12 Sweaters You Need Right Now For A Cosy Fall


In this post, you will see the 12 sweaters you need right now for a cozy fall.

It’s the best time of the year – to wear all of those cozy sweaters.

It’s that cozy time during fall when it is getting colder and the need for oversized chunky sweaters is greater.

Fall sweater outfits

Oversized Sweaters Are Always In Fashion

Wearing sweaters is trendy, not only are they comfy but they are highly fashionable.

What could be better than wearing something that resembles a huge blanket?!

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The ’90s trend is still going strong, with the styles and yarns popular from that time all around in the stores, from eyelash yarns to chenille, they are back!

If like me you are not really wanting to re-live those types of sweaters ever again take a look at my top picks below.

Colours + Trends

Whether you prefer a plain oversized sweater, a chunky cable knit sweater, an oversized baggy cardigan, or polka dot pearls the images below will surely give you some inspiration.

  • Wear over leggings or jeans, with comfy black trainers or boots.
  • The trend this year is for neutral colors like greys, browns, or creams.
  • There are also autumn forest colors, like rich burgundy, greens, orange, and mustard.

Knit Your Own Sweater

If you are a knitter – there are so many great oversized sweater knitting patterns – take a look at this post and find something you can make for fall. – 8+ Stylish Ideas For Your Fall Oversized Knits

For much more choice here are 25 Fall Sweaters To Knit (Simple + Cute)

There are also many scarf knitting patterns that are perfect for fall and winter that you can easily make yourself. – 30 Free Scarf Knitting Patterns To Make In 2023

Your wardrobe will be calling out for sweaters either bought or handmade.

Fall Sweater Outfits

Here are my top 12 sweater picks that you need right now for a cozy fall……

**All images found on Pinterest**

Which one is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below >

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  1. Absolutely adore these sweater recommendations for fall! The neutral colors and forest shades are so on point this season.