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3O Free Easy Fall Knitting Projects For Beginners


In this post, you will see 30 free easy fall knitting projects for beginners

My favorite season is autumn, I love enjoying it from the comforts of my home with my dog by my side and my knitting.

With the cold crisp and sometimes sunny weather, I have become more than enthusiastic about starting new knitting projects and finishing old ones.

So many colors and yarns are to be found this season, so I have treated myself to new yarns from Wool and the Gang, Cascade and We Are Knitters.

3O Free Easy Fall Knitting Projects For Beginners

Use Fall Colours As Inspiration

I just love the creative vibes I get from this season, the colors of the changing leaves, the countryside walks, snuggling in a blanket to knit, and of course reading design magazines.

The fall colors I am in love with right now, range from greens, blues, and teal to browns, creams, and burnt orange.

The autumnal color palettes are best found in nature, with thick chunky yarns used to make hats and scarves for the colder months.

mustard sweater being knit on circular knitting needles
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What Is The Easiest Thing To Knit First?    

For beginners in knitting, the easiest thing to start with is usually a simple square or rectangular shape.

Here are a few beginner-friendly knitting projects:

  • A garter stitch scarf is made with the simplest knitting stitch pattern, and making a scarf using just this stitch is a great way to practice the basics of knitting. Check out the garter stitch scarf pattern here – Garter Stitch Scarf Pattern (Beginner-Friendly)
  • Pot holders or dishcloths are perfect for beginners. These small, square projects are quick to make and help you practice basic stitches while creating something useful. Check out all of my dishcloth knitting patterns hereDishcloths
  • Also knitting coasters is another simple and practical project that can be completed quickly. Check an easy coaster knitting pattern here –  Coaster Knitting Pattern {Herringbone Stitch} 
  • A beanie hat can also be a great beginner project. Start with a basic beanie pattern that involves only knit and purl stitches. 
  • Knitting a baby blanket using basic stitches and soft yarn can be a rewarding project. – Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern (Broken Rib Stitch)
  • Using chunky yarn and simple stitches, infinity scarves are relatively quick and easy to make. Check out a seed stitch infinity scarf pattern here – Infinity Scarf Pattern (Seed Stitch)
ribbed mariner's hat

What Knitting Projects Are Easy And Fast?

If you’re looking for knitting projects that are both easy and fast to complete, consider patterns that involve thicker yarn and larger needles.

These projects tend to work up more quickly than those with finer yarn and smaller needles.

Here are some easy and fast knitting project ideas:

  • A chunky knit hat, using bulky or super bulky yarn and large needles, you can whip up a cozy hat in no time. Look for patterns that involve basic stitches like ribbing or simple textures
  • A wide scarf using chunky yarn and easy stitch patterns can be a quick and satisfying project. Fraser Tartan Scarf Knitting Pattern
  • A headband with a twist or knot detail is a trendy and speedy project.
  • Super scarves are longer and wider than regular scarves, and they knit up quickly with thicker yarn.
  • A simple cowl or snood pattern can be a fast and enjoyable project with chunky yarn. Check it out here – Outlander Scarf | Brianna Fraser Pattern
  • Opt for a simple blanket pattern with bulky yarn to create a cozy throw in less time. Check it out here – Easy Squishy Knit Throw Blanket Pattern
  • Knitting tiny baby booties with thick yarn can be both quick and adorable. Check it out here – How To Knit Baby Booties (Step By Step)
  • A cozy blanket sweater, some patterns for blanket sweaters use bulky yarn and simple shapes, making them relatively quick to knit. Check it out here – Chunky Cardigan Knitting Pattern
  • When speed is a priority, always consider the yarn weight and needle size, as they significantly impact the knitting pace. 
chunky blanket on bed

Fall Blanket Patterns

You can also put those super bulky yarns together to knit cozy blankets.

Knitted on huge circular needles, blankets using two strands of super bulky yarn or jumbo yarn together will be comfortable and warm.

Take a look at this post here to see free blanket knitting patterns. – Everyone Loves Free Knitted Blanket Patterns

Fall Colour Palette + Yarns

Get inspiration from the fall when creating your next color palette, and plan your October/November knitting projects.

With greens, oranges, browns, and blues, there are yarns in yummy fall colors just waiting to be made into sweaters, scarves, hats, and socks.

Inspirational colors this season include; greens and burnt orange.

Go for textured yarns in stunning colors, like neutral colors mixed with a bright green.

Greens are mixing well with dark greys and teal blues.

Chunkier yarns are also a firm favourite with knitters, as large chunky knits are still really popular.

Yarns like Rowan big wool are one of my go-to yarns for the autumn/winter.

3O Free Easy Fall Knitting Projects For Beginners

Take a look at these simple patterns that will be perfect for practicing your knitting skills and choose your next cast on!

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