21 Gifts For Knitters (Beginners)


In this post, you will see 21 gifts for knitters.

Gift-giving is one of the best parts of Christmas, but planning and getting your gifts for your friends and family can be quite stressful. 

Because you want to get them something they will absolutely love and use, but also not ask them outright so you can surprise them.

Gifts for knitters

Gift Ideas For Knitters

One of the main places you can look for a gift idea is their hobbies.

 Ask yourself what they love to do.

If the answer is knit then you are in the right place.

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Beginner Knitter with yarn

What to buy for a new knitter? 

Shopping for a new knitter is easy, all they really want is yarn and needles to start a project with. 

But if you aren’t knitting savvy it can also be quite hard as there are so many gift options for knitters. 

Especially for people who are still in the learning process.  

Knitting and coffee

What A Beginner Knitter Needs…

If your friend is a beginner and still exploring the wonders of the knitting world there are awesome knitting accessories and supplies you can gift them with. 

As a new knitter, there are some basic things they can’t really live without like:

  • Knitting needles (Straight needles)
  • Super Bulky yarn or Bulky yarn
  • An easy pattern like this – How To Knit A Hat
gifts for knitters including yarn

Knitting Accessories

New knitters also need some accessories to help them do their work…

  • Darning needles/yarn needles
  • Scissors (small and sharp)
  • A tape measure
  • A set of stitch markers
  • A notebook (for pattern notes)
gifts for knitters including yarn and needles

Books to learn from – stitch patterns and techniques

And while there is YouTube for knitting lessons, where there is a huge amount of information on how and what to knit, there are also books! 

Some people prefer to have a printed copy of a book and there are so many options in this category too (some of my favorites are in the list below).

There are books with techniques, books with stitch patterns, beginner pattern books, and of course books with general information about knitting techniques. 

Holding yarn

Yarn storage/WIP bags

You can also gift them with a yarn bag or a basket to store all their yarn and projects in or a novelty and fun item like a t-shirt with a cute catchphrase about knitting. 

And if this is still too overwhelming for you, a gift card for a yarn company (for example Lion Brand, We Are Knitters, Wool And The Gang) can go a long way. 

Gifts for knitters including books

21 Gifts For Knitters {For The Beginners}

If you still feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to look and where to start, check out this list of twenty must-haves of knitters created by a knitter. 

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