21 Must-Have Yarn Bags For Your Knitting Projects


In this post, you will see 21 must-have yarn bags for your knitting projects.

Carrying your knitting with you wherever you may go means you will need a good reliable knitting bag.

Whatever you need they come in all different shapes and sizes.

Plus they make perfect gifts for your knitter and crocheter friends. 

You should start by thinking about what you are going to need from this bag.

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21 must have yarn bags for your knitting projects

Where Will You Be Knitting?

Do you like to take projects with you when you travel? or do you prefer to keep your work on the sofa?

You also need to think about if you will be needing bags for large or small-scale projects.

If you want to carry small projects like gloves, hats, or even a scarf a tote bag would be fine for your project and your knitting supplies.

If you are knitting a large project like a sweater or a blanket then you are going to need plenty of space for all the supplies. 

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Artiphany social knitworking canvas yarn bag

Work With What You Have At Home

Knitting Project Bags are very useful and a good tool for any avid knitter but that doesn’t mean you can’t work with what you already have at home. 

Plastic bags and IKEA bags can easily do the trick, the latter are ideal for larger projects.

Any bag with enough space, a good shoulder strap, and durable fabric can work. 

A diaper bag can be a good alternative, if you already have one, as they have plenty of pockets and a sturdy design. 

yarn bag
Grab your yarn caddy here – UK/EU or USA.

Will You Be Using More Than One Color Of  Yarn?

When you are deciding on a yarn bag you should also think about if you will be using more than one color of yarn.

For example, if you are really into intarsia, then you may need a special bag that can separate your colors and help you to keep everything tidy and untwisted as you work.

Or you may have many WIPs on the go and may need a variety of bags to keep all of your projects organized.

Knitting in public with a canvas yarn bag

Choosing A Yarn Organizer

Once you decide on where and when you will be knitting, it will be time to decide on a yarn bag or yarn organizer.

A simple yarn bag can be a cotton bag or canvas tote with long handles that you can easily use or place inside your luggage etc when traveling.

A more complicated yarn organizer will have many side pockets and large compartments for you to store all of your essentials, knitting patterns, and of course yarn!

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Artiphany social knitworking canvas knitting bag

21 Must-Have Yarn Bags For Your Knitting Projects

Take a look at the roundup list below of 21 yarn bags to find your perfect knitting bag.

From large to small, there is something for everyone!

How Do You Store Your Work?

How do you like to organize your WIPs?

Do you prefer a canvas or cotton tote to a more sturdy yarn organizer?

Let me know in the comments!

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  1. These are great bags. my question is…how do you store them if the are all filled woth your works in progress? Are there organizers you can recomend?

    1. Hello Amanda,
      I store my WIP bags in quite a few places, on a shelf in a bookcase and in a corner or my sofa, plus in large baskets that I move around my living room.
      Some use storage options from Ikea – bookcases or other shelving units.
      It depends on how much space you have!
      I like portable baskets for the house in various sizes for medium to large projects and more portable bags for smaller projects, so they are easy to carry around with me.
      I use a bag from We Are Knitters when I travel, it has a lot of pockets and is a good bag to fit two smaller projects inside or one medium one like a sweater.
      Happy knitting!