Knitters Gift Guide For All Budgets

The best gift guide for knitters

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Do you need to buy a gift for the knitter in your life? Or want to treat yourself?

If you want to get them something they will love, then my knitter’s gift guide for all budgets will help you to find the perfect gift that they will really want and enjoy using.

Shipping a thoughtful gift from my Handy Little Me Amazon shop or from other stores is really easy to do and will be the best surprise!

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Knitters gift guide

Gift Guide

If you are an experienced knitter yourself, you will have probably seen some of the items listed below or already have them in use.

This list is also a great way for you to share what YOU would like to receive from your loved ones and to let them know what would be really useful to you.

Gifts for knitters

I hope you enjoy the gift list below and that will inspire new knitters, experienced knitters and basically ALL knitters to keep on knitting in the new year and take their skills to another level!

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Gifts for knitters the ultimate guide

1. Fringe Field Bag

The Fringe Field Bag from Fringe Supply Co is probably the number one item on any knitters wish list.

Available in a range of colours or in limited edition prints, these bags are designed for knitters, with special inline pockets for patterns, tools and more.

If you haven’t seen these bags all over Instagram then you are missing out!

2. Makers Tools Pouch

Every maker needs a handy tools pouch to hold all of the essentials, like scissors, darning needles, stitch markers, tape measure, cable needles and more.

I use mine every day and can’t take my knitting anywhere without it.

I hardly lose anything anymore because I know it will be in my maker’s tools pouch.

Made from 100% cotton from The Cotton Canvas Co on Etsy, you can personalize the prints, with names, initials and more.

Makers tool pouch3. Pins

Enamel Pins are really popular with knitters placing them onto their knitting bags and makers tools pouches.

You can get knitter specific pins, motivational pins and more.

The pins below are from Alphabet Bags, who have a pretty set of motivational enamel pins.

enamel pins

4. A Notebook

Every knitter needs a notebook, to write down pattern notes, row counts and more.

Some may prefer spiral bound, but this fabric covered notebook is just so pretty!

There are hundreds of notebooks out there, with plain, ruled or square pages – ever knitter will be thankful for a fresh new notebook to start the year.

notebook5. Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are always handy to have and are useful in many projects.

This set of pretty glittery stitch marker stars will make any knitter smile!

Get the set from Twill and Print on Etsy.

stitch markers

6. The Wool 

Most knitters will prefer to choose their own yarn, but The Wool from We Are Knitters is just so gorgeous and amazing that anyone will be happy with receiving a skein of this as a gift.

Soft and fluffy you can make a hat or a cowl from one skein and there is a whole range of colours to choose from.

This yarn is also an Instagram favourite, with knitters all over the world giving good reviews and showing off their makes.

7. Awesome Knitting Needles

Knitters also love their tools and if you decide to buy The Wool (above) you might also like to add a pair of size 15mm (US 19) limited edition knitting needles.

These needles are just awesome with their coloured tips, in neon yellow (I have these!), turquoise and hot pink.

Choose yours from We Are Knitters.

8. A Mug

Every knitter will most likely enjoy a coffee or tea while working on their projects. 

Relaxing with your latest WIP (work in progress), watching Netflix and drinking a hot beverage is knitter heaven.

Get them a mug they will love like this one from Twill and Print on Etsy.

knitters coffee mug

9. Knitters Stitch Bible

This book 400 Knitting Stitches by Potter Craft will be welcomed by any knitter who wants to develop their skills and stitch knowledge.

I have one and when I take it to knitting club – everyone wants to have a look through it!

Perfect for those who like to develop their own patterns or want to learn something new.

knitters stitch bible

10. Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Set

If you or your knitter are serious about knitting, then having an interchangeable circular needle set is the most awesome thing ever!

I use mine ALL the time and having different sized cables to swap with various sized needles for different projects makes knitting so much easier.

You can get different sets from Knit Pro, from basic to deluxe.


Interchangeable needle set

I hope you are inspired to send some thoughtful gifts to your fellow knitters.

Is there anything you think would be really cool to have that’s not on the list? 

Let me know it in the comments!

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