Free Knitting Pattern For A Puppy Sweater


Make a puppy sweater with this free knitting pattern and meet our puppy Jason!

We were looking for a puppy and not having much luck in finding one, even though there are so many strays looking for homes on the island of Corfu, we somehow found Jason….or rather he found us!

Our neighbour spotted him on the road when she was driving back to our village, through Glyfada.

She stopped and picked him up, as she knew we were looking for a dog. Poor Jason has had it rough and has been through a lot.

Through many vet visits and various health issues, he is now on the mend and looking healthier every day.

He’s a happy little thing, who loves to play and explore. Named after the actor – Jason Statham, he has a scowl and a swagger just like his namesake!


Puppy Sweater Knitting Pattern

I’m planning on making him a few more in dark grey, black and a red berry colour for Christmas.

Jason was so small and sick in the first couple of weeks he lived with us, that first day he was filthy, covered in fleas and he had a skin condition.

After seeing the vet it also turned out he had worms and after medication, they started to come out. He didn’t eat a lot, to begin with, and had a couple of fits, which was really scary.


But after everything was treated he has been fine. The poor little thing was in a terrible state, just being left on his own at the side of the road.

Thank goodness our neighbour was driving past and picked him up, he’s such a beautiful boy as you can see in the photographs above.

Puppy Sweater

This dog sweater knitting pattern is a great project to keep you busy during the cold nights, with only one size available, however, it can be adapted – depending on the measurements you take of your dog.

Knitted with 4mm (US 6) needles and double knit yarn, the dog sweater is a good pattern for beginner knitters as well as the more experienced.

If you would like to make more knitted items for your dog, please take a look at the other patterns in the pet knitting pattern library.

I hope you have fun making this puppy sweater, I can’t wait to make a few more for Jason, to match my own sweaters!

We are not sure what type of dog Jason is – he is a mix for sure, some say he looks like a red fox labrador, or a Rhodesian Ridgeback or even a Vizsla and others say he could be mixed with smaller breeds like a pug or (this made me laugh) chihuahua.

It was the vet that suggested the last one!

Let me know if you enjoy making the pattern and what you think in the comments below! xoxo

Yield: Puppy Sweater

Free Knitting Pattern For A Puppy Sweater

This dog sweater knitting pattern is a great project to keep you busy during the cold nights, with only one size available, however, it can be adapted – depending on the measurements you take of your dog.
Active Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours
Difficulty Easy/beginner


  • Chunky yarn or two strands of DK knit together
  • A good yarn to use is Lion Brand Hometown USA.


  • 9mm (US 13) Straight Knitting Needles
  • Tape Measure
  • Darning Needle
  • Scissors


Back Piece >

  1. Cast on 14 stitches
  2. Knit in rib x 2 = (2 x Knit, 2 x Purl) until piece measures 2″
  3. Next – work in stocking stitch (one row knit, one row purl) until piece measures 7″
  4. Then work 2 rows in rib x 2 (2 x Knit, 2 x Purl)
  5. Cast off in rib.

Back piece measures – length 9″ / width 6″

Chest Piece >

  1. Cast on 14
  2. Knit 3 rows in rib x 2 (2 x Knit, 2 x Purl)
  3. Knit stocking stitch until piece measures 2″
  4. Next row – SKPO – knit to last 2 stitches – K2tog
  5. Purl 1 row
  6. Next row – SKPO – knit to last 2 stitches – K2tog
  7. Purl 1 row
  8. Next row – SKPO – knit to last 2 stitches – K2tog
  9. Purl 1 row
  10. Cast on 2 – Knit
  11. Cast on 2 – Purl
  12. Cast on 1 – Knit
  13. Cast on 1 – Purl
  14. Knit in rib x 2 (2 x Knit, 2 x Purl) until piece measures 2″
  15. Cast off in rib.

Chest piece measures – length 6″ / width 6″

Making Up >

  1. Place pieces together with the right sides facing.
  2. Stitch the seams leaving holes on either side for the legs.
  3. Sew in any loose ends.
  4. Turn it the right side out and try it on your puppy.


Gauge = 3 stitches per inch

I cast on 14 stitches as I wanted to be able to fit it over his head easily, you can add more if your puppy is bigger and follow the pattern in the same way.

Abbreviations >

Approx = Approximately

Beg = Beginning

Cont = Continue(ing)

K = Knit

K2tog = Knit next 2 stitches together

P = Purl

Rem = Remaining

Rep = Repeat

Rib = 1 knit st, 1 purl st

2 x Ribbing = 2 knit stitches, 2 purl stitches

Rnd(s) = Round(s)

SKPO – Pass slipped stitch over

St(s) = Stitch(es)

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  1. celma
    December 14, 2016 / 12:43 pm

    Hello. Thank you for sharing this pattern. I have a dog yorshire terrier, I’m gona try doing one for him.

  2. Janis
    March 11, 2017 / 6:48 pm

    Can you give instructions to make this swester for a 20 pound dog? I have a miniature Schnauzer. Thanks!

  3. Joanne
    April 23, 2017 / 3:23 am

    Jason definitely has some chihuahua in him…. he’s adorable. I just finished your sweater for my own little chihuahua puppy…. I get home tomorrow and I can’t wait to see it on him. Thank you so much for this pattern.

    Cheers, Joanne

  4. Gabriela Sepúlveda
    August 7, 2017 / 7:34 pm

    Thank you for sharing! Could you kindly tell me what SKPO means? Is it skip, knit, purl,? I could not get the last one😬.

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