17 Gift Ideas For Knitters (Advanced Knitter)


In this post, you will see 17 gift ideas for knitters (The intermediate and advanced knitter).

The holidays are always fun and full of joy: time for good food, seeing your friends and family, and, of course, exchanging gifts.

Receiving and giving gifts is always joyful, seeing what your loved ones got for you, the thought behind their gift, and seeing the happiness on their face when they open your gift. 

17 Gift Ideas For Knitters (Advanced Knitter)

17 Gift Ideas For Knitters {The Intermediate & Advanced}

If you are still feeling a little bit overwhelmed check out this list of 17 gift ideas below that are perfect for intermediate knitters. 

How To Choose Gifts For Your Experienced Knitter Friends

Sometimes, choosing the right gift for your crafting friends can be a little overwhelming.

One way to decide what to get is to ask yourself some questions.

  • What do they need?
  • What do they like to do?
  • What could be the perfect gift?
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What Do You Get An Experienced Knitter?

Choosing a gift for an experienced knitter can be a fun and thoughtful process.

Since they likely have a good collection of knitting supplies, you might want to consider items that enhance their knitting experience, inspire creativity, or provide a touch of luxury.

Here are some gift ideas for experienced knitters:

  1. High-Quality Yarn: Experienced knitters appreciate luxurious and unique yarns. Look for specialty yarns, hand-dyed yarns, or natural fibers like alpaca, silk, or cashmere. They may also appreciate hand-dyed sock yarn. Plus, they love adding to their yarn stash!
  2. Knitting Needles: Invest in a set of high-quality interchangeable knitting needles or individual needles made from premium materials like bamboo, rosewood, or metal.
  3. Knitting Accessories: Consider accessories like stitch markers, cable needles, needle organizers, unique scissors, a yarn bowl, a notebook, or a stylish knitting project bag or tote bag.
  4. Pattern Books: Find a beautifully illustrated and well-reputed knitting pattern book that can provide new inspiration, new stitches, and challenges.
  5. Knitting Magazine Subscription: Gift a subscription to a knitting magazine that delivers fresh patterns, articles, and knitting inspiration regularly.
  6. Knitting Classes or Workshops: Enroll them in a knitting class or workshop that focuses on advanced techniques or a specific knitting style.
  7. Personalized Knitting Tools: Consider customized or personalized knitting tools like stitch markers, leather project bags, or engraved knitting needles with a range of needle sizes.
  8. Project Kits: Look for kits, including yarn and a pattern for a special project. This can be a fun and unique gift that ensures they have everything they need to start knitting right away.
  9. Blocking Supplies: Quality blocking mats, T-pins, and blocking wires can be a valuable addition to their toolkit.
  10. Wool Wash and Care Products: High-quality wool wash, blocking spray, and other knitting care products to help them care for their finished projects.
  11. Gift Cards: If you’re unsure about their specific preferences, a gift card to a local yarn store or an online knitting supply shop is always a safe choice.
  12. Subscription Box: Some companies offer knitting-themed subscription boxes that deliver yarn, patterns, and knitting accessories to their doorstep each month.
  13. Yarn Swift and Ball Winder: These tools make winding skeins of yarn into manageable balls of yarn easier and more efficient.
  14. Handmade Stitch Markers: Find unique and handmade stitch markers that add a touch of personal flair to their knitting.
  15. Finishing Touches: Consider unique buttons, a shawl pin, other closures, or specialty items that can be used to enhance and personalize their finished projects.

Remember to consider the knitter’s personal style and preferences when selecting a gift.

If you’re unsure what they might like, consider asking them or consulting with other knitters and crafters they know for recommendations.

Experienced knitters often have a wishlist of knitting items they’d love to have, so a little research can go a long way in finding the perfect knitting gift.

gift ideas for knitters

Gifts For Knitters

If the answer is project bags, knitting books, sock blockers, a tape measure, a tapestry needle, and more…then you need to keep reading. 

The good news is that if they love to knit, there are many options for you. 

There are lots of unique gift ideas for an avid knitter.

Nordic style Christmas knitted sweaters

Yarn is always a great gift!

There is a hundred percent guarantee that if your friend/family member is a knitter, they have a totally healthy obsession with yarn.

So you can never go wrong with a skein or more soft and squishy yarn.

If you don’t want to choose the yarn alone, you can always gift them with a gift card from yarn companies, for example, Lion Brand or We Are Knitters. 

gift ideas for knitters

Choose a beautiful needle set they will love or a book they will enjoy…

Furthermore, you can gift them with a fancy pair or set of needles or a set. 

As a knitter, we love knitting needles, especially unique pretty ones. 

You can also gift them a pattern book or an ebook if they prefer having their patterns online. 

Check out the Outlander pattern collection here. – The Ultimate Outlander Knitting Pattern Collection

Moreover, you can gift them a pretty bag where they can store their knits and carry their WIP (work in progress) and supplies everywhere they go. 

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