Chunky Knit Pillow Cover (Quick Knit)


In this post, you will see a chunky knit pillow cover pattern.

The pillow cover is really squishy, perfect for snuggling into over Christmas.

Scroll down to view the free pattern or you can grab the printer-friendly ad-free PDF here.

chunky knit pillow in red and white yarn with pom poms

Christmas Pillow Covers

Making some hand-knit covers that can go over your regular everyday pillows is really easy with this pattern.

Knit with a soft alpaca wool blend, this really is a project that you will want to make!

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The opening that is created will allow you to slip it over your pillow easily, with a button fastening to close.

Christmas throw pillow cover knitting pattern

Fair Isle Explained

The pillow is knit using two colors which is known as fair Isle knitting, which is also known more accurately as stranded knitting.

This is a technique for working two (or more) colors of yarn in the same row.

The color changes in Fair Isle are close together, as this allows you to simply carry the yarn you aren’t knitting with across the back of the piece as you go.

You will pick up each strand as you need it and this leaves a strand of yarn on the inside of the work.

chunky knit pillow with pom poms

The Terms You Need To Know

Fair Isle knitting is pretty easy to do and in this case, makes a cozy knitted Christmas pillow cover because all those strands of yarn add extra bulk and warmth.

Stranded knitting is often worked in the round, but of course, you can do this easily knit flat.

chunky knit pillow in jumbo yarn

More Blanket Patterns

This Christmas pillow cover pattern is great for any advanced beginners who are learning how to knit fair isle.

For more free patterns that have been knit with 25mm (US 50) size needles please take a look at these posts:

Christmas throw blanket

Resources and tutorials you may find helpful in following this pattern

chunky knit pillow covers

Chunky Knit Pillow Pattern

Get the inexpensive ad-free, printable PDF pattern here.


This cover is simply made, knit in one long length, then folded and seamed.

The opening that is created will allow you to slip it over your pillow easily, with a button fastening to close.

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Skill Level – Easy

The Supplies You Need


Super bulky/Super chunky/14 ply yarn. (Yarn Weight Guide)

Yarn Art Alpine Alpaca (150g/5,28oz/120m/131,23 yds) in the following colors:

Yarn Substitutes

  • Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick
  • Lion Brand Hometown USA
  • Rowan Big Wool
  • Bernat Softee Chunky
  • Paintbox Yarns Simply Super Chunky
  • Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix Super Chunky
  • MillaMia Naturally Super Soft Super Chunky
  • King Cole Big Value Super Chunky




10 x 10 cm /4 x 4 inches = 4 sts and 6 rows


Size of throw pillow that the cover can go over – 16 x 16 inches / 41 x 41 cms

Laying flat

Length = 42 inches / 107  cm

Width = 18 inches / 46 cm

Christmas pillow



  • CC – Coordinating Colour
  • CO – Cast on
  • Cont – Continue
  • K = Knit
  • MC – Main Colour
  • P – Purl
  • Rep = Repeat
  • RS – Right side
  • St(s) = Stitch(es)
  • WS – Wrong side

Yarn A (MC) – White

Yarn B (CC) – Red

With two strands held together – In Yarn A Cast on 23 sts (do not join in the round)

Rows 1: Knit to the end of the row.

Row 2: Purl to the end of the row

Row 3: *K1 Yarn A, K1 Yarn B* rep to the last st, K1 in Yarn A (Please see notes below)

Row 4: Purl to the end of the row in Yarn A.

Rep rows 3 and 4 until the piece measures = 40 inches / 101 cm

Then in Yarn A:

Knit one row.

Purl one row.

Cast off.

*Please note – that when you join in Yarn B – it is a little difficult to work without having two balls at each end of the work.

If you can’t do this, you may need to cut the Yarn B strands, rejoin every time that color is needed and weave all of the loose ends in when you are finished*

Weave in all loose ends.

Making Up

Step 1 – Lay the long knitted length out flat.

Xmas cushions

Step 2 – Place the pillow you wish to cover in the middle and fold each end of the knitted fabric over it.

This should overlap with one end being able to lie over the other.

Christmas pillows

Step 3 – Stitch the seams at each end as follows:

Thread the darning needle with one strand of Yarn A.

Start to stitch an invisible seam from one corner until you have stitched the coordinating edge down for about – 10 inches / 25cm

Making up the pillow

Repeat that on the other side.

This means that now you have a folded pocket to place your pillow inside.

Making up the Christmas pillow cover

Step 4 – The top flap can now fold over the top part of the pillow – overlapping the section that is already stitched into place.

Thread the darning needle and stitch the top flap down for about – 8 inches / 20 cm on each side.

This leaves an opening, so you can pop your pillow in and out.

Christmas pillow step by step

Step 5 – To secure this and make sure it stays closed you can stitch buttons onto the bottom flap.

I used 6 wooden buttons – they don’t need buttonholes in the fabric, as the stitches are quite large anyway, so can easily fit over the buttons.

buttons on the cushion

Step 6 – When you are satisfied with how this looks, you can make 4 pom poms in a coordinating color and stitch them into each corner of the pillow.

*You may want to add pom poms to the corners or tassels to give your pillow cover extra flair!*

I added one large pom-pom in Yarn B to each corner of the pillow cover, using a Large pom-pom maker from Clover.

Pom poms added to the pillow cover

Share your work with us…

I love seeing your finished projects.

If you enjoyed making the pattern, I’d love to see yours on Instagram, be sure to tag me @handylittleme.

I’d love to see your work!

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  1. ❤️❤️ That is such a clever idea. Thank you 😊 for sharing. May your holidays be extra special and even though you may not be surrounded by the people who love you, there are always electronic means to see and share the love. Please stay happy, healthy, and safe.

    1. Hello Cheryl,
      Thank you for your kind words, I am so happy you like the pattern.
      I hope you too have a great Christmas and New Year 🙂
      Happy Knitting!