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15 Free Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns


In this post, you will see a collection of 15 free baby blanket knitting patterns.

There is nothing more heartwarming and fulfilling if you are a maker than creating your own unique handmade baby gifts for your friends and family. 

There is an abundance of baby things you knit or crochet for our little friends from adorable baby clothes, tiny baby booties, soft squishy toys, and most importantly baby blankets. 

Because there is nothing more adorable than a baby wrapped in its tiny baby blanket. 

free baby blanket knitting patterns including a cable knit baby blanket

Gift A Knitted Baby Blanket

Α baby blanket is a very thoughtful and sweet gift you can give to an expecting mother.

And as a maker, there are a hundred ways you can go with this, you can let your creativity flow and make a unique piece. 

Have a think about yarn choices by looking at all of the soft baby yarns on offer from Caron, Bernat, Lion Brand, Debbie Bliss, Red Heart, and Paintbox yarns.

Also, when gifting a blanket, think about the parents, do they love bright colors? or pastel colors? would they want gender-based pinks or blues for babies? or something more neutral?

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knitted baby blanket

Choose your design

From knitted to crochet from chunkier yarns to lighter ones, from colorful blankets to earthy color palettes, from traditional to modern designs.

There are many knitting patterns you can make from C2C (corner to corner) baby blankets knitting patterns, cable knit baby blankets, and knit-purl blanket patterns. 

Your options are truly limitless. 

baby sleeping with a knitted blanket

Modern baby blanket knitting patterns

There are so many modern baby blanket knitting patterns online you can find for free and make a beautiful blanket.

Even if you are a beginner maker and wanted to give blanket patterns a go, a knitted baby blanket is a good project to start as it is a bigger project but not as big as an adult-sized blanket.

And it will be an excellent knitting exercise as the repetitive action will help you practice your stitches. 

Baby blanket knitting patterns

Free Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

If you are expecting a baby or a loved one is and you want to gift them with a baby blanket take a look at the knitting patterns below and you might find your next project. 

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  1. Hi Louise,

    Thank you so much for including my sweet Eyelet Baby Blanket in this delightful roundup. I am honored to be included with all these other lovely baby blankets. I do love knitting baby blankets!

    Happy Knitting, my friend.