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Everyone Loves Free Knitted Blanket Patterns


This post features free knitted blanket patterns that are perfect to make for both fall and winter.

Have you ever wanted to knit yourself a HUGE cozy, comfy blanket that you can just hide in for days when the weather outside is bitter cold? Yeh me too!

Then this post is just perfect for you with plenty of cozy blanket patterns to choose from.


Knit A Blanket To Keep You Warm + Cozy!

When it is really cold outside, all you want to do is snuggle up on the sofa in your cozy blanket, with your dog or cat by your side.

Watching Netflix, while knitting and drinking tea can feel so comforting during the colder months.

Knitting your own blankets for yourself or to give as gifts will be welcomed when you reach those zero-temperature days!

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super chunky knitted blanket

Blanket Patterns

More and more people are making their own chunky knitted blankets, with bulky weight yarns, knit on big needles.

They are easy to make too, with only a basic knowledge of knitting needed to get started.

If you want to learn how to knit and want an easy project, to begin with, learning how to knit a blanket is probably a great idea.

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Blanket patterns

Free Blanket Knitting Patterns

In this roundup of blanket patterns, there are many for you to choose from, including a cable knit blanket, knit baby blanket, patchwork, waffle throw, and more.

When deciding on which pattern to choose, think about the yarns that you would like to use  – do you want to use bulky weight yarn or something a little lighter?

If you are a beginner – perhaps have a look in your local yarn store for some ideas before you start – see which yarn speaks to you and you know that you have to have!

For more fall knitting patterns take a look at these posts below:

Cozy cabin bedroom knitted blankets

1. Chunky Cable Knit Blanket Pattern

If you want to make a huge squishy blanket then this pattern is for you!

Knit on size 25mm (US 50) knitting needles, the blanket knits up fairly fast and is for any of you advanced beginners who want to try out cables.

Take a look at the free chunky cable knit blanket pattern by Handy Little Me.

chunky cable knit blanket on large circular needles

2. Chunky Throw Blanket Pattern

If you like the cable knit blanket above but are not sure that cables are for you then this throw is perfect for any beginners!

Knit using a variation of the rib stitch – called the broken rib stitch, this pattern is really easy.

Take a look at the easy squishy knit throw blanket pattern and check out the baby blanket version here.

squishy throw blanket

3. Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

This easy-knit baby blanket is a free pattern designed by Handy Little Me.

The textured rib stitch pattern is really easy for any beginner knitters.

broken rib stitch knit blanket

4. Corner To Corner Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

Designed by Handy Little Me, this striped corner to corner baby blanket is a great beginner project.

A free knitting pattern that your little one will love!

easy knit baby blanket

5. Knitted Baby Blanket – Patchwork

Make a soft cotton baby blanket designed by Handy Little Me.

The blanket is worked up in a series of squares and then stitched together, with a garter stitch edge added to each side.

cotton baby blanket

6. Double Seed Stitch Blanket Pattern

This blanket by Purl Soho is a great free pattern knit in a super soft merino yarn.

knitted seed stitch blanket

7. Lace Chunky Throw Knitting Pattern

This throw is a big knit that will keep you warm this winter.

A wonderful pattern from Classic Elite Yarns.

lacy knit throw

8. Tassel Blanket Pattern

A wonderful blanket with tassels was found on the blog ‘design the life you want to live’.


9. Patchwork Knitted Blanket Pattern

This knit throw blanket by schachenmayr is a wonderful patchwork creation with different stitches and techniques being used.

*Update Sep 2020 this blanket pattern is no longer available on the site.*

They do have some alternatives like this diamond blanket pattern here.

knitted patchwork blanket

10. Waffle Blanket Knitting Pattern

This waffle blanket looks like a fast project if you choose to make it with chunky yarn and big needles.

A free pattern that is available in both English and Spanish from the blog debajo-un-boton.

knitted waffle blanket

11. Cable Knit Throw Pattern

A huge cable knit blanket from ilovedecoration.

This is a gorgeous blanket that makes me think of Christmas!

chunky cable knit throw

12. Textured Blanket Knitting Pattern

A warm and cozy knit from Purl Soho, the ‘Beautyberry Blanket’ looks like a gorgeous textured knitted blanket made with chunky yarns.

knitted textured waffle blanket

Are you going to make a blanket this winter?

Let me know in the comments which one you are going to make! xoxo

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    1. Hello Theresa,
      If you want to make a simple blanket you could try out the super chunky kit throw pattern or for something with more of a challenge the cable knit blanket? https://www.handylittleme.com/chunky-cable-knit-blanket-pattern/
      They are both really popular patterns and the cable blanket has been given as a gift many times over, I have seen how wonderful they turn out!
      I am sure your friends will appreciate any blanket you choose.
      I hope that helps!