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20 Temperature Blanket Patterns (The Ultimate Guide)


This blog post will show a roundup of 20 Temperature Blanket Patterns and give you The Ultimate Guide to creating one.

If you are looking for a fun long-term knitting or crochet project, then temperature blankets are for you!

A temperature blanket is a great way to start the new year.

temperature blanket
Temperature Blanket from thecrochetcrowd.com

What Is A Temperature Blanket? 

The basic idea behind a temperature blanket is to knit or crochet a row or two every day for a year, choosing a different color for each day depending on the temperature outside.

Most people follow a temperature blanket chart that tells them which colors to use.

As you can see in the image below, the chart varies in color depending on the temperature range.

temperature blanket chart
Temperature blanket chart from jennlikesyarn
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What is the point of a temperature blanket?

A temperature blanket serves as a creative and visually compelling record of temperature variations over time. 

By assigning different colors to specific temperature ranges and diligently crocheting or knitting corresponding rows each day, individuals can craft a unique and personalized representation of the changing weather patterns throughout a chosen period, often a year. 

Beyond its artistic appeal, a temperature blanket becomes a tangible and decorative keepsake, capturing memories associated with seasons and events. 

A project like this is not only a fun way to capture the climate of your local area, but it can also be used to capture a significant period of one’s life, like a pregnancy or the first year of a baby’s life.

As this project will last a long time, you can share your progress with fellow makers on social media.

Plus if a blanket is an overwhelming project for you, If you want to try out a temperature project, a temperature scarf is a good idea.

Check out a temperature scarf pattern here – How To Make A Temperature Scarf (Variation of a Temperature Blanket) by Fox And Pine Stitches.

How Do You Make One?  

If you decide to make a temperature blanket, the first thing you want to do is make a temperature gauge based on where you are located.

If the weather where you live is pretty stable and there are no notable differences day by day, you will want to assign fewer temperature degrees to a certain color so you can have a bigger variety.

If the weather is pretty unpredictable, you can have more temperature degrees in color.

Generally, the blankets are made using a rainbow color palette, but you can always choose to use other colors to bring your blanket closer to your style or your home decor.

Creating your own temperature chart will be a great guide for your project. 

Make a note of each day’s high temperature and low temperature, and calculate your average temperature. 

If math isn’t your favorite thing, this website is a lifesaver – Omni Calculator

Do You Crochet Or Knit A Temperature Blanket?

Both crocheting and knitting can be used to create a temperature blanket. 

The choice between crochet and knitting depends on individual preference and skill.

Some people may find crocheting easier and faster, while others may prefer the look and feel of a knitted fabric. 

The key is to choose a method that you are comfortable with and enjoy, as both crafts can produce beautiful and meaningful temperature blankets. 

The essential aspect of a temperature blanket is the color-coding system used to represent different temperature ranges, and this concept can be applied to either crocheting or knitting techniques.

Is It Too Late To Start One?

While beginning on January 1st it’s ideal, that doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to start making your temperature blanket. 

You have to get some past temperature data!

You can do this by doing a little research into the past temperatures of your chosen area.

You can find out more by visiting this website and entering your date range – Historical Weather Finder.

For information on how to use the data you find to create your color chart, visit thecrochetcrowd.com.

20 Temperature Blanket Patterns (The Ultimate Guide)

How Much Yarn Do You Need For A Temperature Blanket?

This can vary depending on how large you want your blanket to be.

Around 12+ skeins of yarn will make a good-sized throw, but you will probably need more depending on the fluctuations in the weather.

Once you have researched the colors you want to use that relate to the temperatures, you can make a temperature blanket color chart, then buy yarn in the colors you need.

You can research by looking on Instagram and also at the many makers who have posted progress updates on their knit and crochet blankets.

If you can’t decide on the colors of yarn, check out this post on Mum Net, where you will find various color palettes made with Stylecraft Special DK.

temperature blanket progress photos

How Many Rows A Day For A Temperature Blanket? 

Temperature blankets are a fun year-long project to begin if you want a small everyday knitting or crochet ritual.

The number of rows to crochet or knit each day for a temperature blanket is a personal choice based on individual preferences and goals. 

Knit (or crochet) a row or two in a different color every day for a year, depending on the weather outside.

Some enthusiasts opt for a daily commitment, finding solace in the rhythmic process and enjoying the steady progress. 

Others may choose a more relaxed pace, crafting a few rows weekly or even monthly to suit their schedule. 

The key is to strike a balance that aligns with the desired size of the finished blanket and the available time for the project.  

Flexibility is inherent in the concept, allowing crafters to adjust their daily row count to accommodate busy schedules or simply to match their own creative rhythm. 

Ultimately, the journey of creating a temperature blanket is as important as the finished product, and the chosen pace should enhance the enjoyment of the crafting process.

In conclusion, temperature blankets are a fun year-long project to begin if you want an everyday small knitting ritual.

20 Temperature Blanket Patterns

Choose a temperature blanket pattern from the list below that includes knit and crochet patterns.

Happy Knitting and Happy Crocheting!

Knitting And Crochet Lessons

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  1. My first Temperature blanket was in 2019, it was a big learning experience! My 2nd Temp blanket was 2022, this one I made in Ripple, Sc for all except 1st day of month, which I used HDC! I made 2- 6mo blakets , and Love these blankets! I am figuring on a different pattern for 2024! I am looking forward to this fun project! Joyce