How To Make A Slip Knot (Step By Step)


Learning how to make a slip knot is usually the first thing you do when you start to crochet.

There are a couple of ways to do this and in this post, we will look at both.

This is something that you will do at the beginning of every pattern.

holding the yarn over the hook

The First Loop Of Any Crochet Projects

Once you have learned how to make a slip knot, you will be able to then go ahead and make a crochet chain.

This forms the foundation of your work and from which you will start to build your project. 

Most crochet patterns will start with, for example; make a slip knot and ch 10.

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crochet foundation chain example with hook
Example of a crochet chain

Crochet For Beginners

What you need to get started

You will need to choose yarn to practice with and a crochet hook.

In the photographs for the step-by-step tutorial, I am using mixtape yarn and a size 10mm (US P) crochet hook.

You can practice with whatever materials make you feel comfortable, for beginners using a medium to large size hook to start off with will be easier.

If you are following a crochet pattern, use the materials listed, the pattern will give you a hook size and a type of yarn to use.

colourful crochet hooks
Example of hook sizes

What Hook Do I Need?

A size 5mm (H) or larger hook would be great to get started with and you can buy many inexpensive crochet hook sets, in a range of sizes.

You can also experiment with various hooks to see which brands you prefer over others.

When choosing yarn, something easy to work with for practice like acrylic, cotton, or worsted weight yarn are all good choices. 

Please note – I am right-handed, so in the photographs you will see that I am teaching the basic steps to right-handers, if you are left-handed, I am writing a post soon on how to crochet left-handed.

colourful yarn collection

How To Make A Slip Knot – Easy Methods

There are two easy ways to make a slip knot in crochet shown below in step-by-step photograph tutorials.

The total time (active time) to make a slipknot is quick, you only need around a couple of minutes to create one.

My favorite method is the second one shown below, as it is fast and easy.

Time needed: 10 minutes

How To Make A Slip Knot

  1. Step 1 – Holding The Crochet Hook

    With your hook in your right hand, hold it comfortably, and with your left-hand place the yarn over the hook.
    The length of yarn which is the end that is not connected to the ball is called the tail end of your yarn and should be at the front and held in your left hand.
    The length of yarn connected to the ball of yarn that you will continue to work with is called the working end of the yarn.
    placing the cotton over the crochet hook

  2. Step 2 – Making A Loop

    Twist the yarn to make a crossed loop, hanging over the hook.
    This is the first stage before you capture the yarn to pull it through the loop you have made.making a loop with the yarn and hook

  3. Step 3 – Hooking The Yarn

    Hold the hook in your right hand, then place the tail of the yarn (short end) between your index finger and thumb of your left hand.
    Use your other fingers (on your left hand) to hold the end of the yarn that is attached to the ball.
    Put the hook into the yarn, catching it from behind and then over the top.holding the yarn with the hook

  4. Step 4 – Pull The Yarn Through The Loop

    Pull the yarn that is in the hook through the loop you have created on your hook.
    The yarn that you are pulling through will form a loose slip knot.pulling the yarn to make a slip knot

  5. Step 5 – Tightening Up The Slip Knot

    You should now have a loose slip knot on your hook.
    To tighten this up a little bit, you can pull gently on both ends.
    Don’t make it too tight, as you will need to continue to work with this to make a crochet chain (also known as a foundation chain).tightening up the slip knot

How To Tie A Slip Knot

Another Way To Make A Slip Knot

If you don’t want to use your crochet hook to make a slip knot, you can make one by just using your fingers!

This method is pretty simple and is outlined for you below.

Step 1 – Wrap the yarn around your left middle finger, with the end attached to the ball being held in your hand and the free tail end loosely hanging over your index finger.

holding the yarn

Step 2 – Pull the tail end of the yarn (not attached to the ball) through the loop that was created by your fingers.

pulling the yarn through a loop

Step 3 – Pull this closed using both ends of the yarn and you will see that it forms a slip knot.

You will have a loop left that you can now place onto your crochet hook.

making a slip knot with fingers

Step 4 – Place the loop over your crochet hook and tighten it by pulling the two lengths of yarn.

This creates a crochet slip knot, a basic technique needed for the start of all basic crochet stitches.

This will now make you ready to continue on, to make a crochet chain.

slip knot on hook

Beginners Guide To Crochet

To continue learning you will need to move on to the following tutorials –

Please note – The slip knot is not normally counted as the first stitch.

This is good to remember when you are looking at a crochet pattern and it says – ch 12 for example, so you would create your slip knot and then chain 12 stitches.

How to make a slip knot step by step tutorial

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