The Best Knitted Gifts For Christmas


In this post, you will see the best-knitted gifts for Christmas.

As Halloween came and went, it’s now time for the biggest holiday of the year! 

All the shops are selling advent calendars, have decorated their windows with festive cheer, people have started decorating their houses and their yards and it seems like the Christmas spirit is all around. 

And it’s time for us Christmas lovers to start our festive planning, from dinners to gifts, trying out new recipes, listening to Christmas songs, and generally getting into a festive mood. 

Knitted gifts for Christmas

Knitted Gifts For Christmas

Moreover, if you are a knitter and you want to make knitted gifts for your friends and family this year it’s time to start planning your projects. 

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Choose your patterns, prepare your materials and get ready to start knitting.

There is nothing better you can gift your loved ones with than a handmade present! 

knitting gift ideas

Hand knitted gifts are one of a kind

Hand-knitted gifts show your love and consideration for the recipient as they can be time-consuming and very personal. 

Because when knitting something for a friend or a family member you really do take into consideration their style, their comfort level, and of course if you are making them a garment their measurements. 

And really who doesn’t love a one-of-a-kind unique gift that’s made just for them.

Knitting with super bulky yarn

Best Gifts For Knitters

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Christmas sweater knitting patterns

Knitting Gift Ideas 

If you have a little bit of trouble choosing the right pattern and project, I have prepared a knitting gift guide full of fun and unique Handy Little Me knitting patterns you can knit for your friends and family. 

Check out all the knitting patterns below.

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Sweaters and lights

What To Knit For Your Mum 

Our mums are the best and they deserve only the best.  

They love knitted items and they will be incredibly touched with all the effort and time you put behind their gifts. 

A good-knitted present for your mum would be a soft and cuddly blanket. 

Or maybe a chunky matching knitted hat and gloves winterwear set for the colder months.

There is also a classic knit cardigan she can wear all day long. 

  1. Chunky Cable Knit Blanket Pattern
  2. Cable Knit Mittens Pattern
  3. Cable Knit Hat Pattern
  4. Irish Moss Stitch Cardigan Knitting Pattern
Knitted gifts for mum

What To Knit For Your Dad or Grandpa

Men, especially dads and grandpas are notoriously hard to shop for, but of course, we love them anyway! 

And when it comes to knitwear there is always something you can make for them. 

A stylish knitted hat they can wear, or a classic knitted slouchy beanie for the winter.

Maybe even a long unisex scarf.

  1. Men’s Knit Hat Pattern | The Fotios
  2. Ribbed Beanie Knitting Pattern {Unisex Mariner’s Hat}
  3. Garter Stitch Scarf Pattern {Beginner-Friendly}
  4. Men’s Hat Pattern | The Hektor
Knitted gifts for your dad

What To Knit For Your Sister

Sister’s are probably the best person to knit for, as you know their style, what they like, what they don’t, what they need, and what suits them better.

And if you are wondering what you can knit for them this Christmas, a fun and chunky cardigan they can wear everywhere is always a good idea. 

Or an oversized and light striped sweater for all seasons.

Plus an easy and fun-to-make scarf can always work or a soft and stylish faux fur cowl they can rock this winter. 

  1. Chunky Cardigan Knitting Pattern
  2. Striped Sweater Knitting Pattern {From Small to 3X}
  3. Pom Pom Scarf Knitting Pattern
  4. Faux Fur Scarf Pattern {Easy + Quick Knit}
Knitted gifts for your sister

What To Knit For Your Brother 

Brothers are fun to knit for and they will probably tease you for knitting them something, but will totally love it(in secret) and show it off to anyone who asks.

A hat and a cowl would be the perfect present for the winter.  

A knitted blanket could be a cool idea too.

Plus he would love and use a practical yet fun beanie.

  1. Free Men’s Hat Knitting Pattern | Free Knitting Patterns
  2. Easy Squishy Knit Throw Blanket Pattern
  3. Men’s Hat Knitting Pattern |The Heracles
  4. Mariner’s Hat Pattern
Knitted gifts for your brother

What To Knit For Your Grandmother

Grandmothers are the best. 

And if you look in your closet you most likely find a knitted item they made for you in the past. 

So if you knit something for them, I think that would make their day. 

A cool gift could be a lush and cuddly blanket, a cool tea cozy for their teapot.

 Or a cool shawl they can wrap around them or/and a pair of arm warmers. 

  1. Easy Squishy Knit Throw Blanket Pattern
  2. Teapot Cozy Knitting Pattern {Cable Knit}
  3. Sassenach Tassel Shawl Knitting Pattern
  4. Outlander Claire’s Cable Knit Wrist Warmers 
Knitted gifts for your grandmother

What To Knit For Your Girlfriend/Wife

Your other half will love and appreciate any gifts you get for them.

 But especially if you knit them something. 

An awesome gift could be a nice and easy hat and cowl set they can wear everywhere or a soft and warm easy hat.

A stylish pair of easy fingerless gloves with a unique stitch design they can wear all day long. 

  1. Cowl And Hat Knitting Pattern | The Elisavet
  2. How To Knit A Hat With Straight Needles
  3. Outlander Claire Carolina Fingerless Gloves Pattern
  4. Fraser’s Ridge Fingerless Mittens Pattern
Knitted gifts for your girlfriend or wife

What To Knit For Your Boyfriend/ Husband

There are so many fun things you can knit for your boyfriend that he will love and appreciate with all his heart. 

Like a chunky hat and a matching cowl.

A cool cardigan he can wear and be stylish.

  1. Free Men’s Hat Knitting Pattern | Free Knitting Patterns
  2. Beanie Hat Pattern | The Diomedes
  3. Cardigan Knitting Pattern (Stay Home + Be Cozy)
  4. Leopard Print Hat Pattern | The Leonidas
What to knit for your boyfriend or husband

What To Knit For Your Best Friend 

Our best friends are like family and they deserve the best and they will love their knitted gifts. 

If they love to cozy up with chunky blankets they will love a huge knitted tartan blanket scarf. 

Or a soft and comfy oversized sweater they can wear all day long. 

And if you are still learning to knit you can always go with a chunky hat or a pair of easy knitted mittens. 

  1. Fraser Tartan Shawl Knitting Pattern
  2. Oversized Chunky Knit Sweater Pattern
  3. Pumpkin Sweater Knitting Pattern
  4. Easy Mittens Knitting Pattern
Knitted gifts for your best friend

What To Knit For Your Babies

If you have a new baby or there is a new baby in your family it’s the perfect excuse to grab your needles and pull out the softest yarn you have. 

You can knit them soft baby blankets, tiny cardigans and sweaters, and of course baby hats.

Your babies will look absolutely adorable in their knits.

  1. Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern {Broken Rib Stitch}
  2. Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern {For Beginners}
  3. Baby Sweater Pattern | Free Knitting Patterns
  4. How To Knit A Baby Hat {Straight Needles}
Knitted gifts for babies

What To Knit For A Dog Lover 

Dog parents are usually very connected to their pets and will love it if you make the effort and make something for their furry best friend. 

If they have a puppy the simple xs sweater would be perfect or a striped sweater in their favorite colors.

If they have an older dog, a nice knitted sweater that you can knit with straight needles is always a good idea. 

Or a movie-themed one like a Harry Potter-themed Weasly dog sweater.

  1. Puppy Sweater Knitting Pattern {XS Puppy)
  2. Dog Sweater Pattern | Free Knitting Patterns
  3. Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern {Straight Needles}
  4. Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern | Mischief Managed
Knitted gifts for dogs

What To Knit For An Outlander Fan 

If you have a friend or a family member that loves the Outlander TV Series then this is for them!

There is a one hundred percent chance that they love the knitwear seen worn on the show and will absolutely love anything knitted you make for them especially if it’s Outlander inspired. 

You can knit them a replica of Claire’s famous Carolina shawl or her Rent shawl. 

And if you are an advanced maker you can make them a replica of Claire’s blue cardigan from season 5. 

But if you are more of a beginner knitter you can always choose to make them Claire’s cowl. 

  1. Outlander Carolina Shawl Pattern
  2. Claire’s Rent Shawl Knitting Pattern
  3. Outlander Claire’s Blue Cardigan Knitting Pattern
  4. Outlander Cowl Knitting Pattern (Claire Season 1)
Knitted gifts for Outlander fans

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