How To Make An Easy Pom Pom Christmas Tree DIY Craft


In this blog post, we will talk about great crafts for Christmas and how to make festive decorations with this simple Pom Pom Christmas Tree DIY craft!

Made with a few simple supplies, this is a great yarn stash-busting craft.

All you need to start are some polystyrene cones for the trees, a small pom pom maker, a hot glue gun, some glittery stars for decoration, and a little sparkle.

This is an easy peasy, fun project that you need to make this time of year!

How to make an easy pom pom Christmas tree DIY craft
Yield: Pom Pom Tree

Pom Pom Tree Christmas Craft

Christmas tree craft

Make easy Christmas decorations with this pom pom tree Christmas craft.

Prep Time 1 hour
Active Time 2 hours
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 4 hours
Difficulty Easy/beginner
Estimated Cost $10


  • Yarn - Any lightweight 03 yarns/DK yarn.
  • Glittery stars.


  • 1-inch pom pom maker.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Glue sticks.
  • Scissors.
  • Polystyrene cones in various sizes.


  1. Get all of your supplies together and shop your own yarn stash to see what leftovers you can use up. Christmas tree craft supplies
  2. Make many mini pom-poms using the 1-inch pom maker in various shades of green yarn (or whatever colors you want to use). Christmas tree craft tools
  3. Trim the poms so they are in good shape.
  4. Using the hot glue gun, glue the poms onto the polystyrene cones in the order you want them. Christmas tree craft
  5. Once the entire cone is covered leave to set for 5/10 minutes.
  6. Check over for any gaps and add in extra pom poms if needed.
  7. Snip any loose ends and neaten up the poms.
  8. Glue a glittery star to the top of the cone and then add randomly around the cone for decoration.
  9. Repeat the steps for the smaller cone and if you are making more. mini pom pom Christmas tree with gold glitter stars


Be careful with the hot glue gun - especially if the kids are helping.

I always end up burning my finger.

Happy crafting!

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What Are Some Easy Christmas Crafts To Make?    

You can make plenty of easy and festive Christmas crafts to add a personal touch to your holiday decor. 

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Paper Snowflakes: Cut intricate snowflake shapes from white paper. They’re simple yet beautiful and can be hung on windows or walls.
  2. Handmade Ornaments: Create personalized ornaments using materials like clay, felt, or even repurposed household items. You can decorate them with paint, glitter, or other craft supplies. Making your own ornaments is a great way to get into the spirit of Christmas.
  3. Pine Cone Decorations: Collect pine cones and transform them into ornaments or decorative pieces by adding a coat of paint or glitter or tying a ribbon around them.
  4. Candy Cane Reindeer: Attach googly eyes, a red pom-pom for the nose, and antlers (made from pipe cleaners) to candy canes to create adorable reindeer ornaments.
  5. Sock Snowman: Turn old white socks into cute snowmen by filling them with rice, tying off sections with string to create a head and body, and then decorating them with buttons and felt. It’s going to be a huge hit!
  6. Felt Stockings: Craft simple stockings from felt and embellish them with sequins, buttons, or other decorative elements. You can even add initials for a personalized touch. It’s the perfect craft for the Christmas season.
  7. Holiday Wreaths: Create wreaths using materials like paper, felt, greens, or even repurposing old ornaments. Attach a festive ribbon for hanging.
  8. Mason Jar Candle Holders: Decorate mason jars with paint, ribbon, or other festive materials. Place a candle inside for a warm and cozy holiday atmosphere.
  9. Salt Dough Ornaments: Make a simple salt dough using flour, salt, and water. Cut out holiday shapes, bake, and then paint and decorate as desired.
  10. Christmas Cards: Get creative with handmade cards using paper, markers, stickers, or recycled materials. Personalized cards add a special touch to your holiday greetings.

These crafts are easy and provide an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family while enjoying the holiday spirit.

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How To Make DIY Christmas Tree Crafts?

If you finished decorating your real tree, making festive crafts it’s the perfect way to spend a little time with kids of all ages.

To make a delightful and diverse array of easy Christmas tree crafts, consider trying out these creative ideas:

1. Paper Cone Trees: Craft elegant trees by rolling green paper into cone shapes, embellishing them with sequins, beads, gems, or stickers, and topping them off with small paper stars. This paper Christmas tree is a fantastic fun craft to make! You can also glue your little trees on a paper plate to create your own Christmas tree forest.

2. Pine Cone Christmas Tree: Collect pine cones and transform them into rustic ornaments by painting them green, allowing for a festive canvas to decorate with small ornaments, glitter, or tiny bows.

3. Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree: Construct playful popsicle stick Christmas trees by arranging and gluing popsicle sticks into tree shapes, painting them green, and adding a touch of sparkle with sequins, buttons, pompoms, or other embellishments.

4. Felt Tree Ornaments: Create soft and charming ornaments by cutting Christmas tree shapes from green felt,  decorating them with fabric paint, beads, or embroidery floss, and attaching loops of ribbon for hanging. Make larger trees and smaller ones for variety.

5. Cork Christmas Tree: Upcycle wine corks into a unique tree by gluing them into a pyramid shape, painting them green, and adorning them with small ornaments or tiny bows.

6. Cupcake Liner Trees: Craft vibrant and textured trees by flattening colorful cupcake liners, layering them to form tree shapes, and adding a festive touch with glue, glitter, or small beads. A fun way to

7. Button Tree: Express your creativity by arranging buttons in various sizes and colors into tree shapes on paper or canvas, gluing them in place, and completing the design with a trunk and a star or ribbon.

8. Recycled Magazine Tree: Create a visually striking tree by cutting different-sized triangles from green magazine pages, arranging them in tree shapes on canvas or paper, and adding a trunk for stability.

9. String Art Tree: Make a unique and textured piece by hammering small nails into a wooden surface in the shape of a tree, wrapping green string around the nails to form the tree shape, and enhancing the design with beads or ornaments.

10. Cookie Cutter Trees:  Craft charming ornaments by tracing Christmas tree cookie cutters onto colorful cardstock or felt, decorating the shapes with markers, stickers, or glitter, and attaching loops for easy hanging.

11. Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Trees: Craft a simple and eco-friendly Christmas tree using toilet paper rolls, adding a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor. Flatten a toilet paper roll to create a long rectangular shape. With the flattened roll in front of you, gently curve it into a triangular shape, forming the base of your Christmas tree. Use a paintbrush to cover the entire surface of the toilet paper roll with green acrylic paint. Ensure an even coat and let it dry completely.

These Christmas tree crafts provide a wonderful opportunity to express your creativity, involve family members in crafting sessions, and add a festive touch to your holiday decor. 

Enjoy the crafting process, and have a joyous holiday season!

Christmas trees made from green pom poms

Why Is Crafting Good For You?

  • Crafting is beneficial for one’s well-being on multiple levels. 
  • Engaging in creative activities has been linked to stress reduction, offering a therapeutic outlet for expression and relaxation. 
  • The immersive nature of crafting, requiring focus and attention to detail, promotes mindfulness and can serve as a meditative practice.
  • The tangible outcomes of crafting projects provide a sense of accomplishment, boosting self-esteem and enhancing mood. 
  • Crafting also fosters cognitive function by stimulating problem-solving skills and creativity. 
  • Additionally, the social aspect of crafting, whether done individually or in groups, facilitates connections and a sense of community.
  • Beyond mental and emotional benefits, many crafts involve fine motor skills, contributing to physical well-being.
  • Overall, the act of creating offers a holistic approach to self-care, contributing positively to mental, emotional, and even physical health.

Why is crafting good for kids? 

  • Crafting is highly beneficial for older kids and younger kids as it contributes to their overall development in numerous ways. 
  • Creative activities foster fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness, promoting physical dexterity.
  • Craft projects provide a platform for self-expression, allowing children to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner.
  • Making a simple craft enhances cognitive skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and concentration.
  • Moreover, completing a craft project instills a sense of achievement, boosting self-esteem and confidence. 
  • Crafting also encourages imagination and creativity, nurturing a child’s ability to innovate and explore new ideas.
  •  Collaborative crafting activities can also foster social skills, teamwork, and communication.
  • Overall, crafting offers an enjoyable outlet for creativity and plays a crucial role in shaping a child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development.
Christmas tree DIY yarn craft

DIY Christmas Tree

The holidays are such a magical time for everyone, so why not do some DIY crafting during your downtime?

Put some Christmas carols on and get the kids involved in making all of those pom-poms for the trees (you need a lot!).

The pom-pom Christmas trees are easy to make, but the kids must be supervised as you need to use a hot glue gun to add the poms to the tree cones.

Easy yarn Christmas tree

Make Your Own Pom Pom Christmas Tree

I created the Christmas trees by making mini pom poms with a 1-inch (25mm) clover pom pom maker and used up some yarns that were hanging around in my green yarn box.

I bought the polystyrene cones from a local craft shop for around 5 euros; alternatively, you could make a cone from a card and staple it/glue it into a cone shape.

The gold stars I used to add bling were bought at a store in a box for around 1 euro, and I only used a few of them (glitter everywhere!).

Pom Pom Christmas Tree DIY

Use Up Your Yarn Stash!

You can easily create the pom poms for the tree in any color scheme you want!

Explore the traditional greens or choose other color options to suit your style.

You could also use mini poms in various colors to decorate the tree instead of using glittery stars.

This is a great way to use up your yarn stash and those leftovers you don’t know what to do with!

You Need a Whole Lot Of Pom Poms

You can get your little ones involved in making those pom-poms, and if you don’t have a Clover pom-pom maker, you can make them another way – there are many tutorials on YouTube.

They could also make little Christmas tree decorations to put onto the tree by cutting out mini paper ornaments or using leftovers from other crafts.

The trees can be displayed anywhere in your home, and you can add little battery-operated Christmas lights.

Pom pom Christmas tree DIY craft close up
Christmas trees made from green pom poms

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