How To Hold A Crochet Hook


Learn how to hold a crochet hook in this tutorial for beginners.

One question that I get asked often is how do you hold a crochet hook?

Which is a great question and one that leads to looking at different types of crochet hooks.

How to hold a crochet hook

Hold The Hook The Right Way For You…

Holding the crochet hook in the right way for you will probably be different for everyone.

I have been told by Youtube viewers that I hold my hook differently from other crocheters and that’s fine because we all find a way of doing things that suits us and is comfortable.

There are some ways to make things easier when holding your hook, so we will take a look at that in this post.

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colourful crochet hooks

Choosing Your Crochet Hook

To start with here are my top recommendations for crochet hooks for beginners.

Addi Crochet Hooks

The Addi crochet hooks are actually one of my favorite brands, mainly because I find the handles easy to grip and comfortable to work with.

I have some ergonomic crochet hooks with colored handles and they are really easy to use.

They have a soft-grip handle and smooth hook, which is great for working with.

Knit Pro Crochet Hooks

The Knitters Pride sets come in a range of materials from bamboo, multi-colored wood, and plastic.

They also have sets with ergonomic handles, which are good for comfort.

Some of the wooden hooks are great for new crocheters, as they are smooth to work with.

Crochet Hook Sets

There are many crochet hook sets out there with a range of hook sizes.

These are pretty good for beginners, so you can try out different sizes.

From Susan Bates crochet hooks, Pony crochet hooks, and Laurel Hill crochet hooks to other sets featuring ergonomic hooks, there are many to choose from.

The Addi hooks are inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to hold.

You can also treat yourself to a crochet hook case or bag and keep everything together.

holding the crochet hook while working

Should I buy A Crochet Hook Set?

If you are thinking to buy a set of crochet hooks with various crochet hook sizes, it would be worth it for you (as a beginner) if they are quite inexpensive and have hundreds of good reviews.

But it might be better to try out a couple of hooks before you splurge on a set, as some sets can be quite expensive.

I bought a fairly cheap set of different crochet hooks for around $17 and they are great, have good grip handles, and are easy to work with.

But I also bought the Prym white/purple grip hooks which were more expensive and I do prefer using them.

So I guess you have to try these things out and see which ones best fit your hands and allow you to find your own rhythm.

colourful crochet hook set

How Do You Hold A Crochet Hook?

There are a few variations in which people hold their hook;

  • Like a pencil or pen
  • Like a knife

I think I fall into the first way of holding the hook a bit like a pen or a pencil.

This seems to work for me, but everyone has their own way of doing it, which makes them feel comfortable when working.

We will explore some options below on how to hold a traditional crochet hook as opposed to a Tunisian crochet hook or an afghan crochet hook.

neon prym crochet hook and cotton

1. Like A Pencil or Pen (Right-Handed)

When you hold the crochet hook, you hold it as if you were holding a pencil (pencil grip) or pen and are about to write, with the hook in between your middle finger and pointer finger.

Hold the hook from above and then work into your stitches downwards.

If you want to try this out, hold your hook pen style – with your thumb and index finger.

Hold the crochet work with your left hand, and use your left hand to help you work the yarn and keep the tension. 

holding the crochet hook like a pencil in the right hand

2. Like A Pencil or Pen (Left-Handed)

If you are left-handed, the method is practically the same but just reversed.

Depending on how you like to hold your pen, find a way of working the hook and yarn that is comfortable for you.

holding the crochet hook like a pencil in the left hand

3. Like A Knife (Right-Handed)

When you hold your hook like a knife (knife hold), you place your forefinger from your right hand on top of the hook for greater control (an overhand grip).

This allows the hook to be worked from below and move up into the stitches.

To practice this method, hold your hook in your right hand with your index finger on top of the hook guiding it in and out of the stitches.

Hold the work with your left hand, and use your left hand to help you work the yarn and keep the tension. 

holding the crochet hook like a knife right handed

4. Like A Knife (Left-Handed)

Just the same as the right-handed knife grip, you can reverse the grip of the hook.

This may be an easier way to hold your hook, so it is worth trying out this method.

holding the crochet hook like a knife left handed

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