17 Gift Ideas For Knitters (Advanced)


In this post, you will see 17 gift ideas for knitters (The intermediate and advanced).

The holidays are always fun and full of joy, time for good food, seeing your friends and family, and of course, exchanging gifts

Receiving and giving gifts is always joyful seeing what your loved ones got for you, the thought behind their gift, and seeing the happiness on their face when they open your gift. 

Gift ideas for knitters

How To Choose Gifts For Your Knitter Friends

Sometimes though choosing the right gift for your friends can be a little bit overwhelming.

One way to decide on what to get is to ask yourself some questions.

  • What do they need?
  • What do they like to do?
  • What are their hobbies?

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gift ideas for knitters

Gifts For Knitters

If the answer to that is knit.

Then you need to keep reading. 

The good news is that if they love to knit there are a lot of options for you. 

Nordic style Christmas knitted sweaters

Yarn is always a great gift!

There is a hundred percent guarantee that if your friend/family member is a knitter they have a totally healthy obsession with yarn.

So you can never go wrong with a skein or more soft and squishy yarn.

Or If you don’t want to choose the yarn on your own you can always gift them with a gift card from yarn companies, for example, Lion Brand or We Are Knitters. 

gift ideas for knitters

Choose a beautiful needle set they will love or a book they will enjoy…

Furthermore, you can gift them with a fancy pair or set of needles or a set. 

As a knitter, we love knitting needles, especially unique pretty ones. 

You can also gift them with a pattern book or an ebook if they prefer having their patterns online. 

Moreover, you can gift them with a pretty bag where they can store their knits and carry their WIPs (work in progress) and supplies everywhere they go. 

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17 Gift Ideas For Knitters {The Intermediate & Advanced}

If you are still feeling a little bit overwhelmed check out this list of 17 gift ideas below that are perfect for intermediate knitters. 

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