10 Summer Cardigan Knitting Patterns


In this post you will see, 10 summer cardigan knitting patterns.

Cardigans are an all-season wardrobe stable. 

Bulky and warm cardigans are ideal for the winter but lighter, airier cardigans made with other materials are perfect for spring and summer.

10 summer cardigan knitting patterns

Knit A Light Summer Cardigan

Summer comes with hot days and sometimes cool summer nights and a light cardigan can be the ideal garment as it can be paired with all of your outfits, dresses, skirts, jean shorts, and sweaters. 

oversized cardigan knit in cotton yarn

Knit Your Own Cardigan

And if you are a knitter and love making your own clothes, a summer cardigan is a great project for you. 

Crafting your own garments instead of simply buying them online or in stores not only is fun and gives you a sense of accomplishment. 

But also lets your creativity run wild. 

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summer cardigan from drops design
Summer Cardigan from Drops Design (Link in the list below)

Create A Unique Cardigan

You can knit a unique cardigan made with your favorite yarn, taking into mind your personal style and your body type. 

There are so many free knitting patterns or paid online you can follow and make your cardigan and you can modify the details you need to make it fit your style. 

You can go with a simple cardigan or a more complicated design (that depends on your skill level too).

You will decide if you want sleeves, long sleeves, short sleeves, a belt or no belt, buttons or no buttons. 

summer cardigan
Summer Cardigan from Drops Design (Link in the list below)

Choosing The Perfect Yarn

Winter cardigans are made with bulky yarn, or DK weight yarn to keep you warm and toasty.

So when choosing the ideal yarn weight for your summer cardigan you are going to need a lightweight yarn.

Like cotton, Aran weight yarn, or if you are brave enough lace.

Grab your yarn weights Ebook here.

rico creative cotton aran in nature

Choosing The Perfect Stitches

Moreover, another thing you need to consider when knitting your summer cardigan is the stitch pattern you will choose.

Some knitting stitches create a tighter fabric that’s perfect for winter but not so much for summer, so you need to gravitate more toward knitting stitches for all skill levels that create an airy fabric that will allow the air to flow. 

knitted summer cardigan
Summer Cardigan from Drops Design (Link in the list below)

Summer Cardigan Knitting Patterns

It’s the perfect time of year to pick up the needles and knit a summer cardigan pattern! 

Get the best summer cardigan knitting patterns here.

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