Hello there! My name is Louise Bollanos and I have a true love for being creative, one of my favorite things is to sit with a notebook, and my yarn stash, to plan/create my next design.

Sharing A Passion For All Things …Yarn!

My blog is where I share my love of yarn, inspiration, and tutorials for makers of all skill levels.

Since I started developing my creative online presence, I have been passionate about sharing my pattern designs and educational tutorials with you.

On my blog and social media, you will see knitting tricks and tips, roundups of makes from talented designer-makers, and insight on what it is like to be a full-time knitting and crochet pattern designer.

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About Handy Little Me

Handy Little Me began in 2014, as a blog with a few roundup posts and an Etsy shop.

I used to mainly sell knitted items on Etsy which included hats, scarves, baby knits, and tea cozies.

In 2017 I quit teaching became super serious about my blog and gave it a much-needed overhaul.

I wanted to start designing and writing up my own patterns, that I could share for free on my blog.

How it all started

I started off with a stitch pattern notebook and developed some of my favorite stitch patterns into easy knit beanies.

Through trial and error, I found a rhythm in designing and grew from there.

Since then I have designed over 40+ knitting patterns and moved into designing crochet patterns too.

I now feel incredibly thankful to be able to say that I now work on my business full time and have found my happy place.

I am so amazed at all of the love and support I get from people who find my patterns and have been inspired by their creative journies.

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How I can help you

I want to help you to learn new skills and to knit or crochet practical, usable, wearable, fashionable, and sustainable items.

It’s never too late to learn or try something new, knitting and crocheting are great ways to spend your free time and to gain new skills, it doesn’t matter if it is a masterpiece, you do it for yourself!

Making your own knits, to wear or to place in your home is not only great for your mental health but also great for the planet.

Less, slow, well done, well made, and with quality materials, this is the way forward!

woman's beanie
chunky cable knit blanket on large circular needles

About Louise

  • I am an experienced textile designer – my background is in textiles and surface design, I am obsessed with knitting and crochet and have taught both to many students in the past.
  • I have always been creative, ever since I was a little kid, I loved to draw and make things, learning how to knit when I was young.
  • I love to binge my favorite shows on Netflix with my knitting beside me, tea, and Jason (my dog/bestie) cuddling into my legs.
  • I am always knitting and try to develop my skills as much as I can.
  • Even though I enjoy the knitting and pattern writing process, I want to help you as much as I can to create beautiful items that you can wear or give as gifts.
  • All of my patterns are relatively easy for any beginner knitters and I have many video tutorials that can help you with learning new stitches or how to increase, decrease, etc.
  • I also have a knitting basics guide, crochet basics guide, and yarn weights guide that can help you with the fundamentals before you get started.

More About Me…

I am inspired by so many things, by nature, colors, patterns, textures, and of course yarn!

My background is in textile + surface design, and I have designed patterns (mostly prints) for various companies, but prefer to create fabrics through knitting and crochet because I’m much more connected to that and I enjoy it more.

I taught students for a number of years in the UK, from FDA Textiles (19+) to being Head of Art at a college for three years and teaching A-Level art and design, graphics, and textiles.

Meet The Fam

men's sweater knitting pattern using the petite wool


Meet my husband Fotis who models men’s knitwear and helps out with the occasional photo/video session.

He can speak 4 languages fluently and loves Greek food.

Knitted dog sweater feat image


Meet Jason – He is the model for all doggo knitwear and patterns.

Named after the actor Jason Statham, he delivers a good kick and slap when he wants your sandwich or to see what’s in your bag.

He’s my everyday office assistant and he loves stealing fluffy yarn.