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Reader Holiday Favorites


In this post, you will see many reader holiday favorites.

During the fall and winter months, there are many cozy knits that people are drawn to making.

In this list, I have included my own patterns, as well as patterns that are featured in round-ups from other designers.

Creating something handmade to wear or decorate your home is a cozy way to spend your time in the colder months.

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Reader holiday favourites free knitting patterns

Free Patterns

From making knit or crochet pumpkins to knitting hats, scarves, and wraps.

Also popular are dog sweater knitting patterns, from puppy sweaters to holiday sweaters.

It makes me so happy that so many of you have been visiting to take a look around and enjoy the free patterns.

knitting on circular needles, hot chocolate and a notebook holiday favourites flatlay

Including Holiday Patterns

There are so many holiday patterns that you can choose from in the list below.

Including blankets, sweaters, scarves, hats, and more.

Both for fall, Halloween, and novelty items for Christmas.

Gifts for knitters the ultimate guide including holiday favourites

Lots Of Free Knitting Patterns

Making knit or crochet items for gift-giving is always a fantastic idea!

If you don’t have much time, you can make a hat in the afternoon or a pair of mittens.

The patterns include;

easy mittens knitting pattern free

Fall/Winter Knitting Projects

Whatever you enjoy making, I am sure that like me you are always looking for new project ideas to add to your queue.

It really does become addictive once you get into knitting (or crocheting).

Making for yourself or giving as gifts is a great way to spend those chilly afternoons inside!

holiday favourites including a knitted blanket with cofffee cup and white pumpkins

Learn How To Knit

If you are new to knitting or want a skills refresher then take a look at this post – knitting lessons.

From basic techniques, like casting on and casting off, to learning simple increases and decreases. 

There is also a range of stitch patterns and most of the posts have video tutorials for you to watch.

holiday favourites including a knitted hat, knitted arm warmers and a hot cup of coffee

Reader Holiday Favourites

Take a look at my reader favorites below and use the search box on my site to find new patterns too!

It’s really easy to find what you want- just type in the search (located in the main menu) ‘pumpkin’ or ‘Christmas baby hat’ and you will see a list of blog posts where you can browse for free patterns.

There are so many patterns on the blog, that you will surely find something new to cast on.

There are also free crochet patterns for those of you who like to crochet as well as DIY crafts for all occasions.

The best gift guide for knitters

Reader Holiday Favourites

There is nothing quite like a hand knit or crochet gift that you have made yourself.

From choosing the pattern that suits you the most to selecting your yarn, the whole process is extremely special and unique to you.

Check out these amazing fall/winter patterns/DIY Crafts and choose your next WIP!

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