Christmas Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern


Make your dog something fun to wear over the holidays with this Christmas dog sweater knitting pattern.

The sweater is knit in 2×2 ribbing with small pom poms stitched to the neck in a coordinating colored yarn.

Scroll down to view the free pattern or you can grab the inexpensive printer-friendly ad-free PDF here.

Christmas dog sweater

Knitted Dog Sweater And Bow Tie

This dog sweater and bow tie will turn your pup into a little Christmas cutie that will delight your family and friends.

The holiday outfit is equal parts adorable and festive, plus a harness can be placed on top of the sweater for any winter walk.

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You can also make this novelty knitted bow tie that can be slipped on and off the collar easily. – Knitted Bow Tie (Free Stash Busting Knitting Pattern)

Dog sweater and bow tie

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Knitted Christmas dog sweater
knitted dog sweater with pom poms

Christmas Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

Purchase the inexpensive ad-free, PDF printable pattern in my shop here.

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This pattern is the same as baby yoda pattern | dog sweater with minor changes.

You can find the Knitted Bow Tie (Free Stash Busting Knitting Pattern) here.

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  • This dog sweater knits up quickly, and the simple design makes for a relaxing and enjoyable knit.
  • The pattern is written for all sizes, starting with the small size – with changes for different sizes listed in all necessary places.
  • To follow the pattern more easily, circle or highlight all numbers pertaining to your dog’s size before beginning.
  • The small size is listed first, then the medium and large in ().
  • Please note – You can find the bow tie pattern here.

Copyright Info

  • Please do not copy, sell, redistribute, or republish this pattern. 
  • If you wish to share this pattern, link to the pattern page only.
  • You may sell items produced using this pattern.
  • Do NOT use the copyrighted photos for your product listing.
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Skill Level – Easy


  • Dog sweater – 16 sts and 20 rows to 4×4 inches/10 x 10 cm in 2×2 ribbing.

Size / Measurements

  • The instructions are for small, medium, and large dogs.
  • S/M/L
  • Length excluding collar – Small – 11.5” / Medium – 15.5” / Large – 18.5”
  • Chest at widest part – Small – 8” / Medium – 10” / Large – 12”
dog sweater with sleeves

The Supplies You Need


  • Bulky/Chunky/12 Ply yarn.
  • I used Alize Lanagold Classic 100g/240m/262yds (Grey 651) for the dog sweater.
  • You need around…
  • Small – 100g (240m/262yds).
  • Medium – 150g(360m/393yds).
  • Large – 200g (480m/524yds).
  • For the pom poms – scraps of yarn in a coordinating color.

Yarn Notes

  • I used up leftovers from my yarn stash for this project.
  • The sweater could be knit in a thicker Aran/Worsted/10 Ply yarn that is near to the Bulky/Chunky/12 Ply weight.



  • Tape measure
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors
  • Clover pom pom maker 1 3/8 inch/35mm
Ribbed knit dog sweater

Abbreviations / Knitting Abbreviations And Terms (US And UK) List

Stitch Pattern Notes

2 x 2 ribbing = K2, P2 – It is obtained by alternating knit and purl stitches in one row and “knitting by pattern” in every next row.

This means that we make a knit stitch when the previous row stitch looks like V and make a purl stitch when the previous looks like a bump.

Cast On: even number of stitches.

  • Row 1 (RS): (k2, p2) till the end of the row.
  • Row 2 (WS): (k2, p2) till the end of the row.

Repeat these two rows.

This is a reversible pattern, meaning that both sides of your work, the right and wrong sides, are identical.

Large dog Christmas sweater

Dog Sweater Pattern

The Back Piece

Knit flat – Back and forth on the needles.

  • Cast on 44 (64/84) sts.
  • Work in 2×2 ribbing for 2 rows.
  • Increase 1 st at each end of every other row 5 (5/6) times, forming new patterns in ribbing as you work.
  • Continue to work in 2×2 ribbing – (for size medium only – increase 1 st at each end of this first row).
  • Continue to work in 2×2 ribbing until the piece measures 11.5 (15.5/18.5) inches or any desired length to the neck of your dog.
  • Decrease 1 st at each end of the last row – (For the medium size decrease 2 sts at each end of the last row and for the large size decrease 2 sts at each end of the last row).

Working The Neck

  • Now you will join your work in the round to continue the ribbing for the neck.
  • Work in 2 x 2 ribbing (K2, P2) on 52 (72/92) sts for 4 (5-6) inches or longer if you wish depending on the length of your dog’s neck.
  • Cast off loosely in rib.

The Underside/Chest

  • Cast on 20 (24/28) sts and work in K2/P2 ribbing for 2 (3/4) inches.
  • Increase 1 (0/2) sts at the end of the last row of ribbing.
  • Continue to work in 2 x 2 ribbing until the piece measures 5.5 (6.5/7.5) inches.
  • Decrease 1 st at the beg and end of every other row 5 (5/6) times, then every row until you have 2 sts left (all sizes).
  • Cast off.

Making Up

  • Sew the underside/chest to the main piece, fitting the point of the underside to the opening underneath the neck.
  • Seam for 3 (3.5/4) inches and leave a 2(2.5/3)inch gap for the leg holes on either side.
  • The Mattress Stitch – How To Seam Knitting
  • Sew up the rem length after the leg holes have been measured out.
  • Weave in any loose ends.

The Sleeves

  • In the same colored yarn or a contrasting color, you may wish to add the sleeves.
  • Pick up and knit 40 sts.
  • Join in the round and work K2, P2 ribbing.
  • Cont to knit in 2 x 2 ribbing for 2 inches (you may want to make this longer).
  • Cast off in rib.
  • Secure and weave in any loose ends.
  • Repeat for the second sleeve.

*The image below shows the Baby Yoda Dog Sweater.

knitted dog sweater

The Pom Poms

Using the pom pom maker – Clover 1 3/8 inch/35mm – make pom-poms to stitch to each knit section of ribbing around the neck edge.

Use a coordinating color for the pom poms.

They will weigh the neck down slightly when worn.

Knitted dog sweater with bow tie

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