27+ Best Gifts For Knitters 2023


In this post, you will see the 27+ best gifts for knitters 2023.

Do you need to buy a gift for the knitter in your life?

Or do you want to treat yourself?

If you want to get them something they will love, my knitter’s gift guide for all budgets will help you find the perfect gift they want and enjoy.

Shipping a thoughtful gift from my Handy Little Me Amazon shop or from other stores is really easy to do and will be the best surprise!

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27+ Best Gifts For Knitters 2023

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If you are an experienced knitter yourself, you will have probably seen some of the gift ideas listed below or already have them in use.

This list is also a great way for you to share what YOU would like to receive from your loved ones this holiday season and to let them know what would be really useful to you.

For lots of ideas, you can also check out my other gift guides here:

woman holding a wrapped gift in brown paper

Give them something they will LOVE!

I hope you enjoy the gift list below, which I hope will inspire new knitters, experienced knitters, and basically ALL knitters to keep on knitting in the new year and take their skills to another level!

Give your knitter friend the best unique gifts this Christmas with new needles, knitting bags, blocking mats, and, of course, the best – the knitting stitch bible, which has 400 knitting stitches.

Make them feel inspired with these glorious knitting gift ideas.

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gift bag with cable sweater and other gifts

Best Gifts For Knitters

1. Yarn Bowl

Get your favorite knitter a useful gift they will love!

A yarn bowl or knitting bowl is a really excellent gift and a must-have accessory that any knitter will appreciate.

Yarn bowl

2. Row Counter

A row counter is another tool that a knitter will appreciate.

Knitting rows and rows in a pattern and keeping count can become tedious, but with this great gift idea, counting rows and stitches becomes easy!

KnitPro Row Counter

Knit pro row counter

3. Gift Cards

What could a knitter want more than a gift card or gift certificate for their favorite online yarn store, local yarn shop, or favorite pattern store?

Your knitting friends will appreciate the thought and get themselves something amazing!

Handy Little Me Gift Card

gift card

4. Ball Winder

Gifting a ball winder and a yarn swift to an advanced knitter will definitely be appreciated.

Buying skeins of yarn and turning them into cakes has never been easier with a ball winder and swift combination!

This is a game changer when you like to buy hand-dyed yarn.

Ball winder

5. Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Set

If you or your knitter are serious about knitting, having interchangeable knitting needles is the most incredible thing ever!

I use mine ALL the time, and having different-sized cables to swap with various-sized needles for different projects makes knitting so much easier.

You can get different sets from Knitter’s Pride (Knit Pro in the UK), from basic to deluxe, with a range of different needle sizes.

Knit pro Interchangeable needle set

6. Awesome Straight Knitting Needles

Knitters love their tools, and beginners will appreciate a good set of straight knitting needles.

Most advanced knitters will have a set of circular knitting needles in their kit, but straight needles are a great place to start.

You could look for wood or bamboo needles in a range of sizes.

Bamboo Knitting needles the best knitters gift

7. Yarn 

Most knitters will prefer to choose their own balls of yarn, but super bulky yarn from Lion Brand or We Are Knitters is so gorgeous and amazing that anyone would be happy to receive a skein as a gift.

Soft and fluffy, you can make a hat or a cowl from one skein, and there is a whole range of colors to choose from.

This yarn is also a favorite on Instagram, with knitters from around the world giving good reviews and showing off their creations and yarn stash.

If you are buying for a beginner, then a bulkier yarn is great, as it can create a fairly quick knit.

You could make an easy hat, a pair of mittens, or an oversized sweater.

New yarn will always be an excellent idea for a Christmas gift.

the petite wool on a shelf

8. Knitting Book

This book, 400 Knitting Stitches by Potter Craft will be welcomed by any knitter who wants to develop their skills and stitch knowledge.

I have one, and when I take it to the knitting club – everyone wants to have a look through it!

This is a great present and an affordable gift that will be useful for any knitter.

There is also this affordable E-book – 12 Simple Knitting Stitches For Beginners.

You might also like these knitting pattern Ebooks…

knitters stitch bible 400 knitting stitches

9. Handmade Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are always handy to have and are helpful in many projects.

This set of pretty glittery stitch marker stars will make any knitter smile!

Get the set from Twill and Print on Etsy.

star shaped stitch markers with knitting abbreviations

10. A Coffee Mug

Every knitter will most likely enjoy a coffee or tea while working on their knitting project. 

Relaxing with your latest WIP (work in progress), watching Netflix, and drinking a hot beverage is knitter heaven.

Getting something fancy to place on the coffee table next to their yarn and knitting books will be the perfect present.

Get them a mug they will love, like this one from Twill and Print on Etsy.

knitters coffee mug and yarn bowl with knitting

11. A Handmade Project Bag

The Fringe Field Bag from Fringe Supply Co is probably the number one luxury gift item on any knitter’s wish list.

Available in various colors or limited edition prints, these bags are designed for knitters, with special inline pockets for patterns, tools, circular needles, and more.

Sneak a ball of yarn inside, and your knitter friend will love you forever!

12. Makers Tools Pouch

Every maker needs a handy tools pouch to hold all the essentials, like scissors, darning needles, stitch markers, tape measure, cable needles, interchangeable needles, and more.

I use mine daily and can’t take my knitting anywhere without it.

I hardly lose anything anymore because I know it will be in my maker’s tools pouch.

Made from 100% cotton from Love Crafts.

Love Crafts Project Bag.

makers pouch

13. A Notebook

Every knitter needs a notebook to write pattern notes, row counts, and more.

Some may prefer spiral-bound, but this fabric-covered notebook is just so pretty!

There are hundreds of notebooks out there, with plain, ruled, or square pages – every knitter will be thankful for a fresh new notebook to start the year.

Knitting Journal


14. Knit Blockers

Blocking mats and blocking pins are essentials for knitters to use when they have finished their projects.

You can also get sock blockers for those who love to knit socks in different sizes.

These are great things for a knitter to have in their kit.

Learn more about blocking knits here: Blocking Knits – How To Block Knitting Guide

Blocking knitting on blocking mats

15. Neck Light

A rechargeable neck light is a great little extra for anyone who loves to knit.

In the evenings especially, it helps you to see your work.

There usually are different settings and strengths of the light you can turn on.

neck light

16. Pattern Holder

Another handy tool to have that makes knitting life a little easier is this pattern holder.

Place your pattern on the board and use the magnetic bar to hold your pattern in place.

It holds it upright so you can read it easily when working.

Knitter’s Pride Magma Kniting Pattern Holder

best knitters gift a pattern holder

17. Project Bags

All knitters need project bags to carry current projects on the go, store older projects, and keep everything together.

There are many choices, from simple cotton bags to more advanced carriers with lots of pockets.

knitters gift - Project bag

18. Subscriptions

Get them a subscription to a knitting magazine that they will enjoy.

Like Rowan’s quarterly pattern books and magazine.

View here – Rowan Mag.

Rowan mags

19. Knit Pro/Knitter’s Pride Gauge Ruler – Elephant

This handy gauge tool is a must-have in any knitter project bag.

You can check the right size of your needles as well as count rows for measuring gauge.

It also has a handy needle cutter for thread and yarn in its trunk.

Grab one here – Knitter’s Pride Needle & Crochet Gauge Tool

measuring gauge with a row counter

20. Knit Shawls & Wraps Book

This book is a great insight on how to knit different shawls and wraps.

Grab a copy here – Knit Shawls and Wraps in 1 Week.

shawls book

21. Vogue Knitting Book

Another great book that any beginner knitter will appreciate is this introduction to knitting book from Vogue Knitting.

It’s the perfect knitting gift for anyone interested in learning more about the craft.

Grab a copy here – Vogue Knitting – The Learn To Knit Book

Best Gifts For Knitters - Vogue knitting book

22. Vogue Knitting Stitch Dictionary

Another great book for knitters to have is the Vogue Knitting Stitch Dictionary.

This is an excellent book to learn new stitch patterns and techniques.

Covering everything from simple stitch patterns to more advanced cables and lace work.

Grab a copy here – Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Stitch Dictionary

Best Gifts For Knitters - Vogue knitting stitch book

23. Shawl Pin

A shawl pin is a great accessory to have to wear knitted shawls in various different ways.

Grab one here – Shawl Pin

Best Gifts For Knitters - shawl pin

24. Wool Needles

This set of wool needles will be very helpful when weaving in the ends of a project.

The large eye opening makes it super easy to push yarn through.

Grab them here – Knitter’s Pride Wool Needles

Best Gifts For Knitters - Knitters pride wool needles

25. We Are Knitters Yarn Bundles

Grab a yarn bundle full of gorgeous yarn for yourself or to gift.

Get 10 off with my code – MGM4VHHAT

View the bundles here.

Best Gifts For Knitters - yarn bundles

26. Purl Soho Gift Card

Grab a Purl Soho gift card so your knitter friend can buy patterns and yarn to make something new.

View the gift card here.

Best Gifts For Knitters - Purl soho gift card

27. Crochet Hook

A crochet hook is a useful tool that can help a knitter to pick up any dropped stitches.

I always have one or two in my project bag for any dropped stitches.

View crochet hooks here.

crochet hook

What Should I Knit As A Gift?

The best knitting project for a gift will depend on the recipient’s preferences, the occasion, and your knitting skills.

Here are some ideas for knitting gifts:

  1. Scarves: Scarves are versatile and make great gifts for anyone. You can use stitch patterns and yarn colors to match the recipient’s style.
  2. Hats: Knitted hats are practical and can be customized with different colors and designs. Consider making a matching scarf and hat set for a coordinated gift.
  3. Mittens or Gloves: Keep your loved ones warm with knitted mittens or gloves. You can experiment with different patterns and add embellishments like buttons or embroidery. Check out free knitting patterns here – Mittens + Arm Warmers
  4. Socks: Hand-knit socks are a cozy and thoughtful gift, especially during colder months. You can make them with intricate patterns or simple designs.
  5. Blankets: Blankets are more time-intensive but make wonderful heirloom-quality gifts. You can choose from various patterns and sizes, from baby blankets to full-sized throws.
  6. Baby Items: If you’re knitting for a baby or expectant parents, consider making baby booties, hats, or blankets. They’re adorable and functional. Check out baby knitting patterns here – Baby Knitting Patterns
  7. Shawls or Wraps: Shawls and wraps can be elegant and make great gifts for special occasions. Lace patterns and delicate yarns work well for these items.
  8. Cowl or Infinity Scarf: Cowls are shorter scarves that can be worn around the neck, and they’re trendy and versatile.
  9. Dishcloths or Washcloths: Simple, quick-to-knit items like dishcloths or washcloths are practical and can be bundled as a set.
  10. Toys: Knitted stuffed animals or toys can be a delightful gift, especially for children. There are many free patterns available online.
  11. Kitchen Accessories: Consider knitting pot holders, oven mitts, or coffee cozies for the home cook or coffee enthusiast in your life.
  12. Headbands or Ear Warmers: Quick to knit and perfect for keeping ears warm during chilly weather.
  13. Market Tote: A knitted tote bag is not only environmentally friendly but also a fashionable and functional gift.
  14. Sweaters or Cardigans: For a more ambitious project, you can knit a sweater or cardigan. Make sure to choose a pattern that matches the recipient’s size and style.
  15. Slippers: Cozy knitted slippers are perfect for keeping feet warm and comfortable at home.

When deciding what to knit as a gift, consider the recipient’s taste, favorite colors, and any specific needs they may have.

Handmade gifts are thoughtful and cherished, so whatever you choose to knit, it’s sure to be appreciated.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to select a knitting project that aligns with your skill level and the time you have available to complete it.

Free Knitting Patterns

You can also share with your knitting friends these free patterns that they might want to bookmark for later!

woman with knitting needles casting on knitting stitches

I hope you are inspired to send thoughtful gifts to your fellow knitters.

To add an extra handmade touch to your gift, you could use a little yarn to wrap it, and it is a good idea to put something like tea or a little chocolate inside, too.

The gift recipient will love to get any of these items on the big day.

If you’d like even more great knitting ideas, please make sure you take a look around the site and view the free knitting patterns, which is an easy way for us to stay connected and help support my work for free.

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