Knitting For Beginners


This guide – knitting for beginners includes everything you need to start knitting.

Have you always wanted to learn how to knit but have never known where to start?

knitting for beginners with yarn and knitting needles

Whether you are an amateur knitter or starting again after a break from your needles.

The information here covers all of the steps to teach yourself to knit, including how to start knitting, knitting basics and essential skills, plus some easy to follow knitting patterns.

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Knitting for beginners

Getting Started

Starting by brushing up on some knitting basics is the best way to learn to knit.

I recommend familiarising yourself with different knitting tools and the various types of yarns available.

Plus, some basic knitting abbreviations so that you can start learning how to read knitting patterns.


Knitting needles for beginners

To begin, ensure you have all of the essential knitting tools for beginners to hand, including a good set of knitting needles and yarn.

If you’re starting from scratch, I suggest trying a chunky yarn and a large pair of needles (8mm or more), as this will be easier, to begin with.

It’s also good to familiarise yourself with the different types of yarn weights, and what they can be used to make.

I recommend making a trip to a craft or yarn shop and exploring all of the different types of wools and yarns available – it may even inspire you!

knitting for beginners starts with choosing yarn from yarn filled shelves

Learn To Knit

Before you try to tackle different types of knitting stitches, you will need to know how to start your knitting by understanding how to create a slip knot, how to cast on, and how to cast off.

Once you’ve set yourself up and you feel like you’re ready to start knitting, you can try some basic knitting stitches to create your first project.

Understanding how to knit the garter stitchhow to knit the purl stitch and how to knit the stockinette stitch will give you the essential knowledge to complete simple knitting patterns.

learn how to knit garter stitch

After you’ve mastered knit and purl, you can move on to some other simple knitting stitches for beginners, such as the rib stitch or seed stitch.

Give yourself time to trial the different stitches and sample them before you move on to making a full design.

You can also learn how to pick up stitches and how to increase or decrease stitches, for when you move onto slightly more advanced patterns that will require finishing or a small amount of shaping.

knitting for beginners picking up stitches

After you’ve learnt some essential stitches, you can move onto working in the round and using circular knitting needles.

It’s not as scary as you might think!

This means knitting in a loop and will allow you to make circular-knit items, such as hats, beanies and infinity scarves.

You can try this simple hat beginner knitting pattern, which is an excellent design for a first project using circular needles.

When you become more advanced you can learn how to read a knitting chart, which will introduce you to using more than one colour or knitting cable designs.

ribbed beanie

Choosing a Knitting Pattern

The best place to start when learning how to knit is to try simple knitting patterns for beginners, which include more basic stitches and no requirements for grading.

You can start with patterns for beginners and learn about the different types of knitting skill levels.

You can also learn how to substitute yarn in a knitting pattern, as the pattern you choose may not have yarn that you can easily buy.

Knowing how to substitute this will make your knitting life easier!

I’ve listed below some of my favourite designs for simple yet beautiful scarves and blankets; quick and easy to make and perfectly designed to teach how to knit for beginners.

Click here for more Knitting patterns for beginners.

Knitting Patterns For Beginners

Choose a beginner friendly knitting pattern from this list for one of your first projects.

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  1. HEllo

    I’m looking for the pattern on how to knit the shawl that Claire is always wearing and attaching in her back. Grey color with a black line in it. I don’t know if you have it free. If so, would it be possible to send it to me ?

    thanking you in advance


    1. Hello, I have a pattern for that coming very soon for free! As well as other shawls similar to those that Claire wears in the show. They will get published this month 🙂 You can find Handy Little Me on Facebook or Instagram for updates. Thanks for visiting!

        1. Hello Genelyn, you would need some knitting needles and yarn to start off with so that you can learn the knitting basics like casting on, the knit stitch, garter stitch and casting off.
          Large needles – size 5mm (US 8) or larger would be a good start and some yarn suitable for whichever needle size you choose.
          You will see that information on the yarn label – it will say which size needles it is suitable for.
          I hope that helps 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for all the amazing information and explanations! Your site is amazing! I’m new to knitting and it has helped me so much.

    1. Hello Katie,
      Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m so happy that you found the tutorials helpful.
      Happy knitting!