12 Christmas Sweater Knitting Patterns


In this post, you will see 5 Christmas sweater knitting patterns.

The Christmas season is approaching and you know what that means…

It’s time to decorate the house, put up the tree, plan your holiday cooking, your shopping lists, and of course dress festively.

And is there nothing more festive than a fun Christmas sweater! 

Christmas sweater knitting patterns

Sweaters For All Of The Family

Chunky soft sweaters in pretty colors, red, green, burgundy, and in many different designs.

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You can even make a family tradition, each family member can wear a matching Christmas sweater and take holiday photos to share. 

And as a maker, there is no need to buy one, when you can make your own.

Child wearing a Christmas sweater

Gift Your Friends A Christmas Sweater 

Furthermore, a handmade Christmas hoodie would be an excellent Christmas gift for a family member or a friend. 

People love handmade gifts, especially sweaters as it shows how much thought and work you put into their gift.

Make it in a traditional style or go down the ugly Christmas sweater route for some laughs.

Christmas sweaters

Christmas Jumper Designs 

You can knit any Christmas jumper you like in any fit, any design, and any color you wish.

You can knit a more subtle one with, for example, a snowflake design, or a more Christmassy design like snowmen, Christmas trees, wrapped gift boxes, or ornaments. 

A traditional Nordic style sweater using the fair isle or stranded knitting would be a great project for an intermediate knitter.

Nordic style Christmas knitted sweaters

Choose the right fit

And when it comes to fit you can choose whichever feels right for your comfort and body type.

Fitted, relaxed fit, oversized, v neck, sweetheart line, or turtleneck. 

Anything goes when it comes to Christmas knitting!

Nordic style Christmas sweater

And The Perfect Yarn

When knitting a sweater is better to choose animal fibers like wool and cashmere. 

For a quick knit, the chunky/bulky/12 ply yarn or super bulky/super chunky/14 ply yarn is the best choice.

Using this weight of yarn will allow you to knit up a sweater quickly.

Knitting with super bulky yarn

Knitting Sweaters

Knitting sweaters are fun to make and online you can find patterns for all skill levels.

Making garments is a little difficult for people who are in the process of learning how to knit but you can find very beginner-friendly patterns, so you won’t have to miss out on the Christmas sweater fun. 

Sweaters and lights

12 Christmas Sweater Knitting Patterns

So if you are looking for your perfect Christmas sweater knitting pattern check out these patterns below...

You might find the perfect pattern for your friends and family members to wear during the holidays!

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