman crocheting with yarn from her yarn stash

What Can I Knit With Leftover Sock Yarn?

Also, if you love making socks, you probably have a lot of sock yarn leftovers to use up.

Sock yarn is often a blend of fibers that make the finished fabric more durable so all your new projects will be long-lasting.

You can make a variety of knits using sock yarn including;

  • Colorful shawls.
  • Striped blankets.
  • Crochet granny squares.
  • Striped gloves.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Scrappy socks.
scrappy yarn knitted socks

How Do You Use Yarn Scraps?

Bust your stash and make awesome small or large knitting or crochet projects.

You can use up all your leftovers and scraps of yarn that have been sitting in your collection.

You can utilize yarn that would have never been used otherwise to make gifts for your friends and family and open up space in your stash for new yarn.

Take a look below at the round-up of patterns and find your next project.

grey yarn in yarn stash

20 Patterns To Use Up Your Yarn Stash

Stash busting patterns including both knitting and crochet patterns.

Scrap yarn projects and small knitting projects are included as well as larger projects that you can make.

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