20 Gift Ideas For Crocheters


In this post, you will see gift ideas for crocheters.

Choosing crochet gifts for your friends and family is always so much fun but it’s also quite stressful, you worry about things like whether they are going to like it.

Is this going to be useful for them? 

Gift ideas for crocheters

The Golden Rule Of Gift Giving…

The golden rule of gift shopping for me is asking two questions…

  • What would they really enjoy?
  • When you spend time with someone you can always catch little things like ‘I‘ve been meaning to buy this‘ or ‘Oh man I would love to have that.

And you can also think about these questions to help your decision-making when choosing gifts for crocheters…

  • What is their crochet level?
  • Have they just started to crochet or are they really experienced?
  • Do they like to learn from books?
  • Do they take their projects with them on the go?
  • Do they like to make things for themselves? 
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Woman holding crochet Christmas tree

Gifts For Crocheters 

For lots of crochet gift ideas keep reading. 

Shopping for any crafter really is not quite difficult they always need and appreciate supplies for their art.

And if they are a crocheter then it’s quite easy as there is a vast variety of products online but in stores too, for you to choose from. 

You can never really go wrong with gifting them yarn or a gift card so they can choose their own yarn. 

Yarn in a bag

A set of hooks or books are always a great idea too…

A pretty set of new hooks is always appreciated and welcomed. 

And if they are new to the crochet world there is a high chance they are a bit confused about what they need to do.

A crochet guide for beginner’s books or ebooks are a good idea.

gift ideas for crocheters including hooks

Ideal gifts for crochet lovers are crochet lessons and books…

You can also gift them with a crochet course with crochet lessons that will help them and guide them. 

Another good gift idea could be a crochet pattern book or ebook, plus a notebook. 

They can re-read the pattern books, and make lots of notes. 

And there is a variety of accessories a crocheter might need like scissors, needles, bags, and baskets to store their projects and many more. 

Colorful notebooks

Gift Ideas For Crocheters

If you are still feeling a little bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to start your search take a look at these fifteen gift ideas below.

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