33 Free Sock Crochet Patterns


In this post, you will see a round-up of sock crochet patterns.

Socks are one of the accessories you can never have enough of. 

No matter how many you buy you’ll always find yourself missing one of the pair or both. 

The most likely culprit is the washing machine but nobody can prove it!

Moreover, we have many categories of socks from the plain ones you wear with sneakers, the funny ones you love, the fuzzy, comfy ones, and the fancy ones you don’t mind showing. 

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Free sock crochet patterns

Crochet Socks

If you are a sock lover you know that the best kind of socks is handmade ones. 

You can crochet a pair of socks in any color, design, and length you like.

There are many crochet patterns online you can follow and make the perfect pair of socks.

Bulky fluffy socks that can double as slippers in the winter, simple socks, or high-thigh socks.

Socks are a perfect project to practice your crochet skills with and they make excellent gifts for a friend or family member as you can never have enough socks. 

Sock crochet patterns

Can beginners crochet socks?


Crochet sock patterns are not the easiest project for beginner crocheters like dishcloths (crochet dishcloth pattern set (quick designs for beginners)), hats, or blankets but there are many sock beginner-level patterns online you can try.

A sock project could be right for you if you have mastered the crochet basics and feel ready to move on to a more complicated project.

However, getting the heel and the toe shape correctly might be a little bit challenging 

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Sock crochet
Photo Credit – BHooked (Find the pattern in the list below)

Are crochet socks easy to make?

It really depends on the pattern you are going to choose. 

For example, an easy pattern with single crochet stitches or double crochet stitches will be really easy to make. 

A more intermediate pattern might be more challenging. 

The harder part about making socks is getting the shaping right.

But there are a lot of video tutorials and posts online to help you along. 

Is it easier to crochet or knit socks?    

It depends on how familiar you are with each craft.

If you are a new maker you might find that it’s easier to crochet socks as you only work with a crochet hook that has two needles.

Check out these sock-knitting patterns here. – Sock Patterns

Or grab the ad-free printable pdf patterns here.

How to size your socks correctly 

Sizing up socks can be quite hard and most crochet patterns will have sizing information to help you along. 

The best way to measure correctly is to try on as you go. 

Very carefully wear the sock and pull it off gently making sure to fix what you stretched so you won’t ruin your project. 

Lakeside loops crochet slipper socks
Photo Credit – Lakeside Loops (Find the pattern in the list below)

What kind of yarn do you use to crochet socks? 

Fingering weight yarn is ideal for socks, so they are thin enough to fit inside your shoes.

And make sure to read the yarn label to verify how your socks can be washed. 

If you want to be able to throw them into the washing machine, you need to find a superwash yarn. 

Moreover, you need a breathable and stretchy fabric to make sure your socks are comfy and wearable. 

An 80-20 sock yarn will be ideal. 

What is 80 20 sock yarn?

An 80-20 sock yarn made with a mix of fibers of 80% wool and 20% nylon. 

The perfect yarn for long-lasting socks. 

This is because it has a natural stretch that makes it perfect for socks. 

What is the best yarn for crochet baby socks?   

Yarns made with cotton fibers are ideal. 

All baby items should be preferably made with cotton yarns to avoid allergies and irritation.

You can find a lot of baby yarns made with hypoallergenic materials that are soft to the touch, perfect for baby clothes and socks.  

What is the best yarn for crochet slipper socks?

Any yarn heavier than DK yarn and worsted weight yarn is a good idea for bulkier socks.

You can easily make a pair of crochet slipper socks with bulky weight yarn. 

How many skeins of yarn do I need to crochet socks?    

For a pair of simple adult socks, you will need around 100 gr of yarn, so around one skein of yarn.

Keep in mind that if you are doing a complicated design you will need more yarn. 

And of course, if you want your socks to be taller you are going to need more yarn. 

How To Block Your Socks

While not mandatory, blocking your socks will bring you great results.

Soak your socks in cold water for around 15 minutes before lifting them gently and supporting their weight so the fabric doesn’t sag.

Don’t forget to always check the yarn label for care instructions and follow them to keep your yarn safe.

Once you take your socks out of the water, remove the excess water by gently squeezing them. 

If you feel like they are still too wet you can always place them inside a dry towel fold them place them on the floor and walk over them a few times.

In the final step, place them on the sock blockers and let them dry flat or hang them.

If you don’t have sock blockers you can always wear the sock on your hand, to shape it and then place it carefully on a flat surface to dry.

Free Sock Crochet Patterns

If you are ready to make yourself a pair of cozy socks and you need inspiration take a look at the patterns below and bookmark your next crochet project.

Free Crochet Patterns

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