How To Knit – Stockinette Stitch

how to knit stockinette stitch

How To Knit Stocking Stitch

The stockinette stitch (or known as stocking stitch in the UK) is created by one row of knit stitches followed by one row of purl stitches.

Learning the stockinette/stocking stitch is the next step once you have learned how to knit and purl.

Stockinette stitch is used in many of my patterns, from hats, scarves, blankets and dog sweaters.

This type of stitch has a right and a wrong side.

The right side is typically the smooth side, called stockinette or knit.

On this side, the stitches look like small Vs. The bumpy side of stockinette stitch fabric is called reverse stockinette or purl.

It also curls at the edges.

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