31 Cardigan Knitting Patterns (Free + Easy Ideas)


This blog post will show 31 Cardigan Knitting Patterns (Free + Easy Ideas).

Including long cardigans, jackets, and cardigans for spring and winter.

 Plus, you will learn everything you need to know about making a cardigan. 

31 Cardigan Knitting Patterns (Free + Easy Ideas)

Cardigan Knitting Patterns

Wrap yourself in comfort and style with our collection of cardigan knitting patterns.

From classic designs that exude timeless elegance to contemporary styles that reflect modern trends, our patterns offer something for every knitter.

Whether you're a seasoned crafter seeking a new challenge or a beginner eager to embark on your knitting journey, our curated selection features a variety of techniques, yarn weights, and sizes to suit your preferences.

Happy Knitting!

Are Cardigans Easy To Knit?    

The ease of knitting a cardigan can depend on the specific pattern and your level of knitting experience. 

While some cardigan patterns are designed with simplicity in mind, others may involve more intricate stitch patterns, shaping, or seaming, making them more suitable for intermediate or advanced knitters.

If you’re a beginner, starting with a straightforward cardigan pattern that uses basic stitches and minimal shaping can be a good way to build your skills. 

Look for patterns labeled as “easy” or “beginner-friendly” and choose yarn that is easy to work with, such as a smooth worsted weight yarn.

Regardless of your skill level, reading the pattern thoroughly before starting and understanding the required techniques and construction methods will contribute to a smoother knitting process. 

Video tutorials and step-by-step guides can also be helpful if you encounter unfamiliar techniques.

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Can I knit a cardigan on straight needles?    

Yes, it is possible to knit a cardigan using straight needles.

Many cardigan patterns are designed to be knit flat in separate pieces, typically a front and a back panel, and then seamed together at the sides and sometimes the shoulders. 

When using straight needles, you would knit back and forth in rows, turning the work at the end of each row.

Cardigan Knitting Patterns

What Is The Best Yarn For Cardigans?

Selecting the best yarn for cardigans depends on the desired characteristics of the finished garment and personal preferences.

Merino wool is a popular choice for cardigans due to its exceptional softness, warmth, and versatility. 

It offers excellent stitch definition, making it suitable for intricate patterns, cables, and textured stitches.

Merino wool is also available in various weights, allowing knitters to create anything from lightweight, drapey cardigans to cozy, winter-ready layers.

For those seeking breathability and coolness, cotton yarns are an excellent option, making them suitable for warmer climates or transitional seasons.

Cotton blends, incorporating fibers like linen or bamboo, enhance the durability and drape of the yarn. 

If warmth and luxury are a priority, cashmere blends provide an indulgent touch, though they may come at a higher price point.

While natural fibers like wool and cotton can have specific care needs, some knitters may prefer machine-washable options, such as superwash wool or acrylic blends, for added convenience. 

What Are The Best Knitting Needles For Cardigans?

The best knitting needles for cardigans depend on the specific pattern, your knitting style, and personal preference.

Here are some common types of knitting needles suitable for cardigan projects:

  1. Circular Needles: Circular knitting needles are versatile and well-suited for knitting cardigans, especially if the pattern is worked in one piece or features a large number of stitches. Circular needles come in various lengths, and the cable connecting the needles holds the stitches, distributing the weight more evenly.
  2. Interchangeable Needle Sets: These sets offer flexibility by allowing you to switch needle tips and cable lengths. They are particularly useful for cardigans that may involve different stitch patterns, needle sizes, or various sections like sleeves and body.
  3. Double-Pointed Needles (DPNs): DPNs are ideal for knitting small, circular sections such as sleeves or cuffs. Some cardigan patterns may include DPNs for specific parts of the project.
  4. Needle Size: Choose the needle size recommended in the pattern or required to achieve the correct gauge. Swatching with the chosen yarn and needles is essential to ensure the cardigan fits properly.

How Long Does It Take A Beginner To Knit A Cardigan?    

The time it takes for a beginner to knit a cardigan can vary widely based on several factors, including the complexity of the pattern, the chosen yarn weight, the knitter’s familiarity with basic techniques, and the amount of time dedicated to the project. 

As a general guideline, a straightforward and relatively simple cardigan pattern may take a beginner several weeks to a few months to complete, assuming they are working on it consistently.

What Supplies Do You Need To Knit A Cardigan?

To knit a cardigan, you’ll need a few essential supplies to ensure a successful and enjoyable crafting experience. 

Aside from the pattern, your yarn, and the needles, don’t forget to gather basic knitting tools such as stitch markers, a tapestry needle for seaming and weaving in ends, and scissors for cutting yarn. 

If the pattern involves buttons or other closures, have those on hand as well. 

Lastly, a measuring tape is essential for checking gauge and ensuring the cardigan fits according to the pattern specifications. 

Knitting Lessons

If you are a new knitter and need help with the knitting basics, check out the knitting lessons here – Knitting Lessons (With Video Tutorials).

There, you will find step-by-step tutorials for all the different knitting techniques a newbie needs to know. 

Including how to cast on, how to knit the basic knit stitches, how to knit the knit stitch, the stockinette stitch, the rib stitch, the garter stitch, the mattress stitch, short rows, and a list of knitting abbreviations, and more. 

And if you need more video tutorials, check out my YouTube channel here Handy Little Me – YouTube. 

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