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Outlander Scarf | Brianna Fraser Pattern


This Outlander Scarf – Brianna Fraser Pattern will knit up quickly, and the finished scarf will double around your neck and shoulders to keep you warm.

Inspired by the cowl/scarf that Brianna finds in her mother’s trunk in season 4, episode 7 ‘Down the rabbit hole’.

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Outlander Scarf – Brianna Fraser Pattern

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Skill Level – Basic (Beginner)


This scarf knits up quickly in bulky yarn, and the simple design makes for a relaxing and enjoyable knit.

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  • Adult woman
  • Length of scarf – 76 inches/193 cm (this is the total length – when it is stitched up, it will be 38 inches long, lying flat).
  • If you want to make the scarf larger – add more yarn; for example, knit with 4 skeins (two strands together) to make the scarf double the length.

Gauge – 7 sts/10 rows in 4×4 inches/10x10cm in garter stitch.

Outlander Brianna knitted scarf
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The Supplies You Need…



  • 20 mm (US 36) straight knitting needles


super bulky knitted infinity scarf


Knitting Abbreviations And Terms (US And UK)

  • CO – Cast on
  • Cont – Continue
  • K – knit
  • St(s) – stitch(es)


  1. With CO 14 sts
  2. Knit every row.
  3. This will create longer open loops in the fabric.
  4. Knit every row (garter stitch) until the piece measures – around 76 inches from the cast-on edge.
  5. *Just continue to knit until you are running out of yarn and leave enough to cast off*
  6. Cast off
  7. Sew both ends together – seam using a vertical invisible seam.
  8. Sew in any loose ends.

Inspired By A Scarf Worn By Brianna In Outlander Season 4

If you have been watching the Outlander TV series, in season four, you have probably noticed the beautiful knitted pieces that the main character Claire and her daughter Brianna wear, including shawls, wraps, scarves, and fingerless mittens.

Inspired by Brianna wearing a bulky knit infinity scarf in Fraser’s Ridge, North Carolina, this scarf is knit flat and seamed.

You can wear it doubled around your neck as a chunky cowl or stretched out to wrap around your shoulders for extra warmth.

Basic knowledge of knitting is all that is required for you to get started.

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More Outlander Knitting Patterns

Claire and Brianna’s costumes have motivated many knitters to make shawls, infinity scarves, and more throughout the seasons that have aired so far.

I wanted to make a collection of knits that are inspired by both Claire and her daughter Brianna, from mittens to scarves.

Popular Patterns

Outlander Brianna scarf knitting pattern

A Basic Infinity Scarf Pattern For Beginners

The Outlander infinity scarf pattern is perfect for the colder weather, as it has been knit with bulky weight yarn (05) in Hayfield chunky tweed with wool, shade 0183 – grey.

Using knit stitches, you will create an interesting design, knit flat on straight needles, then seamed to join.

I knit with two strands of that yarn together and used 20 mm (US 36) straight knitting needles to create large open stitches.

garter stitch knitted scarf

Share your work with us…

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If you are on Facebook, stop over to the Handylittleme Facebook group and share a photo.

I’d love to see your work.

Happy knitting!

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    1. Hello, I knit with two strands of that yarn together and used one 10 mm (US 15) and one 20 mm (US 36) straight knitting needle to create large open stitches. It doesn’t matter which one you cast on with, the idea is to create the longer open stitches. I hope that helps and thanks for visiting! 🙂

  1. Hi, please can you tell me how many balls of the Hayfield chunky tweed I would need to make the Outlander Scarf Brianna Cowl Pattern ? The pattern states 2 skeins – sorry new to knitting so I don’t know how to convert it!



    1. Hello, it’s the same thing – so you need 2 balls of the Hayfield chunky tweed to make the cowl. Lion Brand say this – “The only difference between a skein and a ball is the way they are wrapped: the shape the yarn is wound in. It has absolutely no relationship whatsoever with the amount of yarn involved and so has no bearing at all on yarn amount calculations”. I hope that helps and thanks for visiting! 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I am a french recently fan of Outlander and I like the Claire’s knits very Michel
    I’ll try to knit the Brianna’s scarf following your pattern. I hope I understand your explanation évent if it looks simple!
    Forgive my english please!

    1. Hello Nicole, I hope you are enjoying Outlander. Thank you for your comment and I hope that you can make and wear your Brianna scarf soon! 🙂

  3. Hello! I’m new to knitting and I’m finding your website very helpful! I’ve been doing lots of practicing and now I want to tackle this project. Just one question: I see that the gauge says 6 st 4 rows yields a guage of 4″ x 4″ but if that’s the case, isn’t this scarf going to be very narrow? CO only 14 st seems like the piece will not be much more than 8″ wide and it looks much wider than that in the photos. Am I misunderstanding something? Thanks in advance for your reply!

    P.S. I’d never watched Outlander before but you have gotten me into it!! 🙂

    1. Hello Jennifer,
      I’m so happy you are now into Outlander 🙂
      The scarf has been measured laying flat (not worn on the body or stretched) and it measures 8 inches wide.
      When worn the yarn stretches out a bit and yes it does look wider in the photos.
      We opened it out a little for the draping during the photo shoot.
      The gauge is 6 sts in 8 rows – in 4×4 inches.
      I hope that helps and happy knitting!

  4. I have just finished the cowl, and am a beginner. What is the invisible seam like..any directions or photo’s to show it?

  5. My daughter wants this look to wear during zoom calls! She wants the over the shoulder without looking stretched. You said you opened it up a bit for the photo shoot. How did you open it? She will be disappointed if I make an 8 in wide scarf.

    1. Hello Cathy,
      I opened the scarf out just by stretching it a little to lie flat over the shoulders.
      This was instead of having it doubled around the neck in a tighter way (as you see most cowls or infinity scarves worn).
      The drape of the scarf is naturally like this though because of the yarn I used and the gauge/needle size that I used.
      Perhaps you could start it to see how wide it will be and the thickness?
      I hope that helps!

  6. Finished the cowl and wore it yesterday. Fun to knit and so warm to wear. I love it. I am, though, having problems with the draping of it. I twisted it once to create two loops. But it does not stay put and I have “air openings” that let drafts in which defeats the purpose for me. It also will often swag really low in the back. Any tricks to “better draping” of the shawl when on, please? Thanks for the free patterns. I will try this again and some of the others! Carol

    1. Hello Carol,
      Perhaps you could drape it to hang more in the front when worn?
      I wear mine hanging more in the front but sometimes it drapes more around my shoulders like you can see the model wearing it in the photos.
      I hope that helps!

  7. Hello Louise. I just finished my cowl and am also having trouble with draping it. When I seamed the ends together, I did it just as a loop. Should I have twisted it once before sewing?
    And you also turned me into an Outlander fan! Thank you!!!

    1. Hello Marilyn,
      It seamed in one loop and then it draped when worn.
      Depending on the yarn you used it may not have the same drape.
      If it doesn’t lie how you want it to, you can try and do the twist.
      I hope that helps,