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Hello there! My name is Louise and I have a true love for being creative, one of my favourite things is to sit with a notebook, my project bag and plan/create my next design.

I am an experienced Textile Designer – my degree is in Textiles and Surface design, I am obsessed with knitting and crochet and have taught both to many students in the past.

On my website, you will find the following >

  • Free knitting patterns
  • Free crochet patterns
  • Video tutorials
  • New patterns added regularly
  • High-quality handmade items
  • The inspiration for your next projects!

I want to share patterns with you so that everyone can take some time out to be creative and enjoy getting crafty!


I have always been creative, ever since I was little, I loved to draw and make things, learning how to knit when I was young. I love to curl up watching Netflix with my knitting and try to develop my skills as much as I can.

I have two Etsy shops, one for adults (HandylittlemeKnitsCo) and one for the littles (handylittleme), if you would like to read any feedback about my handmade items/patterns take a look here.

Even though I enjoy making things to sell, I want to help you to create beautiful items that you can wear or give as gifts.

All of my patterns are relatively easy for any beginner knitters and I have many video tutorials that can help you with learning new stitches or how to increase, decrease etc.

I also have a crochet video tutorial page that can help you with the fundamentals before you get started.


I am inspired by so many things, by nature, colours, patterns, textures and of course Pinterest!

My background is in Textiles and Surface design, and I have designed patterns for various companies, but prefer to create fabrics through knitting and crochet, because I’m much more connected to that.

I taught students for a number of years in the UK, from FDA Textiles (19+) to A-Level art and design, graphics and textiles. I was the head of art at a Sixth Form College for a few years before doing a Shirley Valentine and moving to Greece.

I really enjoy teaching people and have continued to teach both children and adults English Language, specialising in preparing the adult students for the IELTS Exam.

I moved to the island of Corfu in 2014 when I married my husband Fotis, we live in a traditional Greek village – where gossip is rife, everyone knows everything about everyone and so many kind people stop to say hello to Jason (our dog) whenever we go for a walk.

I really love living here and enjoy everything about Greek culture and island life.


fotis 1FOTIS

Meet my husband Fotis who models, takes photographs and often goes to the post office to send off my Etsy orders.

He works long hours in the week running his construction company ConstructionCorfu renovating and building both residential and commercial properties around the island of Corfu, Greece, including building huge luxury Villas for some of the world’s elite.



Meet Jason – He is the model for all doggo knitwear and patterns.

Named after the actor Jason Statham, he delivers a good kick and slap when he wants your sandwich.