12 Must Have Yarn Bags For Your Projects


In this post, you will see 12 must-have yarn bags for your projects.

Carrying your knitting with you wherever you may go means you will need a good reliable knitting bag.

Whatever you need they come in all different shapes and sizes.

yarn bag
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Where Will You Be Knitting?

You should start by thinking about what you are going to need from this bag.

Do you like to take projects with you when you travel? or do you prefer to keep your work on the sofa?

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Artiphany social knitworking canvas yarn bag

You also need to think about if you will be needing bags for large or small scale projects.

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Knitting in public with a canvas yarn bag

Will You Be Using More Than One Color Of  Yarn?

When you are deciding on a yarn bag you should also think about if you will be using more than one color of yarn.

For example, if you are really into intarsia, then you may need a special bag that can separate your colors and help you to keep everything tidy and untwisted as you work.

Or you may have many WIPs on the go and may need a variety of bags to keep all of your projects organized.

Yarn bags, knitting bags and yarn organizers

Choosing A Yarn Organizer

Once you decide on where and when you will be knitting, it will be time to decide on a yarn bag or yarn organizer.

A simple yarn bag can be a cotton bag or canvas tote with long handles that you can easily use or place inside your luggage etc when travelling.

A more complicated yarn organizer will have many pockets and compartments for you to store all of your essentials, patterns and of course yarn!

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Artiphany social knitworking canvas knitting bag

12 Must-Have Yarn Bags For Your Projects

Take a look at the roundup list below of 12 yarn bags that can fit your various needs as a maker.

From large to small, there is something for everyone!

1. Social Knitworking Tote / Artiphany

I really love my Social Knitworking tote as you can see in the photographs above.

It’s made of really good quality canvas and is a great size to take out for a bit of knitting in public!

  • The Social Knitworking tote bag is made of 12 oz canvas with a practical 7 x 9-inch interior pocket for keeping your phone and keys separate from whatever you’re carrying.
  • Top-center there is a silver-button snap for extra security.
  • A great project bag for all the knitters, crocheters, and crafters out there. 
  • 18″ wide x 15.5″ high x 3″ deep. 
  • Handles 1″ x 27″. 

Get it here.

Yarn bag made from canvas

2. Luxja Knitting Tote Bag

  • Made of heavy-duty nylon, more durable and scratch-resistant.
  • Well-padded lining keeps items in good condition.
  • Lots of spaces for different colours of yarns, unfinished projects, knitting needles (up to 10 inches), crochet hooks, manuals and other small accessories.
  • 4 grommets where you can thread yarn through.
  • 2 sets of Velcro straps to keep the yarn in place when not working.
  • Dimension: 12.5″ x 11.75″ x 6.5″ / 1.56 lbs.
  • A lightweight knitting bag for keeping your current project and all the accessories together so that you can grab and go any time.
  • A great gift for anyone that loves crocheting, knitting or a fan of taking projects on car trips, social meetings, while travelling.

Get it here.

Yarn Bag

3. Luxja Small Yarn Storage Bag

  • These Yarn Bags are made of premium quality canvas materials which offer them durability.
  • A compartment for putting skeins.
  • An outer zippered pocket and an inner pocket for storing crochet hooks, knitting needles (up to 8″) or other small objects like scissors, measuring tapes.
  • 4 grommets where you can thread yarn through.
  • Zipper closure that securely keeps the yarn bag closed and prevents the yarns from falling out.
  • A handle which is perfect for carrying by hand or hanging on your wrist while knitting or crocheting.
  • Dimension: 8.5″ x 5″ x 5″.
  • Easy to take your yarn and tools along with you when visit friends.

Get it here.

yarn bag with holes

4. Knitting Wrist Bag Canvas Yarn Organizer

  • Portable and perfect for carrying a small project on the go.
  • Grommets on either side of the bag for yarn to go through, wonderful when you’re knitting with two different yarn balls.
  • Side pocket with a zipper to secure your needle and scissors.
  • Easy carrying, different styles for choices, light-weighted lovely wrist bag.

Get it here.

5. Knitting Bag Yarn Storage

  • This yarn storage bag can hold a few projects simultaneously.
  • Made of natural durable material.
  • Store unfinished items in two big external pockets.
  • Popular with both knitters and crocheters.

Get it here.

Knitting bag

6. Loopy Mango Large Tote Bag 

  • A huge canvas tote bag, great for carrying large projects.
  • Dimensions for the large size – 23” x 17” x 6”

Get it here.

loopy mango yarn bag

7. Loopy Mango Drawstring Bag

  • A huge cotton tote bag, great for carrying large projects.
  • There are various sizes to choose from.

Get it here.

Drawstring cotton yarn bag

8. Yarn Boss Yarn Bag

  • A durable canvas yarn bag that will keep your yarn clean, dry, and safe.
  • 3 large pockets, pencil pockets, double zipper top.
  • Velcro-free divider and large front pocket hold projects.
  • Over-sized grommets prevent snags, comes with detachable strap.

Get it here.

Yarn storage bag

9. BeCraftee Best Yarn Bag

  • A convenient knitting bag to take wherever you go.
  • Storage for your essentials and knitting supplies at home.
  • Comes with a handle or detachable shoulder strap.
  • Yarn Caddy for your supplies made of superior quality linen.
  • Lined with cotton and double stitched so it will last and keeps its shape without slumping.
  • With a diameter of 10.3″ and 11.8’ tall, our yarn bowl can store at least 10 skeins of knitting yarn.
  • Ideal for larger projects that need many balls of wool and knitting accessories.
  • The organizer tote has 4 slots on top to prevent yarn from tangling.

Get it here.

Yarn bag with pockets

10. EAST HILL Large Capacity Colored Canvas Storage Pouch

  • Two zippers, a large storage capacity, can accommodate up to 50 pens/pencils and other essentials.
  • Front window design, you can clearly see the essentials.
  • Hand-held Band design easy to carry.
  • Keep important small notes, scissors, and notions in an easy-to-view compartment.
  • It is not only a pencil case but also can be used for other purposes such as knitting or crochet essentials.

Get it here.

Makers tools essentials pencil case

11. LoveCrafts Project Bag

  • Emblazoned with proud LoveCrafts anthems ‘Craft it out!’ and ‘Knit to my purl’ chosen by their Instagram followers, the totes and project bags are must-haves for makers everywhere!
  • Both styles are made from heavyweight organic cotton, with good full gussets to give you maximum WIP capacity.
  • Dimensions: L11XH7XW3.5in

Get it here.

knitting bag

12. LoveCrafts Tote Bag 

  • Emblazoned with proud Love Crafts anthems ‘Craft it out!’ and ‘Knit to my purl’ chosen by their Instagram followers, the totes and project bags are must-haves for makers everywhere!
  • Both styles are made from heavyweight organic cotton, with good full gussets to give you maximum WIP capacity.
  • Dimensions: L15XH16.5XW3.9in.

Get it here.

canvas yarn bag with handles

How Do You Store Your Work?

How do you like to organize your WIPs?

Do you prefer a canvas or cotton tote to a more sturdy yarn organizer?

Let me know in the comments!

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