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Pink Cat Hat Pattern


This pink cat hat pattern is a great beginner pattern and a way for you to get involved with the Pussy Hat Project.

If you haven’t heard, there was a Women’s March in Washington on January 21st, 2017 – on Trump’s first day in office.

It was full of women wearing knitted pink pussy cat hats and the Pussy Hat Project provided those marchers with hot pink hats to make a statement and help activists be heard.

Pink cat hat

The Pussy Hat Project

It has also been a way for those of us who can’t be there to make our voices heard.

For more information and an official cat hat knitting pattern, please visit  www.pussyhatproject.com.

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The sea of pink - knitted pink pussy hats at the march on January 21st 2017.

The sea of pink – knitted pink pussy hats at the march on January 21st 2017.

The Women’s March

There was a pussy hat global virtual march on March 8th, 2017  in honour of International Women’s Day and A Day Without a Woman.

The mission of Women’s March is to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create change.

There have been more marches since 2017, with many people making hats for themselves, friends and their children.

Pink pussyhat

Make Your Own Cat Hat

A great way to get involved with the project is to make your own cat hat with ears.

Make it in any shade of pink yarn, the bolder the better!

You could even make it in black if you wanted to use it for Halloween or just because you want to wear it every day!

Pink Cat Hat Pattern

Here is a really simple, super-fast pink cat ear hat, similar to the original pattern and adapted for baby, toddler, child and adult sizes.

Please consider making a hat or two for this project!

For more free hat patterns please visit the hat pattern library

Pink pussyhat knitting pattern
Yield: Pink Cat Hat

Pink Cat Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Pink cat hat free knitting pattern

Here is a really simple, super fast pink cat hat with ears, similar to the original pattern and adapted for baby, toddler, child and adult sizes.

Prep Time 30 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Additional Time 20 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 50 minutes
Difficulty Easy/beginner
Estimated Cost $10


  • 1 x 50g skein of worsted yarn - in any pink (or colour) of your choice


  • 5mm (US 8) straight knitting needles
  • Scissors
  • Darning needle
  • Tape measure


Cat Hat Pattern

Size – Medium/Large

  1. CO 50sts and leave a long tail for seaming.
  2. Rib - K1, *K2, P2* rep from * to * to end, P1
  3. Work rib for 4.5"
  4. Work in st st (knit right side rows and purl wrong side rows) until piece measures 13" from cast-on edge.
  5. Begin rib on right side row
  6. Rib, P1, *P2, K2* rep from * to * to the end, K1
  7. Work rib for 4.5". Piece measures 17 1/4" from CO edge.
  8. Cast off all stitches
  9. Cut yarn leaving a long tail for seaming.

Making up >

  1. Fold the hat in half with the right sides facing and sew each side seam.
  2. Weave in any loose ends.



Beg - Beginning

CO - Cast on

K - Knit

P - Purl

St st - stocking stitch

Rem - Remaining

Gauge - 18 sts and 23 rows = 4" in st st

Finished size before seaming 11" wide and 17 1/4" long.

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