How To Wear Autumn Colors (Clothes + Knitwear)


Learn how to wear autumn colors right here!

Gorgeous neutrals are all over this season, with many high-street stores now showcasing pieces that are bang-on-trend.

From those autumnal colors – like Bordeaux, camel, chocolate, beige, grey, cream, orange, and pinks some retro colors have also been seen.

A mixture of fabrics and textures were seen on the catwalks this season, from shiny PVC and leather to plaid and tartan.

If you want to read more about the trends for this season, please take a look at this post – Sweater Trends For Fall.

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How to wear autumn colors

What Are 4 Autumn Colors?

Autumn is characterized by a rich and warm color palette inspired by the changing colors of fall foliage.

Here are four quintessential autumn colors:

  1. Burnt Orange: This deep, warm orange hue is reminiscent of falling leaves and pumpkins, making it a classic autumn color.
  2. Burgundy: A deep, dark red with purple undertones, burgundy reflects the rich, robust colors often associated with autumn.
  3. Mustard Yellow: This warm and muted yellow adds a touch of brightness to the autumn palette, resembling the golden tones of changing leaves.
  4. Forest Green: A deep and earthy green reminiscent of pine trees and evergreens, is a staple in autumn color schemes.

These colors, when combined, create a harmonious and cozy palette that captures the essence of the season.

Whether in fashion, home decor, or nature itself, these autumn colors evoke a sense of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia.

What Does It Mean To Be An Autumn Color?

When people refer to colors as “autumn colors,” they are typically describing a specific palette of hues that are associated with the fall season.

These colors mimic the changing tones of leaves as they transition from green to various warm and earthy shades.

Here are some characteristics of autumn colors:

  1. Warm Tones: Autumn colors are generally warm colors, featuring hues like reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. These warm tones evoke feelings of coziness and comfort.
  2. Earthy Shades: Colors found in nature during the autumn season, such as autumn leaf colors – deep greens, rustic browns, and muted earth tones, are considered part of the autumn color palette.
  3. Rich and Deep: Autumn colors tend to be rich and deep, reflecting the mature and vibrant hues of foliage during the fall.
  4. Muted and Subdued: While the colors are rich, they often have a muted or subdued quality, giving them a softer and more comforting appearance.
  5. Inspired by Nature: Autumn colors are inspired by the changing colors of leaves (brown colors, oaks, beech, green color), the warmth of harvest, and the overall transformation of the natural landscape during fall.

Standard fall color schemes include burnt orange, mustard yellow, burgundy, deep reds, forest green, and various shades of brown.

These colors are often associated with autumn fashion, home decor, and thematic representations of the season.

Choosing autumn colors in design or fashion can evoke a sense of seasonality, create a cozy atmosphere, and connect with the natural changes happening in the environment.

How Do You Tell If You Are A Warm Or Deep Autumn?

Determining whether you are a Warm Autumn or a Deep Autumn (sometimes otherwise known as a soft autumn or dark autumn) in the seasonal color analysis involves assessing your undertones, skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color.

Here are some characteristics of both Warm and Deep Autumns to help you identify which category you might fall into:

Warm Autumn:

  1. Undertones: Warm Autumns have warm undertones. Look at the veins on your wrist; if they appear more greenish, you likely have warm undertones.
  2. Skin Tone: Warm Autumns typically have warm, peachy, or golden skin tones.
  3. Hair Color: Warm Autumns often have hair in shades of golden blonde, auburn, warm brown, or rich caramel.
  4. Eye Color: Eye colors can vary, but Warm Autumns often have eyes in shades of warm brown, hazel, or green.
  5. Reaction to Gold: Warm Autumns generally look good in gold jewelry, which complements their warm undertones.

Deep Autumn:

  1. Undertones: Deep Autumns have warm undertones, similar to Warm Autumns.
  2. Skin Tone: Deep Autumns typically have a rich and deep skin tone that might have a bit more intensity compared to Warm Autumns.
  3. Hair Color: Deep Autumns often have deep, rich, and dark hair colors. Shades like dark brown, black-brown, or even auburn can be common.
  4. Eye Color: Deep Autumns often have deep and warm eye colors, such as dark brown, olive green, or hazel.
  5. Reaction to Gold: Like Warm Autumns, Deep Autumns usually look great in gold jewelry.

When determining your seasonal color analysis, it’s essential to consider how different colors enhance or detract from your natural features.

Experiment with clothing in warm, rich autumnal tones and observe how they complement your skin, eyes, and hair.

Additionally, if you find that you resonate with both Warm and Deep Autumn characteristics, you might be a combination of both, as individuals often exhibit a mix of traits from adjacent color categories.

Consulting with a professional color analyst can provide personalized guidance and inspiration based on your unique features and preferences.

Neutrals In Fashion

Neutral colors are no longer only thought of as black, white, and beige; they now include khaki, olive, burgundy, navy, skin tone, and even leopard print.

Through fashion blogs and magazines, we are encouraged to wear neutrals for a classic look – meaning I assume that you should have two or three colors in your wardrobe that flatter you and make you look fabulous!

Make your own oversized sweater with this pattern – Oversized Chunky Knit Sweater Pattern.

Autumn colors clothes

What Are Neutral Colors For Autumn?

Neutral colors for autumn are inspired by the earthy tones that characterize the changing landscape during this season.

These hues evoke a sense of warmth, coziness, and sophistication.

Here are some popular neutral colors for autumn:

  1. Taupe: A versatile and muted brownish-gray, taupe is a classic neutral that pairs well with various autumn shades.
  2. Camel: A warm, golden brown reminiscent of the color of camel hair, this neutral exudes richness and elegance.
  3. Olive Green: A muted green with brown undertones, olive complements the natural colors of autumn foliage.
  4. Charcoal Gray: A deep, dark gray adds a touch of sophistication to autumn palettes, and it pairs well with other neutrals.
  5. Burgundy: While often associated with red tones, a deeper, muted burgundy can serve as a sophisticated neutral in autumn.
  6. Mustard Yellow: A warm, muted yellow mustard adds a pop of color while still staying within the neutral spectrum. Yellows can also be added through accessories.
  7. Ivory or Cream: Light neutrals like ivory or cream bring a sense of lightness to the autumn palette and pair well with richer tones.
  8. Cocoa Brown: A rich and deep brown, cocoa is a quintessential autumn neutral that adds warmth to any color scheme.
  9. Beige: A classic neutral, beige is a versatile color that complements other autumn shades and provides a subtle, elegant look.
  10. Slate Blue: A muted blue with gray undertones, slate blue can act as a calming neutral in autumn color schemes.
  11. Terracotta: This warm, earthy shade resembles the color of fired clay and adds a touch of rustic charm to autumn palettes.
  12. Muted Plum: A subdued plum or mauve can serve as a sophisticated neutral that pairs well with other autumn colors.

These neutral tones can be mixed and matched to create a harmonious and cozy color palette that reflects the beauty of the autumn season and your own personal style.

Whether in fashion, home decor, or crafting, incorporating these neutral hues can add a touch of warmth and elegance to your autumn-inspired creations.

Super chunky knit sweater

How Do You Wear Neutrals Without Looking Boring?

Wearing neutrals doesn’t have to be boring at all; in fact, it can be the foundation for a stylish and sophisticated look.

Here are some tips for wearing neutrals without looking boring:

  1. Play with Textures: Mixing different textures adds depth and interest to your outfit. Combine a chunky knit sweater with smooth leather or suede, or pair a silk blouse with tailored trousers.
  2. Experiment with Silhouettes: Instead of sticking to the same silhouette, try mixing fitted pieces with more relaxed or oversized ones. For example, pair a tailored blazer with wide-leg trousers or a fitted top with a flowing skirt.
  3. Add Statement Accessories: Accessories can transform a neutral outfit. Consider bold statement earrings, a colorful handbag, or eye-catching shoes to add a pop of interest.
  4. Layer Thoughtfully: Layering is a great way to add complexity to your outfit. Play with different lengths and proportions, like layering a longer cardigan over a crisp white shirt or a turtleneck under a tailored blazer.
  5. Mix Neutrals: Combine different neutral shades in one outfit for a sophisticated monochromatic look. Think about mixing beige, gray, camel, and white for a timeless and elegant ensemble.
  6. Incorporate Patterns: While neutrals are often solid colors, you can introduce subtle patterns like stripes, checks, or houndstooth. These patterns add visual interest without overwhelming the neutral palette.
  7. Opt for Tailoring: Well-tailored clothing always looks polished and put-together. Choose pieces that fit you well, whether it’s a well-cut blazer, a tailored coat, or perfectly fitted trousers.
  8. Focus on Fit: Even in neutral colors, the fit of your clothes can make a significant difference. Ensure your garments fit properly and consider tailoring if needed for a polished and flattering look.
  9. Experiment with Makeup: Play up your makeup to add a touch of glamour. A bold lip color, a smokey eye, or well-defined brows can enhance your overall appearance.
  10. Select Quality Fabrics: High-quality fabrics like cashmere, silk, or wool can elevate the sophistication of neutral-colored garments.
  11. Choose Statement Neutrals: Opt for neutral shades that are a bit more unconventional, such as olive green, rust, or mustard. These colors can add vibrancy without straying too far from the neutral palette.
  12. Personalize with Jewelry: Personalize your look with jewelry. Whether it’s a statement necklace, a stack of bracelets, or layered rings, jewelry can be a focal point that elevates your outfit.

Remember, the key is in the details.

By paying attention to texture, accessories, and thoughtful styling, you can create anything but boring outfits, even in a neutral color palette.

neutral outfit for autumn

What Neutrals Go With Warm Autumn?

For a warm autumn color palette, where the tones are rich and evoke the hues of fall foliage, pairing neutrals strategically can enhance the overall warmth and coziness of your outfit or home decor.

Here are neutrals that go well with warm autumn tones:

  1. Camel: A classic warm neutral, camel adds richness and complements the earthy tones of autumn.
  2. Chocolate Brown: A deep and warm brown adds depth and sophistication, creating a cozy feel.
  3. Olive Green: While often considered a color, olive green can act as a neutral in the context of an autumn palette. It pairs well with warm tones and adds a touch of nature-inspired color.
  4. Cream: Cream or off-white can serve as a neutral backdrop, providing a light contrast to the warm autumn colors.
  5. Caramel: A sweet and warm shade, caramel is a softer alternative to chocolate brown and works well with autumnal hues.
  6. Terracotta: This earthy, reddish-brown tone is perfect for creating a cohesive and warm color scheme.
  7. Deep Burgundy: A deep, warm burgundy can act as both a neutral and a statement color, adding richness to the palette.
  8. Bronze or Copper: Metallic neutrals like bronze or copper add a touch of glamour and warmth to the overall scheme.
  9. Mustard Yellow: While a bit more vibrant, mustard yellow can function as a neutral in autumn, especially when paired with other warm tones.
  10. Taupe: A versatile neutral taupe has warm undertones that complement the autumn color palette.
  11. Muted Gold: A subtle gold adds warmth and a touch of luxury to warm autumn tones.
  12. Rust: A reddish-brown with orange undertones, rust is a quintessential warm autumn neutral that complements the season’s colors beautifully.

When working with warm autumn tones, the key is to choose neutrals that enhance the cozy and earthy feel of the palette.

Whether in fashion or home decor, combining these neutrals strategically can create a harmonious and inviting look that captures the essence of fall.

Autumn colors clothes sweater and skirt

Update Your Fall Wardrobe

For your new fall wardrobe, choose gorgeous tees, shirts, and sweaters in neutral shades.

If you love patterns and prints, try leopard print and be as bold as you want!

As for accessories, black and navy win in the winter, but the tan is a classic that never goes out of style.

Make your own chunky cardigan to wear in the fall with this knitting pattern – Chunky Cardigan Knitting Pattern.

Chunky cardigan feat image
Knitwear Style – Chunky Cardigan Coat

Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas

For me, fall is a time to wear cozy, comfortable clothes, like jeans, long-sleeved cotton tops, and slouchy oversized sweaters.

I seriously LOVE neutral colors and prefer to pair them with a navy or tan tote to accessorize.

If you can’t get enough fall fashion, here are some posts that you might also like to read;

fall outfit with sweater-jeans and tan ankle boots

How To Wear Autumn Colors

The winter seasons give us slouchy shapes, lots of layers and textures, and bold accessories, like chunky gold necklaces.

Fall sweaters, a furry bucket hat, a button-down shirt, and an oversized jumper are all great pieces to think of having in your collection.

Take a look at these inspirational looks that you can wear right now…

1. Camel Coat

Go for a classic camel coat that you can wear with everything.

These coats never seem to go out of style and are well-known for being a wardrobe staple.

The fur on the collar and cuffs can give extra warmth during the colder weather, as well as a feminine touch.

camel coat with faux fur collar

2. Long Sleeve Knit Tee

A long-sleeve tee is perfect for throwing over jeans or leggings when you need to run a few errands, go for a coffee, or turn up at a lecture.

Long sleeves will keep you warm in the colder months, and this is a great piece that can go with many pants for a casual look.

Pair with oversized sunnies and a tan leather bag for maximum effect!

autumn colors clothes women-s-solid-long-sleeve-knit-tee-shirt

3. Soft Fringed Scarf

A super-soft scarf is just what you need over a denim jacket on those chilly autumn days.

Throw casually over your shoulders and walk through the park as you own it.

oversized felted camel scarf

4. Leopard Print Blazer

Show off your feisty side by investing in a leopard blazer.

Great with black trousers or denim, this has a certain air of class and shows that you mean business…

leopard print blazer outfit

5. Turtleneck Sweater

An oversized sweater in a classic fall hue (like rust) can never go wrong.

Wear with everything to look stylish and feel comfortable all day long.

Autumn palettes are great for a neutral outfit.

Roll neck jumpers can prevent cold necks and look great with skinny jeans.

Autumn colors clothes turtleneck Sweater Knit Long Sleeve Pullover

6. Fleece Coat

A fleece coat is perfect for fall days when you want to feel like you are wearing a blanket.

Nothing screams out ‘I love my comforts’ more than this!

It’s a great item to add to your autumn wardrobe.

autumn colors clothes women-s-solid-long-sleeve-open-front-hooded-fleece-coat

7. Leopard Skirt

More statements can be made by wearing a daring leopard skirt.

Be extra and wear it with a leather jacket, ankle boots, and classic gold hoops.

Midi skirts are a great length and can still be worn with knee-high boots.

leopard print skirt with open slit

8. Asymmetric Pullover

I love this knitted sweater; the color and the style look gorgeous.

This could definitely become a fall favorite.

autumn colors clothes high neck knitted sweater in cranberry

9. Long Sleeve Plaid Cardigan

This plaid cardigan looks like part cardigan, part coat – so great for the fall weather.

Throw on over jeans and your favorite sweater.

autumn colors clothes long plaid cardigan in blue and white check

10. V Neck Plain Blouse

This blouse is in such a great color – and would be great to wear to work, school, or just going around doing your stuff.

Wear it with jeans and keep it casual.

autumn colors clothes v neck plain blouse in cranberry red

11. Casual Teddy Coat

An oversized teddy coat will be so comfortable for those days that are cold and crisp.

Throw on your favorite jeans and tee, and get your coffee!

autumn colors clothes long casual teddy coat

12. Turtleneck Sweater

Knitwear trends often include a sweater vest or sweater dresses.

Knitwear makes many cozy outfits, and of course, October is known as the start of sweater weather!

Wearing an oversized turtleneck sweater will make you feel like you are wrapped in a warm hug all day.

Wear with jeans or leggings and max out in all of that snuggly goodness.

You can make your own cozy sweater with the knitting pattern here – Chunky Turtleneck Sweater Knitting Pattern.

turtleneck knit sweater

Do you look out for the latest outfit ideas?

Do you follow any trends?

Let me know in the comments below.

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