How To Crochet For Beginners | Learn to Crochet


In this post, you will learn how to crochet for beginners.

Crochet is a complex skill, but once mastered, allows you to make beautiful woven pieces to use and wear.

You can teach yourself how to crochet step by step by learning the basics of this craft and then building on your skills with more complicated patterns.

Just remember that even the world’s best crocheters started somewhere – and have all made mistakes!

Give yourself time to get the basics right, and you’ll be making beautiful crochet pieces in no time.

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Follow the essential steps listed below to get started and learn to crochet.

granny square crochet afghan

Start with the Right Tools

Creating beautiful crochet requires the right equipment.

Start by making sure that you have the following essential items to hand:

  • A crochet hook (I recommend starting with around a 4-5mm crochet hook)
  • Yarn – either a good yarn for beginners if you are practising basic stitches or the yarn specified in a crochet pattern
  • Scissors

colourful crochet hooks

Getting Started

The next step is to understand how to use your tools.

One of the first things to learn is how to hold a crochet hook

In this article, I describe all of the various methods for holding a crochet hook, along with a useful list of the best crochet hooks for beginners.

holding the crochet hook like a pencil in the right hand

Learn the Basic Crochet Stitches

Starting to crochet requires creating a single slip knot that will provide the foundation for the rest of your work.

Every pattern begins with a slip knot, so this is an essential part of learning how to crochet.

You can find out how to create a slip knot here.

tightening up the slip knot

After mastering the slip knot, you can begin working in chains or rows to build on your pattern.

The next step after creating your slip knot is starting a crochet chain.

Most designs begin with a slip knot and a chain of stitches; this usually forms the first edge of your piece.

crochet chain in cotton yarn

After you’ve created your first chain of stitches, you can learn how to single crochet.

This is the most fundamental of all crochet stitches and can be worked in rows or in curves to create crocheted items.

single crochet swatch with crochet hook

Next, you can advance your single crochet stitch to learn how to double crochet and how to treble crochet.

Combining these stitches will mean that you can start working on patterns that use single, double or treble crochet techniques.

pulling yarn through two stitches with a crochet hook

If you feel like you’ve mastered these basic stitches, you can now learn how to make a crochet decrease or increase.

This will allow you to shape your work by making rows or circles larger or smaller.

When you feel confident, you could also try learning how to create the popcorn stitch; a great crochet technique for beginners.

popcorn stitch example in cotton

Practising Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Once you’re confidently creating chains and rows of basic stitches, the next step is to try reading and making a crochet pattern.

All crochet patterns are written in abbreviations, so before you begin, I recommend reading my list of crochet abbreviations.

This is an exhaustive list of all acronyms you’ll find in a standard crochet pattern.

It’s a good idea to print this off and keep to hand, allowing you to refer to it if you get stuck.

How to crochet for beginners

I suggest starting by trying basic patterns such as learning how to crochet a granny square (a great basic crochet pattern for any beginner).

Ready to start making? Try one of these easy beginner crochet patterns:

Crochet Patterns For Beginners

Make something simple to help you practise the basic crochet stitches.

Choose from one of the patterns below that are perfect for beginners!

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