How To Single Crochet (SC)


If you are learning how to crochet, you will need to know how to single crochet.

This is one of the most basic crochet stitches and one that is commonly seen in many crochet patterns.

Single crochet (US term) – which is also known as double crochet in UK terms, is one of the easiest stitches you will be able to learn.

You can find a free PDF of both US and UK terms and abbreviations here. – Crochet Abbreviations And Terms (US + UK)

There are many ways you can work this stitch, from rows to spirals and it is often worked with other stitches in different types of projects.

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single crochet swatch with crochet hook

How To Single Crochet

The single crochet stitch (when abbreviated it is – sc) is the most fundamental of all stitches in crocheting.

The single crochet stitch creates a tight, dense fabric.

Learning how to make a single crochet will serve as the foundation for your crocheting projects – as all stitches are typically variations of this core stitch.

The wrong side and right side of the fabric look the same.

How to single crochet

Video Tutorial + Instructions

There is a step-by-step photo tutorial below and a video tutorial for a beginner crocheter.

You can view the video tutorial on my YouTube channel here.

This is a right hand tutorial, you can view a left hand tutorial here.

For this single crochet tutorial, I will be using a super bulky yarn weight and a larger hook (10mm/US 15).

You can use any yarn weight and hook size to practice.

How To Single Crochet

  1. Step 1 – Inserting your crochet hook

    First, you will create the following;
    A slip knot (View tutorial here – how to make a slip knot (step by step)).
    A foundation chain (View tutorial here – how to start a crochet chain).
    Once you have completed the slip knot and have the foundation chain ready, you will insert the hook through the first chain stitch.
    For the foundation row and for the rest of your work, you will place the hook into the first stitch below the two loops you can see in the row.
    Insert hook through both loops in the chain.
    In some patterns, it will say to work into one loop only, which can create different types of looks and shaping. single crochet example

  2. Step 2 – Hooking the yarn

    Holding your crochet hook in place, you will wrap the yarn over the hook.single crochet stitch demonstration

  3. Step 3 – Pull the yarn through the loop

    Next, you will pull the yarn through the chain loops (that first loop).
    You should now have two stitches or loops on your hook.single crochet instructions

  4. Step 4 – Hook the yarn again

    Now you need to wrap the yarn into your hook again.single crochet example

  5. Step 5 – Pull the yarn through the loops

    Then you will draw yarn through both of the loops on your hook.pulling yarn through both loops on the hook

  6. Step 6 – You can now see your single crochet stitch

    Finally, you will have a single crochet stitch completed, and can continue the process again, to make another single crochet stitch into the next stitch.
    One loop will now be on your crochet hook and this is needed for your next single crochet stitch.
    You can repeat steps 1-5 as many times as you want for your own practice until you get to the last stitch at the end of the row.
    When you turn the work, you will chain (ch) one stitch as this is known as a turning chain.
    This helps to keep the work straight from the previous row to the next row of single crochet.
    You can see in the photo below the crochet fabric has grown.
    single crochet stitch shown on a prym crochet hook

Single Crochet For Beginners

Here are some tips for anyone who is new to single crochet (beginner crocheters).

If you are a crochet newbie, this is one of the easiest stitch patterns to learn.

When you first start to single crochet into your foundation chain, it can be difficult to hold the work, as there is not much to hold onto.

Just make sure to hold the work in your right (or left) hand in a way that is comfortable for you and allows you to work the yarn from the ball at the same time. 

It does take some practice, but you will soon find a rhythm and become more confident in completing those stitches.

You can take a look at this post, which may help – how to hold a crochet hook.

single crochet example and crochet hook

What Crochet Patterns Use Single Crochet?

As single crochet is used in many patterns in a variety of ways, there are so many things you can make with this simple stitch.

Choose a crochet pattern to enjoy, from blankets, washcloths, dish towels, scarves, bags, and more!

It’s a good idea to start off with something small like a washcloth or dishcloth to get great practice with this stitch pattern.

You can take a look at this beginner-friendly washcloth pattern to practice using single crochet here. – Crochet Washcloth Pattern {Beginner Friendly!}

There are also more dishcloths you can practice different stitch tutorials with here – Crochet Dishcloth Pattern Set (Quick Designs For Beginners)

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  1. I would like to see the end of the row so I know how to pick up the last stitch for the next row. Does this make sense.?

    1. Hello Virginia,
      At the end of the row, you single crochet into the very last chain/stitch then single crochet once more, then turn the work to continue.
      When you start working on the next row, you will continue to single crochet into every chain/stitch along that row, then repeat what you did on the previosu row into the last cahin/stitch.
      I hope that helps!