Outlander Patterns Season 6


In this post, you will see Outlander patterns from season 6.

Modern pieces inspired by knits seen on the show that you can wear with your everyday outfits.

From shawls to fingerless gloves, there are 6 pieces to knit.

S6 Outlander patts main image

A Quick Recap Of Outlander

Outlander is a worldwide phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. 

Claire’s and Jamie’s love story is impossible not to captivate even the most difficult audiences. 

Star-crossed lovers traveling across time and different continents. 

But one aspect of the show that has won over a whole community is the costumes and knitwear.

If you want to know more about costumes and knitwear, check out this post…

Outlander Costumes {Including The Knitwear And More!} 

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Outlander Knits 

Outlander has beautiful knitted pieces, especially shawls, and arm warmers but also gloves, berets, cowls, sweaters, and even cardigans.

And while not all of them are historically accurate they fit amazingly with the rest of the costumes.

Like Claire’s Carolina Shawl and Brianna’s famous reunion caplet. 

The Outlander Knitting Community

Furthermore, the Outlander knitting community doesn’t only love to admire the Outlander knitted pieces but also to recreate them! 

Lots of people are recreating the Outlander knitted pieces and are showing them off online. 

If you also love Outlander and want to recreate all of the patterns from the knitwear shown in seasons 1-5 check out The Outlander Pattern Library.

Grab all of the patterns here – The Ultimate Outlander Pattern Collection

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Outlander Season 6

After the season 5 finale broke all of our hearts, season 6 is finally here. 

To bring answers to our questions, more jaw-dropping plotlines that no doubt will leave us wanting more. 

But will also bring us more costumes and knitwear to recreate and get inspired from.

Claire Fraser Season 6 Sontag Shawl
Claire Fraser Season 6 – ©Starz.com

Outlander’s Season 6 Knitwear

The pieces look amazing, like Claire’s grey-blue shawl and Brianna’s long fingerless grey gloves. 

Plus the simplicity of the pieces gives any maker room for creativity when it comes to the colors, the fibers but also the design.

I love all the new pieces and have created a new collection inspired by the Outlander season 6 knitwear and the costume’s color palette of the season.

Brianna gloves Outlander
The Fraser Family – ©Starz.com

The Handy Little Me Outlander Season 6 Knitwear Collection

The new Outlander Handy Little Me collection includes six unique patterns that stay true to the show but also provide a modern everyday look. 

It includes a replica of Claire’s blue Sontag shawl that’s really easy to make, a more modern version of the famous Blue Cardigan seen in season 5, and a statement fringe shawl that’s perfect to wear in your everyday life.

And three pairs of fingerless gloves that everybody will love. 

A replica of Brianna’s long fingerless arm warmers, a replica of Malva Christie’s brown cable knit fingerless gloves, and last but not least a pair of arm warmers in a gorgeous blue worsted weight yarn with a Celtic cable design.

You can grab the bundle with the six patterns plus two beret patterns here –Outlander Pattern Bundle Season 6 

Grab The Pattern Bundle Here

Outlander Season 6 Knitting Patterns

The new Outlander Handy Little Me collection includes six unique patterns that stay true to the show but also provide a modern everyday look. 

Wear them with your everyday casual outfits for a unique style all year round!

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  1. There is a beautiful knitted vest that Brianna wears in Season 6 Episode 5 — are there any plans to create the pattern for that vest in the near future?

    1. Hello Margaret,
      I have seen it, but I don’t have a pattern for it.
      I haven’t seen anything similar either.
      It’s very interesting!
      Maybe in the future when I have more time I can have a go at it, but for now, I am backed up with projects.