Outlander Patterns (Inspired By The Knits From The Show)


If you are a fan of the Outlander knits from the TV show, then this post will share with you many Outlander patterns inspired by the main characters, Claire and Brianna.

Throughout watching the show, I have been motivated to create a range of knits, including fingerless gloves and wrist warmers.

I get so many ideas from seeing the knitwear worn in the show, mainly by Claire Fraser, the main character, as she travels through time.

Scroll down to see the list of free patterns or grab all of my Outlander Patterns hereThe Ultimate Outlander Knitting Pattern Collection

39 Outlander Knits

Explore The Outlander Knitting Patterns

Choose your next project and make something inspired by the amazing knitwear seen in the Outlander series and 18th Century accessories.

There are projects for knitters of all skill levels.

The Outlander Knits

If you are unfamiliar with the TV show Outlander but like the knitting patterns, don’t worry!

I can catch you up with a brief introduction to what it is all about…..

  • The story in the first season follows a married nurse, the main character Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser, who travels to the Scottish Highlands with her husband.
  • Upon finding some ancient ruins, she time travels to Scotland in 1743 and meets up with the handsome rogue Jamie Fraser.
  • Romance and adventure follow in all seasons, going from Scotland and France to 1950s America and back to North Carolina in 1767. What follows is an epic love story of Jamie Fraser.
  • Featuring time travel and popular knits cherished by fans and well known through mainly season one episodes, like Jenny’s shawl (worn by Jenny Murray), Claire’s Castle Leoch arm warmers, plus shawls that are chunky knits.
Claire's rent shawl from Outlander
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Outlander Knitting Patterns

Whenever I watch the Outlander series, I just love to look at the costumes and see how beautifully they are pieced together.

The colors that have been selected are also an inspiration, from neutrals in natural wool to heather and greens.

I made most of my pieces in browns, greys, greens, blues, and black.

You can see more patterns here – Outlander Patterns Season 6

Inspired By The Outlander Costumes

As all of the knitting patterns have been inspired by the show, some are very similar, with designs based on the original items.

As some of the original designs are patterns created by other independent designers, many of my designs are not direct copies of the originals.

There are many beginner patterns in garter stitch, ribbing, stockinette stitch, and a few intermediate choices too, which feature cable-knit designs. 

Fingerless Gloves And Wrist Warmers

Throughout the show’s seasons, Claire, Brianna, and other characters are often seen wearing a variety of knitted items, including – shawls, capes, cowls, and infinity scarves.

The wrist warmers and fingerless gloves are seen in many different designs, from simple ribbing to intricate cables.

My patterns include quite a few fingerless glove designs, so you can make a pair for yourself, for gifts, or as a project to take along and share at your knitting club.

Outlander Claire Tassel shawl from season 1

Cable Knits Are Included

Some of the patterns are for intermediate knitters, as they feature cable stitches, which are a little bit more complicated.

The cables are featured in fingerless gloves, wrist warmers, and arm warmer patterns.

Some of the gloves knit in the round have the thumb gusset, plus others that are knit flat and leave a hole for the thumb instead.

Grab The Ultimate Outlander Pattern Collection Here

Outlander patterns roundup

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  1. You are a jewel to share these beautiful patterns…..and a beautiful model also…. there are so many wonderful patterns, who would know where to start first? Thank you, thank you , and thanks some more!

    1. Hello Jane, Thank you so much for your comment, I am so happy you like the patterns! My assistant says that the model looks like she could be related to Claire! haha. Happy knitting! πŸ™‚

  2. You are so sweet to share these beautiful patterns for all of us to make, for gifts or for ourselves. Thank you so much, Please keep up the beautiful gift of designing that God gave you.

    1. Hello Alicia, thank you so much for your kind words, I’m so happy you like the patterns πŸ™‚ I have many more to come this year, including new designs inspired by the Outlander TV show, Scottish history and the Jacobites!

  3. I love you entire Outlander Collection and I am also in love with the show. My problem is is that I crochet, I do not knit. Do you think that you may ever make some of these into crochet patterns? I would love to have something to make as well πŸ™‚

    1. Hello Anjonette, thank you so much for your kind words, I am so happy you like the Outlander collection! I am currently designing a new collection of patterns, so I will try and add some crochet items. It is now on my list, I will see what I can do! πŸ™‚

    1. Hello Jean,
      If you click on ‘continue reading’ for whichever pattern you want to see, you will visit the pattern page.
      Scroll down on that page and you will see the pattern.
      All of my free patterns are available for you to view online.
      Happy knitting!

  4. Hello and thank you so much for these patterns! Question about the Claire’s cable knit wrist warmers – why does the 2nd cable have 14 rows while the other 3 cables have 8 rows? Is that intentional?

    1. Hello Sharon,
      I’m so happy you like the patterns!
      Yes, that is intentional – the middle cable is meant to be longer than the others.
      This is to reflect the design of the arm warmers that Claire wears in season one of the Outlander series.
      I hope that helps!